Hawk-Eye Folding Camera

Do not know man, it saved me the ass with Amanda a couple of times in TCU with the extra sanity. The first time I was cursing my fate when I realized I got an extra sanity!!! :).

It takes time to build, but seekers main function is investigate.

Jargandona · 8
Innsmouth Harbour

We're genuinely confounded with why anyone would like to merely look at a card on the Leads deck only to then shuffle it back in. What good will that ever do for us? Simply looking at a card doesn't trigger Revelation, right? Even "revealing" a card from a deck shouldn't trigger it, only Drawing triggers Revelations. So why would we ever care for this effect?

Scio · 2
The goal of the scenario is to sus out what are the location / suspect absent from the leads deck. Triggering this effect lets you look at one of the leads cards. If it is a suspect or location you hadn't seen before, you can eliminate that cards from the possible suspects and your future guess becomes more accurate ! — aurchen · 1
Butterfly Swords

Duda. ¿Qué ataque tiene +1? El primer ataque o el segundo? Al indicar Ese ataque (that attack) por tiempo y posición, entiendo que el primer ataque es el que hace +1 de daño. Mientras que el segundo sería este (This)...

Erwilly · 1
El primer ataque no tiene daño extra. Solo lo tiene el segundo. — rodro · 70
Down the Rabbit Hole

I really misread the card and now I can't delete this useless post.... if someone can, please do it.

Beta · 1
"Throw the Book at Them!"

So we are talking about e.g. throwing the Necronomicon at an enemy with +3 fight and after dealing 3 dmg to it without spending 4 secrets ? And that we can do at least 2 times. Thats a very refreshing way to abuse that old thingy.

Con · 1
You still have to spend the secrets. This does not ignore all costs, just one action (compare the wording with Knowledge is Power for example) — Soul_Turtle · 405