Paradoxical Covenant

Now with Favor of the Moon and/or Favor of the Sun, this covenant is incredible. Because you reset to step 3 after every token draw, you don't need to trigger the pact(s) when you initiate the test; you can draw normally, pull a bless, and in response tap favor of the moon to plug in a curse and auto-succeed. If you're using Moon, you even net a free dollar out of it. It's Father Mateo's best friend, who can use the combo to succeed on any test almost on-demand in spite of his mediocre stats.

As a bonus, it applies to everyone at your location, making it equally valuable to any Eye of the Djinn-specced rogues or Spirit of Humanity-wielding survivors. Preston Fairmont and Calvin Wright can throw themselves at impossible tests, drop a Signum Crucis and still succeed.

Finally, the combo further stacks with Tempt Fate. Anyone can take it to thin their deck, add 3 & 3 and someone with Favor of the Moon can immediately seal the curses. 3 blesses in the bag (and a full moon pact) for completely free, better even than Keep Faith.

CombStranger · 111
Mateo especially is better served with Ancient Covenant, simply because theres very few tests you can't pass with a +2. — suika · 7650
I also think Ancient Covenant is normally better, except two cases. First case is curse-spell; you can gain both curse bonus and test success. The other case is Olive; you should resolve 2 tokens with Olive, so that you should resolve one more token even with Ancient Covenant, but Paradoxical don't. — elkeinkrad · 151
The Yellow Sign

1) While playing Path to Carcosa, get dealt Kleptomania as your random basic weakness.

2) Deliberately attempt to fail this test in order to tutor Kleptomania

3) Steal your teammate's Lightning Gun to turn your 2 into 7, etc etc

4) Shaking like a palsied man, sign your first writ of execution with your regnal name

(There's surely some other interesting things that can be built around with Teamwork and "You owe me one!" as combo pieces, e.g. with a 'for fun' run by choosing Kleptomania rather than having to get it randomly. Mind, there's far more certain ways to take advantage of Kleptomania, like normal player-card tutors (especially Mr. "Rook", but it's still amusing to think of ways to turn encounter cards on their heads!)

anaphysik · 41
The Chthonian Stone

This card carries the ignoble distinction of losing the flavor text that was on the lv 0 version. Yes, the lv 3 Chthonian Stone has more print on it, but it seems like IT WAS LEFT BEHIND FOR A PURPOSE. (The flavor text, that is, not the stone.) And what purpose was that?????? They could have still fit it in at the bottom if they'd wanted to!

Pinchers · 41
"Skids" O'Toole

Skids has two new archetypes that weren’t available when the game came out, and they both push him in fun directions. First, he can become a big bow hunter, as one of the few people who has a worthwhile agility score who can take Venturer. Two shots with the bow a round is plenty for all but the highest player counts. And with haste, you can get in a truly ridiculous number of shots.

Second, you can go parallel and focus on fortune & gambit cards. Load your deck up with Luckys and use cards like momentum to auto-pass your fast action financial skill check. You’ll be made of money and able to glide over all of your problems, and even able to punch them if you need to. Go forth, be a thug with some spicy rogue weaponry.

MrGoldbee · 1062
I also have experimented with survival knife+borrowed time in a more flexy deck, you can store up the actions you would waste attacking and then have a 6 action clue turn next round. — Zerogrim · 187
Recall the Future

Don't be fooled by the name - this card is actually False Covenant in disguise. Naming "curse" with this will turn a curse you draw into a 0 and remove it from the bag, so go ahead, get crazy with curse interactions! False Covenant is slightly better because it's Permanent, of course, but Recall the Future has an edge in that you still get the benefit for drawing the curse from cards like Armageddon.

ClownShoes · 21