Act. Stage 2
Clues: –
The Necronomicon is being kept in a Restricted Hall somewhere in the museum.

Objective - If an investigator enters the Exhibit Hall (Restricted Hall), advance.

Dimitri Bielak
The Miskatonic Museum #124. The Miskatonic Museum #7.
Breaking and Entering

The Guard's Fate - Back

When you enter the Restricted Hall, you find the curator of the museum clutching an ornate statue as if it were a club, his suit stained with blood, a panicked expression on his face. The security guard you saw earlier lies in a pool of blood nearby, his intestines strewn about in a grotesque display. Your stomach turns and you resist the urge to vomit. "I tried to stop it, but..." the curator says quietly, his voice quivering. Whatever did this, it’s still nearby...

Choose an investigator to take control of the set-aside Harold Walsted asset.

Search the encounter deck, discard pile, the void, and all play areas for Hunting Horror, and place it in the Exhibit Hall (Restricted Hall), ready.

Advance to Act 3a.

Breaking and Entering

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