William Yorick

William Yorick is the one that I am excited about playing out of the box along with Sefina Rousseau (who reminds me of the way that Andromeda was played and provides you with so many options in the early game).

I think that he will play differently, and I can see him focusing on weapons that normally don't see a lot of play such as Knife, Baseball Bat and would likely also carry around a Gravedigger's Shovel or Lantern. He should be designed to stay resource light, but probably shouldn't be playing Dark Horse since he will need resources at a moments notice.

I think 2 good assets for him to consider would be Leather Coat and Stray Cat. These will be great cheap assets to retrieve after defeating an enemy when your Baseball Bat hasn't broken. He could even later be setup as a serious tank with Bulletproof Vest and Elder Sign Amulet if you so decide to go that route, but I probably won't do that myself.

I think he is one of the best people to take advantage of The Red-Gloved Man. He can recur him consistently after defeating enemies if he would like and has the resources to go grab him and bring him into play from survivor cards like A Chance Encounter or Flare even outside the turns where he defeats something. The only downside to bringing out The Red-Gloved Man with his ability is that it won't be for all 3 actions of his turn.

I do think he plays differently and I am excited to try him out.

Bronze 36
Leather coat is awesome with him; I recycled it 4 times in curtain call. Stray cat is a interesting idea. Might try that. — AndyB 165
All these concepts are still a bit untested to me, but I do like the idea of using the stray cat as a backup mechanism to get out of a situation or just put off dealing with a monster when it isn't necessary. It is also appealing to me in that if we are to take advantage of his recursion then we need to be able to afford what we are putting back into play. Stray cat is one of those easily disposable and retrievable allies. — Bronze 36
If I had to choose I would go with fine clothes over the leather coat. The 0 costs of the coat is nice, but for a measly 1 resource you get both a damage and horror soak, and an ability that will serve you well if parley tests continue to be a theme for the rest of the campaign. — FractalMind 2
William Yorick

I am really struggling to see why you would want to play as Yorrick currently. Firstly, his is terrible so even with some Survivor shenanigans I don't see him being able to really contribute to clue finding. Sure, he has access to Evidence! and can potentially recur Gravedigger's Shovel to find clues but the former is shared by all Guardians and the latter is extremely expensive for what is a heavily resource-starved combination of factions. He does have solid , which is nice, but he is extremely restricted by his main class. Whilst he does have access to a good selection of starting weapons he is going to fall off rather spectacularly later on as he cannot upgrade to more powerful weapons such as Lightning Gun, Shotgun or even Chicago Typewriter so will be attacking the late-campaign power enemies with around +2 and +1 damage which is nowhere near enough. Survivor's main strength is consistency and mitigating unfortunate Chaos Bag draws which will certainly make Yorrick effective at dealing with weak to medium power enemies but an actual Guardian can do this almost as well whilst also being able to upgrade their deck to deal with the more powerful enemies the encounter deck will spawn. His ability is definitely strong, but it forces him to play the card he wants to recur and since he lacks any real economy options he is almost guaranteed to be poor a lot of the time and unable or unwilling to take advantage of it. Recurring Lantern and Beat Cop for additional damage seem like they are probably his best options but since better damage output could be achieved with better weapons this is really just an expensive way to bring him up to something approaching parity with better combat characters. If Survivors gain access to a Shotgun or better weapon then he is suddenly much improved but I don't really see that happening as Survivors don't seem thematically to fit with the firearms that Guardians and Rogues have access to. Of course, maybe I am just way off on this evaluation so if you disagree please let me know!

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Cthulhu forgive me my sins, but this must be said:

Move over Flashlight! there's a new king in town. Lockpicks allow Rogues to investigate locations at an insane base skill value of + (or other skill value, in certain cases). This is a really nice benefit, but to really illustrate the point consider the following comparison:

Flashlight is a strongly considered item in Expert because of the abundance of high-negative number modifiers that may pop up. While flashlight doesn't modify your base number significantly, for 2 shroud (or less) locations using flashlight lets you auto-succeed any non- token pull. If Wendy or Skids use lockpicks on a two-shroud location they are also almost guaranteed to succeed, bar a total modifier that is greater than -5!

Of course there are a couple downsides: Lockpicks is marginally more expensive at 3r and 1exp instead of 2r, and flashlight doesn't exhaust allowing you to drain a location very quickly in a low-stress turn. On the upside, however, lockpicks can be used almost indefinitely, depending on how often you're likely to fall below the succeed by 2 requirement. At a minimum they have as many charges as do flashlight, and in the off case you are investigating a non- location you can always use to boost lockpicks using Streetwise.

All-in-all an exceptionally good card who's sole real downside is that it cannot be used consecutively in one turn. While power-investigate turns do happen, with some intelligent forethought these situations can be minimized. A very unique and powerful addition to the Rogue card pool, and recommended as a 2x early upgrade.

Difrakt 80
Sleight of Hand

I'd like to see someone hide the Chicago Typewriter up their sleeve! Whip that bad boy out, unload on a mob of goons at your location, then after the smoke clears and your stepping over the corpses, just return it to your hand! Awesome card!

For me the main problem is that it doesn't work with Jenny's guns. — Magnificate 70
Alternately, with Lightning Gun in a Zoey Deck. Bzzzzzzzzzzzt! — HollowsHeart 5
Daring Maneuver

Seems odd at first glance, why would you need +2 if you have passed? My initial reaction was that it would help land Double or Nothing but it doesn't actually help there, because of how that works (it doubles the difficulty rather than you needing to get double the target).

It does combo with cards where you need to succeed by a certain amount:


.41 Derringer

Opportunist (though this seems a pretty poor use)


Rex Murphy's trigger

Expose Weakness


Alchemical Transmutation

(I might well have missed a couple)

Ultimately none of these uses are that mind blowing. I think a card that only works in combination, and only provides lukewarm benefits even if you draw the combo together is pretty weak.

I'd like to add that it also pairs with quick thinking. — FractalMind 2
Cool, thanks. I also missed the advanced version of Fearless — waferthinninja 6
what about the trusty shotgun? — stetson 1
And Viscious Blow 2? — AndyB 165
And lockpicks. — XehutL 1