This card is fine. It's not bad. It's not great.

As has been noted below, it gives many allies an extra use. This is definitely helpful. Of course, then there's also the more obvious utility: 1 extra point of horror and/or damage that you don't have to take.

The cost is 1 resource and 1 card, no action.

The closest equivalent cards are: Dodge and Second Wind.

In some ways, Dodge is better. It costs 1 resources and 1 card, no action. Dodge can let you avoid more damage. Odds are you're more likely to only take advantage of either the 1 extra sanity or health with Trusted, but not both. Dodge let's you avoid a whole attack which can be much more damage.

On the other hand, Dodge only works on enemies, not treacheries. Trusted lets you store damage away from your investigator. In addition, it can make scenario allies more hearty if the scenario tries to kill them (think Adam Lynch.)

Second Wind has a different cost than Trusted: +1 action but -1 card (because you draw to replace it.) It can heal more but it has a very limited play window for best effect. This card is best suited to investigators that take damage regardless of the allies they have. Mark Harrigan and Sophie, I'm looking at you.

This card is well costed and serves a useful niche. It's not bad. It's not game breaking. I'd recommend Trusted in decks that have 6 or more allies. Maybe 4 or more if you include Calling in Favors or if your allies run very useful abilities with a self-damage component, like Aquinnah or Beat Cop.

jblade 5
Track Shoes

Why are there no foot slots? Don't give me that "adding slots requires rules updates" because we added Tarot slots. I was hoping we wouldn't have any examples of incredibly awkward formatting like this, but here we are.

As for this card it's 3 resources for a permanent stat boost, which is fine. What's good about the reaction is that it doesn't care how many enemies are at your destination, or how hard they would be to evade legitimately, you are probably testing +2 to leave them behind.

It's always nice to have stat boosts that aren't in the already hotly contested ally slot.

It also doesn't care if enemies are there. It's a test for a free. Kv — Myriad 543
Move. Damn phone. — Myriad 543
As for the slot issue, I think the devs feel like tarot are a great design space in which they want to iterate further, while footwear are generally not compelling/interesting enough to generate any more cards. — SGPrometheus 104
Yeah, we might end up with three or four footwear cards at the end of the day, but a dozen or more tarot assets. — Carthoris 19
Money Talks

Not very impressed with this card for Preston right now. It does not count the resources on Family Inheritance and requires taking an action to get them in his legit resource pool and I just don't want to spend the extra actions when I could use those resources on a stat pump or use skill cards instead.

Sitting on 10/15 is a legit strat for Preston using Well Connected. I don't think I would bother with this card if I wasn't on Well Connected and the new rogue skill. — Myriad 543
I was pretty skeptical of this card myself, but my Preston partner in a 2p campaign was at 25 resources for a couple rounds and this made for a laughably easy Double or Nothing. — Death by Chocolate 8
I'll have to look into a resource hoarding build and give it a second chance. — miggydoh 39
Has there been an official ruling on this yet in regards to if you can commit still cards to the test? — Myriad 543
It seems pretty obvious that you could only commit Wild icons since the test is no longer a will, Int, com, or Agi test, but the rules for commuting says “An appropriate skill icon is either one that matches the skill being tested, or a wild icon.“ so wild icons would still apply since Money Talks makes it a ‘resource skill test’ which is still a skill test. — Death by Chocolate 8
Blood Pact

This card is a no-brainer for Marie Lambeau. Totally worth the 3 xp.

Need to boost your Willpower 3 times during the same round? Done. Then because you have doom on a card you control (Blood Pact), you have a free action to cast the Moonlight Ritual spell and clear all these gloomy tokens. Don't have Moonlight Ritual? Then maybe you have her Mystifying Song to delay the agenda to advance, giving you another round of crazy Willpower.

Because it's a permanent card, you can practically make sure to trigger Marie's special ability on round 1 of a scenario instead of waiting for an Arcane Initiate or David Renfield to show up.

That said, not much use of the Fight bonus unless you build her with a few Survivor cards like Fire Axe and Fight or Flight.

Ezhaeu 15
The $combat boost is helpful as finisher, to save charges on your combat spells for enemies left with 1 HP. No longer wasting 2 shriveling charges on 3 HP enemies. — Django 1560
Pit Viper

I have a question about this card.

If I assign the viper damage to an asset (not the investigator), do I still get poisoned? Because it feels a bit antithematic if I assign the bite to an ally but it's me who gets poisoned..

Thems the rules. But, you could always just house rule it that your allies get poisoned if it bothers you that bad. — jdk5143 1
From my perspective, the attack didn't do damage to you, since «you» refers to your investigator card. It works the same way for key of ease, in that putting horror on allies does not rigge — aurchen 1
Trigger it's forced effect — aurchen 1
Sorry @aurchen, but damage and horror is always dealt to ‘you’ and then “When an investigator is dealt damage or horror, that investigator may assign it to eligible asset cards he or she controls.” This is different than the Key of Ys which triggers when damage is ‘placed’ on you, which happens during step 2 of dealing damage when it is applied during Step 2. (Refer to Dealing Damage/Horror in the Rules Reference). — Death by Chocolate 8
Thank you for opening my eyes, Death by Chocolate. <3 — aurchen 1