Summoned Servitor

I would like to add a bit about the □ Jaws that Snatch command. Both Fight and Evade have perks (Ignores Aloof, Retaliate / Alert) but the Evade one still has a bit more advantage that you can attempt the Evade even without engaging the enemy first. (e.g. While you can always Fight unengaged enemy and risk the friendly-fire as per normal game rule)

I was playing 4 players and this was useful to remotely, repeatedly peel off an enemy from Seeker, or from Guardian which would like to play some Asset before going back to fight or would like Retaliate disabled. I can left the servitor as a bodyguard around those in need. □ Armored Carapace is also handy to take treachery failing damage for that Seeker. So if you want to invest minimal XP, I think just Armor + Jaws is quite a serviceable combo that can mitigate a lot of hurt.

5argon · 3858
Hmm that's a nice strategy, I played a much more remote Servitor but swapping it around to guard a fragile team mate and go be a lone wolf sounds very useful. — Zerogrim · 266
Unsolved Case

This weakness can be mitigated with the suite of "drop a clue in your location" cards, if you play it while on the highest shroud location. So, you could use this to gather evidence for Research Notes, and/or gain extra actions with Press Pass.

Typhen · 5
You need nevertheless the 2 resources and the action to play it. — Tharzax · 1
The Necronomicon

This card is worse than The Necronomicon to be sure, but Daisy's Tote Bag is worth it. But no need to spend 5XP on a cat for protection, when Heavy Furs does a better job at 0XP. I doubt that card was designed with cancelling tokens in mind, but it works perfectly well.

xemxi · 6
That's a nice catch. Oddly enough, it would not work on the core set version of this card. I do think, they had the option to cancel the elder sign in mind, though. In addition to John Dee edition, Jackie's spell suite punish an elder sign pull as well, and this might or might not be worth canceling, depending on circumstances. — Susumu · 296
Dawning of the Truth

Brutal treachery.

In this scenario, you may easily find yourself carrying 3-4 keys around (especially in low player count), and there might still be one on your location, which means that you could be testing against 6-7. This should give pause to even high mystics, and the odds of failing by 3 even worse for low investigators.

Pray that the same investigator does not draw all three of these...

DrOGM · 20
Benign Elder Thing

If Charlie Kane succeed at 3 Parleys on these cards and removes them all from the game, does he become Mayor of the City of the Elders Things ?

Joke aside, I both love and hate these little guys.

Love them, because the concept is thematically awesome. They are strange monsters, but they are as much victims of the madness as you are, and killing them is not the solution. Very much in line with the original story.

Hate them, because since they spawn in "any empty location" in a scenario with 17 (!) locations, they often place me in an "analysis paralysis" situation : where do I spawn them, to avoid wasting actions on useless movement, while progressing the scenario without dooming out ? Trying to find the "best" location might be the road to insanity...

DrOGM · 20