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piman · 1

A true solo blind run through Return of the Night of the Zealot trying to use only player cards from that campaign.

I felt lucky from the start after the Psychosis draw; this barely matters to Roland.

Return to the Gathering

Not too bad! I did not draw either of the new off-hallway locations, but definitely got chewed on by some of the new ghouls. In the end I killed the Ghoul Priest in one turn, three actions, with only combat 5 and no damage bonus. No help from Lita Chantler, and definitely no burning down my house - Roland's not a guy who can deal with that kind of trauma.

Return to the Midnight Masks

Bad! The agenda went really fast, and despite revealing four cultists I only interrogated Victoria Devereux. Three clues were dumped on a difficult Downtown location, then immediately Cover Up came out, and then On Wings of Darkness right before The Masked Hunter spawned. I took it down and finished the cover-up, but by that point it was nearly midnight; a last-ditch effort to get Billy Cooper and XP at the same time drew a -4 and a tentacle.

Return to the Devourer Below

Extremely bad! Four cultists left is already a bad day, but I got stuck in the woods for two turns, then walked into an empty clearing where I was jumped by a Yithian Observer and got Amnesia. Even with the new Return to penalty I refused to advance to act 3. I smacked UmĂ´rdhoth with a machete once for four damage, but had nothing else to go against its ridiculous 7 combat.

He who fights and runs away... still dies in the end, I guess.