This is a fantastic card for many mystics, especially later in the campaign when they might have picked up some trauma and when there are treacheries/enemies that dish out tons of horror. The two symbols is just what you need, since you use it for almost everything through spells. Agnes in particular loves this, since any horror healed off her allows her to deal more damage, and she is more likely to succeed by 2 with her innate 5 willpower + potential boosts. Even better if you chose to include Arcane Research, since the two mental trauma means this card will be live from the very start.

Cpt_nice · 19
Token of Faith

This is a really bizarre card for a lot of reasons, and I think the best use case for Token of Faith is going to be extremely narrow and even there it might not be particularly powerful. The tl;dr is going to be as follows: If you want Bless tokens in Survivor , Keep Faith is a much simpler source of them, and you can save your accessory slot for something more broadly applicable unless you're for some reason desperate for more Bless tokens.

Contrary to user Calprinicus' review, I believe this is a far cry from being a staple card in any archetype, and it is going to be much weaker in solo than in larger parties. The latter is obvious really: larger parties take more skill tests, meaning more chances to reveal Curses and auto-fails, meaning fewer rounds where you miss out on triggering Token of Faith's reaction ability. Taking more skill tests is better for Bless tokens if you just wanted to use them for the +2 modifier because you are more likely to use them before the scenario ends, but a bit worse if you wanted them to stick around long enough for use with something like Rite of Sanctification or Radiant Smite. This is much more marginal than reliably getting your trigger every round though, so let's focus on that for a moment.

Firstly, you have to be putting Curse tokens into the chaos bag to reliably use the reaction often enough. Even in a four player game, there are not enough skill tests to reveal the auto-fail every round - and you do want to be triggering an effect like this every round for it to be pulling its weight. Just like you wouldn't play Dr. Milan Christopher if you weren't going to be investigating on most of your turns, don't play Token of Faith if you and your team aren't going to be drawing Curse and auto-fail tokens regularly. The good news is this will trigger on anyone's skill test at any location, and will occasionally grant multiple Bless tokens if some poor sod pulls multiple Curses or Curse into auto-fail. The bad news is that the Survivor card pool has no way of adding Curse tokens to the chaos bag, so we're going to need to go out of faction if we want to actually trigger this often enough.

Thankfully, that is the least of the troubles for Token of Faith. We're not that far through Innsmouth yet and Seeker and Mystic card pools have some great ways to enable drawing plenty of Curses, loading the bag with cards like Deep Knowledge, Stirring Up Trouble, or Promise of Power, making those Curses stick in the bag with Blasphemous Covenant, digging for the tokens you want with Olive McBride or Grotesque Statue, and you can even be rewarded for Blessing and Cursing in equal measure just like Token of Faith seems to want you to with Paradoxical Covenant.

The list of syngergies is long enough that I think we can assume that if you want to draw a Curse token or two every round, a four player party can make that likely enough by deckbuilding collaboratively, but I don't really care to do the math either way because even assuming you can reliably trigger Token of Faith every round for one or more Bless tokens, it is still much slower at putting out Bless tokens than the very next card in its deluxe box: Keep Faith. Keep Faith may be one-shot, but it is fast, and you can play it at the precise moment you want to load the chaos bag. Getting Blesses in a burst now is also better for both a guarantee that you'll have more opportunities to draw them before the scenario ends and to immediately set up any Sealing synergy. And these advantages only compound in Keep Faith's favor if we don't grant that the Curse token synergy is already there - and I think it probably is good enough, but still - Keep Faith gives you those four Bless tokens without asking you to mess around with Curses or give up your accessory slot for multiple rounds. It is just a much more reliable activation cost than Token of Faith, and that is huge when this game is trying to mess you up at every turn.

You can probably consider yourself to have overtaken Keep Faith in a value-cost ratio once you add your fifth or sixth Bless to the bag with Token of Faith, but this takes multiple rounds and you have to jump through so many hoops to make all those Curses show up often enough that it is just much simpler to take Keep Faith and use your accessory slot for something less conditional that won't just be committed to a skill test when you draw it past the third round. If you are absolutely desperate for even more Bless tokens and you've already included two copies of Keep Faith AND you or your team are loading the chaos bag with enough Curses - MAYBE you'll pick this, and as far as I am concerned this is the single niche that Token of Faith has. And even here Token of Faith faces stiff competition for your accessory slot. I have to imagine that any low sanity investigator will prefer Cherished Keepsake, anyone with "discard" written on their investigator could be better off with Moonstone, and anyone exploiting "fail-to-win" will definitely do better with Rabbit's Foot. On higher difficulties, scenarios demand you put work into completing them too quickly to mess around with such uncertain and slow payoff from your assets.

I will end on a positive note to praise the flavor of this card. Rex Murphy has such bad luck drawing so many Curses that he prays to his "lucky" Token of Faith all the harder. I guess that's why they went for the subtly not so Blessed artwork for this card and no Blessed trait despite the effect, given the man is literally cursed. Also Rex is an investigator who doesn't have access to Keep Faith due to it being Fortune-traited, so there is at least one deck where you are forced to pick this before Keep Faith!

aeongate · 136
I think it’s hard to say whether a blessing or curse triggered card is useful without knowing every card that’s coming out for it. Four player, assuming you get this early, you can pair it with things like false covenant to launder curses into blessings. And if you know curses won’t be a huge problem for your team, you can accelerate everyone’s decks with copies of tempt fate. There’s probably no reason to run a survivor who focuses blessing without keep faith. But this token it’s a lot of fun for Wendy, if you take relic Hunter and this you can regularly play Faustian bargain over and over again. — MrGoldbee · 255
To be clear, I am not rallying against Token of Faith on the ground of Curse or Bless token synergy being too weak, and you are absolutely right that more cards may make it more powerful. Even if Bless tokens are great, and there are enough Curses to make Token of Faith work, Keep Faith is just a much faster payoff. That is the crux of the problem, not the Bless or Curse token synergy itself or there not being enough cards for them yet. — aeongate · 136
Celaeno Fragments
  • ...20 or more cards in hand, you get +2 and +2 .

  • ...25 or more cards in hard, you have 4 additional hand slots, which can only be used to hold Weapon, Tome, Relic, Tool, or Item assets.

  • ...30 or more cards in hand, doom cannot be placed on enemies, locations, or the current Agenda.

  • ...50 or more cards in hand, reduce the fight, evade, and health of all enemies in play to 0. Enemies cannot attack you, engage you, move into your location, or spawn at any location.

  • ...100 or more cards in hand, remove the encounter deck and discard pile from the game. Then replace all tokens in the chaos bag with tokens, then remove the chaos bag from the game.

  • ...200 or more cards in hand, record ¯_(ツ)_/¯ in the campaign log, then exile the Collection.

bricklebrite · 119
At a certain level you need very large hands — MrGoldbee · 255
And a strong back - I nearly gave myself a hernia trying to exile my collection. — bricklebrite · 119
Has anyone ever tried to have as many cards in your hand as possible? Maybe Mandy with 50 cards (+10 2x versatile)? Dream enhancing serum with many myriad cards? — Django · 2880
Ruth Westmacott

Anyone who has had a chance to give Gloria Goldberg a try has likely been delighted. With an absolutely killer stat line and TWO phenomenal investigator abilities, Gloria can neutralize the ill effects of the encounter deck better than anyone we've seen so far.

This is no thanks to her artist pal Ruth Westmacott, who I think is rather unimpressive as far as signature assets go. And hey - don't get me wrong; Ruth's ability is actually super cool! But there are a lot of factors in play that are likely to prevent you from triggering it with any reasonable amount of consistency.

The first big problem is that Ruth won't generally get to trigger a bonus on a fight or evade action simply because you probably don't want to be placing enemies beneath Gloria in the first place. The ever present fear of Liber Omnium Finium will serve as a pretty serious deterrent to stashing enemies away, as Gloria really doesn't want to take a surprise non-cancellable attack and THEN be stuck with an enemy on her. Sometimes you can get Liber Omnium Finium to trigger early on on something relatively harmless, but otherwise you'll need to be aware of it for the rest of the scenario.

On the flip side of this, the card you really want to hide away beneath Gloria doesn't have a test at all, so Ruth doesn't help you there. I'm referring of course to Ancient Evils. Even though it doesn't appear in every scenario, it's just so so helpful to get one or more of these cards out of the deck, especially in multiplayer.

But let's address the real elephant in the room - Ruth takes up the hotly contested ally slot, but our old friend Alyssa Graham has nearly unbeatable synergy with Gloria's ability AND gives her that awesome +1 boost. Alyssa basically gives Gloria the ability to look at two encounter cards and pick which one gets resolved. And she can do this, actionlessly every single turn.

To be fair, I think that Ruth has the potential to be quite strong at higher player counts, especially if you are aggressively stashing cards under Gloria since you are more likely to find a test with a matching trait on the card. It's nice that the investigator doesn't have to be at Gloria's location, and it's also nice that discarding the card reduces the difficulty of the test rather than granting a positive bonus, as it turns 1 and 2 difficulty tests into auto-successes (save for the token).

And of course Ruth also has great icons, so it's not like you'll be sad when she turns up in your hand.

bricklebrite · 119
Ancient evils is an omen and plenty of omens have tests on them. Also in the circle undone spectral is a great trait to look for. It's on a lot of treacheries and Enemies ;-) — NarkasisBroon · 1
Right, but would you rather have Ancient Evils hidden beneath your investigator card -- or in the encounter discard pile, where it can get shuffled back in? This is why I think Ruth is ok at higher player counts; you can funnel encounter through Gloria relatively quickly while you wait for the worst ones to pop up. Once they do, you'll want them to stay underneath Gloria rather than giving them the opportunity to hit your team again. — bricklebrite · 119
Roland's .38 Special

Guardians with unique weapons have to build around them. Especially since those weapons, (Becky and Roland’s special) are guns. But Becky reloads itself as Tommy sends allies into his deck. The special requires effort. With a few copies of reliable, the special will take you through almost any bag standard can throw at you. On hard and expert, you’ll probably need methods to deliver clues to your location, but Agent Banks’s access to seeker cards can take care of that.

Unfortunately, contraband is innately not available to the Fed. And the maximum of two damage per shot will require other methods, like vicious blows, marksmanship, and custom ammunition, which are all within faction. Stick to the plan, grenades, and agency backup work around the fact that this is a one-handed weapon.

MrGoldbee · 255
My problem with both this and Becky is that about mid-late campaign, 2 damage isn't enough to carry you, and i don't want to find both this card and custom ammunition. I'd rather spend 8-10xp putting two big guns in the deck for consistency. (Also, Tommy doesn't technically send his allies to the discard pile ;p) — SGPrometheus · 268
Well, he CAN (reaction triggers are optional), but if he does, then Becky doesn’t get any ammo. — Death by Chocolate · 509