Blood Pact

The Doom tokens on this card are removed when the Agenda advances, so it can be safely used on all of your Will and Fight tests, the turn that the Agenda is going to advance anyways (unless there is an Agenda that gets worse the more Doom it has on it when it advances. Can't think of one off the top of my head, but I wouldn't put it past them...)

Dark Horse

This card can be combined with Lucky! and Lucky Dice, if you spend your last ressource on using them, as the game calculates the final skill value in step 5 of the "Skill Test Timing" (Rules Reference).

Django 263
Brood of Yog-Sothoth

Did they forget the "elite" keyword on these monsters? Otherwise you can use the following cards, to get rid of them:

However you don't get victory points, as an enemy needs to be properly defeated, to be added to the victory display.

Does the damage bonus from Lita Chantler work against this creature? It seems yes, because lita second ability is a reaction, that starts with "when", so it's effect happens before the trigger is resolved: "

"when an investigator...that investigator deals +1 damage."

So the damage is added to that from Esoteric Formula, not dealt by lita herself. So Lita's damage bonus should work with Esoteric Formula.

Django 263
I'd say it's debatable that they "forgot" to add the elite keyword. The inherent card text provides way more protection than the elite keyword would, but on the other hand I'm sure they didn't intent to have these things end up in the encounter deck. — Pizzagoat 1
What do you think about this one, speaking of non - elite ? — Dark Oracle 1 — Dark Oracle 1
If you have Lita in your deck, you're playing outside official rules anyway. — CSerpent 8
Lucky Dice

As a huge fan of Wendy Adams i hold these dice in high regard. They are a strong competitor to her own amulet, as they would allow Wendy to let the Lucky Dice's ability fire and, in case of a -symbol being revealed, just ignoring it with her innate ability and redraw. Basically, with Wendy you gain THREE chances for the price of 2 resources and 1 card from your hand - for one skill/ability test per round.


  • The ability is not limited to skill tests, so you could also use it on cards where you normally wouldn't be allowed to react, like e.g. Final Rhapsody
  • The reaction ability on Lucky Dice states "Ignore that chaos token". As far as i understand the rules, this does not imply that this token goes back into the chaos bag before drawing and revealing the "another one to resolve." This means that at least one token which would let you fail the test is out of the bag.
    Example: If you drew the -symbol initially on any test, you could trigger Lucky Dice's reaction, putting the token (for this test) aside and draw another one. The possibility for having to remove Lucky Dice from the game would be zero for this test!
  • As long as you have the credits to pay for the ability, you can repeat it infinite times. With one failure token leaving the bag with each investment, your chances of success rise, if you don't draw the -symbol. These dice can be a pricey life-saver!
  • Decent install cost.


  • The exceptional keyword: They cost 4 xp to include and are limited to 1 copy per deck.
  • They take up an accessory slot.
  • They only protect their wearer.
  • There is a small risk of losing them for the rest of the scenario.
  • Resource heavy ability: it costs 2 each time, you could also boost your stats instead to increase your chances of success, e.g. with Physical Training.
  • Restriced use: If your chances to pass a test are very small initially, Lucky Dice are prohibitive. They only give you other tries to pass it until you run out of money.
When you need several Accessories, Relic Hunter (3 XP) is there for you. — Django 263
Did you notice that the Dice can be used multiple times per test so long as you have the creds and you dont draw tentacles on any draw (wendy tenticle replacement can block those as you say). This means it probably has a nice role in a Jenny deck where cash is a bit more abundant. — StartWithTheName 773
Thank you for mentioning it, i edited my review accordingly. — Synisill 3
In combination with wendy, this is interesting. If wendy used the dice 3 times (-3; -4; auto fail) and then use her ability, she would only add the last token (auto fail) to the bag and could even continue using the dice. — Django 263
If you can trigger the dice off of itself, and since triggers are 'nested' does this mean you can draw the tentacles token (using the dice) and just draw again before the 'if this is tentacles' check fires? — Difrakt 10

Contraband is a rather inefficient Rogue card. Its best use is certainly in multiplayer. If you can add 2 ammo to a Guardian's Shotgun, that's decent. It's hardly great, though, because you're spending 4 resources and an action to do it. In terms of actions and resources, that's almost as expensive as just playing a second Shotgun! If you play it after Extra Ammunition has been played, that's better, but now we're talking about a really slow and clunky multi-card combo.

Moreover, if you draw Contraband after the Shotgun has already seen some use, then it's useless. It doesn't do anything if your friend's Shotgun is out of charges, and it's pretty lame if it only has one charge left.

Contraband doesn't go well with any Rogue cards at the moment. Note that it does not combine well with Jenny's Twin .45s. Think of it this way: if you put 5 resources into Jenny's Twin .45s, and then play Contraband, you're not coming out ahead at all. You spent 9 resources and 2 actions to get an 10 ammo on Jenny's Twin .45s, when you could have just spent 10 resources and 1 action to accomplish that without Contraband. Once you initially put in 6 or more resources into Jenny's Twin .45s, then Contraband starts to generate a little bit of profit. But at that point, you just don't need that much ammo. For instance, you could spend 8 resources and an action to play Jenny's Twin .45s, and then 4 resources and another action to play Contraband. So that's 12 resources and 2 actions for 16 ammo. If you hadn't had Contraband, you could have just put your cash into the Twin .45s directly, which would be 12 resources and 1 action for 12 ammo. So you've effectively converted 1 action into 4 ammo. But that's not actually useful, because 16 ammo is just way more than you could possibly use.

So currently, none of the Rogue cards with charges are sufficiently useful or expensive that Contraband would make any sense. That makes this card multiplayer-only, and a rather questionable pick even then. But it is totally possible that we will see some new expensive cards in the future that justify the presence of Contraband, slow and expensive as it is.

Note that this card does not work with Shrivelling, which doesn't use ammo or supply tokens.