The Dirge of Reason

Much more manageable weakness than Cover Up. Yes, it can hurt multiple times during the scenario, but playing Roland, one should account for horror damage anyway and with cheap allies(Art Student, horror healing (Logical Reasoning and other horror soaks it is not that bad. I'm going to use this weakness by default along with complementary signature card - Mysteries Remain.

Zuntir 41
Historical Society

How does this Location interact with Rite of Seeking?

Does it reduce the users willpower to their intellect? Or doesn't it have any effect at all, as the investigator is not using their intellect?

Does this prevent commited Cards from increasing your ? Or do These modify the test itself and not Count toward base ?

Django 557
According to the errata, your intellect cannot be increased, so you can use Rite of Seeking and it will have no effect on your willpower. — YourGo 1
And although you can commit cards to the test (for example, to gain two clues via Deduction), those cards will not be able to boost your intellect. Note, however, that the Flashlight will work to lower the shroud value of the Historical Society because it does not increase your intellect. — YourGo 1
Calling in Favors

This is in Response to the FAQ entry: Can you use Calling in Favors on Helpless Passenger or Innocent Reveler?

If you play any Version of A Chance Encounter on an ally from another investigator and later Calling in Favors, the ally will return to it's owners hand, not yours.

Django 557
  • This Card can defeat any exhausted enemy at your location, so you don't need to engage and evade it yourself.

  • Playing as Minh Thi Phan, you can use Prophecy to evade any enemy (ignoring its Location and who it is engaging)

  • Snare Trap can exhaust hunter enemies, as well

  • Use Cheap Shot to evade enemies engaged with other investigators

  • Can be used on Brood of Yog-Sothoth, to defeate them. So you gain victory Points, unlike Disc of Itzamna or Close Call.

  • Resourceful can recover this card
Django 557
Museum Entrance

I don't like this location. If it were just that the investigator cannot gain resources during the upkeep phase that would be fine, but being stuck here and not being able to play cards to help in order to proceed can be devastating. You could for instance play Milan or something for the +1 int and then have him shuffled back in. Now you have 1 resource to help you out for the rest of the game getting through and if on hard or expert you need that 1 zero in the bag or star. It just ends up feeling too restrictive. And if the enemy spawns on you here unluckily early, well that's just a bad time for the non fighter with no resources. I think this location should have been adjusted slightly. Maybe even; enemies gain aloof here. So they are just watching over you until you enter and then pounce on you and chase you in.

Someone like Jim Culver for instance or Wendy or Skids or Agnes if they run out of resources due to treacheries etc. or an amnesia; might as well resign without even beginning; not good play experience.

Bronze 38
This is pretty random review. Locations are not to "liked", instead, like mythos cards they are supposed to kill you horribly! So come up with a stragety to avoid the horrible fate. I guess the developers simply wanted to force the players to make a quick decision, you can't setup while being safe from all dangers. — Django 557