Carnevale of Horrors

Not a review or anything, but having mentioned this via the GutHub link at the bottom of the page, which seems to have gone unnoticed, I'll mention this here in the hope of correcting an error.

The encounter set included in Carnevale of Horrors, is actually called 'Carnevale of Horrors', not Venice as listed here on arkhamdb.


This card actually says: You lose an action. Other investigator may take an additional action.

Well i don't know if this is good or bad card to include it to your deck. As a seeker in multiplayer you need every action to gather those clues so i'm kinda meh...

I am not a fan, myself. Maybe sometimes another investigator's action will be way more valuable than yours would have been (although, as you said, Seekers have some of the most efficient actions in the game), but so much so as to justify spending deck space on this? I don't think so. — CaiusDrewart 509
Charon's Obol

I was extremely excited when I first saw this card. I thought I was going to immediately buy it in every Rogue deck I ever played. XP is incredibly powerful and fun in this game, after all. But the more I play with this card, the less I like it.

The odds that your character dies at some point in missions 2-7 of your campaign (if they die in mission 1 or mission 8, that's not really relevant for the Obol) are just way too high. Even if you run "I'm outta here!" and Cheat Death, I just think the risk is too great. Starting over midway through a campaign at 0 XP is a truly terrible feeling. In solo, maybe it doesn't feel quite so bad, but I really would not recommend this in multiplayer.

Note that "I'm outta here!" is far from a perfect failsafe here. Many scenarios don't have a resign space or have one that doesn't show up until the final Act. It won't save you then.

Moreover, Charon's Obol can also hurt you even if you don't die. This is because the Obol makes you play scared. Vastly increasing the consequences of dying makes it harder to play effectively. A very common situation in this game is the following: your investigator is severely hurt, down to 1 or 2 health or sanity remaining, but only a couple of turns away from a potential victory. What should you do? A normal investigator can go for the win. Sure, you might take a trauma, but that's not really a big deal at all. And you might win! With the Obol, you can't really do that any more. The consequences of defeat are too high to take otherwise profitable risks.

Furthermore, playing the Obol can force you to stuff your deck with durability cards (like the aforementioned "I'm outta here!" and Cheat Death), at the expense of better cards that actually help you win the scenario directly. This hurts your deck and can mean that your deck's power level isn't that much higher than a deck that doesn't run the Obol, but also doesn't have to run these cards.

Still, I can see the temptation here. If you like the thrill of risk and are OK with a strong chance of having to starting over, go ahead. But personally, I find the game much less fun when I'm running the Obol. And setting considerations of fun aside, if I were just trying to maximize my odds of winning the campaign, I do not think I would take it.

What this card boils down to is this: Get an extra 13 xp over the course of a campaign. (5 if playing Night of the Zealot)(2 of that xp only counts if you carry the character over, so really 11/3) In exchange, tension is considerably higher, as every failed chaos pull or monster becomes magnified. If you like the tension, take it; if you don't like tension, then ask yourself if that 11 xp is worth all the stuff Caius listed above. — CecilAlucardX 1
Check your math. The Obol is exceptional, so it costs 2 xp, and since you can't buy it until after the first mission, you only relevantly have it for 2-7 (if you don't carry over) in a campaign or just 2 in NotZ which makes it worth a net 10 xp in a campaign or a net 0 in NotZ. — Death by Chocolate 1

This card gets very broken with Sefina especially when combined with pickpocket lvl 2. One of the best combos we've found so far for it. Keeping elite enemies locked down whilst the team gets work done

Certainly an effective combo, but given that 6 XP worth of cards are involved, I'm not sure it's fair to call it broken. But yes, I really like this for Sefina. — CaiusDrewart 509

The lvl 0 of this card is barely usable. But this one is down right broken with Sefina if you combine it with suggestion. Sefina can easily get suggestion up to 9 to 10 without boosts and can keep elite enemies locked down whilst the rest of the team gets some work done. Jenny can probably use this as well with suggestion with a bit more work. very very strong combo