Nkosi Mabati

What if I name a token which is not in the bag (like the curse token but I never put any curse into the bag), do I search the bag and reveal nothing, then return all other chaos tokens to bag and resulting no chaos token at all?

wax0714 · 7
If you don't find the seal you can't resolve the reveal it instead term. (And probably since this effect don't change the game Staus you aren't even allowed to trigger the ability) — Tharzax · 1
Fingerprint Kit

Unfortunately for this card, Divination level 4 exists.

Let's compare Divination 4 to this card.

  • It costs 2 less
  • Only spend charges on success
  • Same +2 investigate
  • Same +6 clues for clue compression, with potentially in 2 actions instead of 3
  • Takes up arcane slot which is less contested for seeker
  • Does not exhaust
  • The only place where fingerprint kit level 4 is better is there is not a consequence for succeeding by zero

So yeah assuming you have EoTE I would always take Divination 4 over this, if your seeker is rolling in money you could take Fingerprint Kit 4 as well.

tactis · 7
Fingerprint Kit (4) gets you 9 clues if you succeed on all 3 tests. Divination only gets you 6 clues. Recharging Fingerprint Kit's uses is more efficient, since 1 use = 3 clues instead of 1 use = 1 clue. — dscarpac · 88
Fingerprint Kit also benefits from item synergy (Backpack, Schofner's Catalogue, etc) and doesn't risk discarding cards from your hand. — Pseudo Nymh · 2
Also, Kymani can take it, but not Divination. — Susumu · 234
The kits supplies can be restored easier by e.Cache 4 than charges (I think that’s mystic only) — Django · 4305
But recharging charges is generally easier then supplies (e-cach, venture, contraband and the new mystic skill are the only options I know for supplies) — Tharzax · 1
Map the Area

First impression of this card was not that good. Agree with other reviewer, slow and kind of costly for a fairly minimal benefit. Reduce difficulty by 1 is basically +1 skill (unless you combo with other difficulty reduction) and thats not much. I think in some investigators and decks it can shine just a bit more though.

In rough order of potential imo

Rex Murphy might like this too since he can trigger his passive with a high skill test and make it even easier to trigger his passive in subsequent turns (e.g. in a high clue count location).

Ursula Downs and Monterey Jack might like this. It can make high shroud locations easier to clear so they can continue moving on. Ursula only tests at 7 but can use her passive for action compression Monterey tests at 9.

Norman Withers does pretty well with this. It costs 0 for him on top of the deck and he can test at a staggering 9. The bonus is still pretty useful for him since he can still do basic investigate actions and has less access to high end seeker cards. Gloria Goldberg is similar but no free cost and weaker basic investigates.

Darrell Simmons tests 7 and likes difficulty reductions.

Trish Scarborough tests 8. She might like the bonus to make triggering her passive easier (either by investigating or evading). Noted by another commenter, works with Chuck Fergus.

Luke Robinson tests at 7 and can be used at range as its an event.

Vincent Lee and Carolyn Fern only tests at 7, possibly useful for a more combat or support oriented role.

Harvey Walters, Daisy Walker, Minh Thi Phan, Mandy Thompson tests at 8-9 but probably doesn't have any particular synergy with it?

Other seekers like Amanda Sharpe and off seekers like Roland Banks probably doesnt like this due to low stats.

fates · 29
It's significantly better than +1 skill. Remember, this applies to mythos tests, too. So a Rotting Remains becomes a skill test at 2, maxing at 2 horror while tested at a mapped location. If you're staying for even a single mythos phase, it's good insurance. If you reach the last location of a level and never plan to leave again, it's incredible insurance. Trish is also a notable user because she tests at 8 and, as a tactic, it can be used with Chuck Fergus. — SSW · 187
I mispoke. I meant its +1 skill but didnt bother to mention that it could potentially be reused many times (esp in multiplayer). You're totally right about Trish though, I actually forgot it works with Will or Agility. I even messed up Monterey Jack. Will make a quick edit. — fates · 29
I'm not sure if this card is good, but I do think it's worth consideration in scenarios where you spend a lot of time in one place, such as with a stationary elite enemy or a final location with a ton of clues to pick up. — DjMiniboss · 44

hey just noticed you can put this under Stick to the Plan. Nice to be able to reduce to one of these in a deck if you're going Carson (or whomever) upgrade path on Customizable cards. 200 characters here I come.

Krysmopompas · 297
Another one of these "I read, what trait a card has, and now I must come up with 200 characters to write a review" reviews. "Refine" might be good under SttP, because you can play it only once per game, but would rather put 2 copies in your deck for consistency otherwise. On the other hand, XP excelleration is at it's best in the early stage of a campaign, and SttP costs 6 XP, so you likely will only profit from this combo for a few scenarios. Unless you are parallel Roland with "In the Thick of It", it will take you at least a scenario or two until you get SttP, and mid- to late campaign you will likely cut "Refine". — Susumu · 234
I would also cut it likely quite early, compared to a D2D, because 3 resources and 2 actions is quite expensive for 1 XP for 1 investigator. — Susumu · 234
Do you still spend xp for this effect? Can you get upgrades with this that the owner does not qualify for? — Django · 4305
Of course not. What makes you believe either, Django? It is a "free" (XP wise) check on your card during the game, but the card(s) imediately might rise in level, once you do that. And deck building rules have to be regarded at any time. So you can never tick an 11th box, making the cards level 6. (Or a 9th, if you are restricted to level 4 for that card. Or even a 1st, if you are Carolyn with "Runic Axe".) — Susumu · 234
I havent opened my copy of TSK yet so i don't know the exact upgrade rules. This card doesn't say that checking the box needs to be legal. Might be similar you ignore any costs when you "put an asset into play" instead of playing it. Though it would be very OP if anyone could add any upgarde card to their deck with versatile and then upgarde it with with refine. — Django · 4305
Even if you would read it that way: as soon, as you check a box, it is not a level 0 card anymore, it is level 1. So if you can't have the card at level 1, you are violating the deckbuilding options, and have to remove the card. — Susumu · 234
Stray Cat

I have just recently played with Will to Survive and many times I wished I brought Stray Cat. I don't want to spend Move or anything that does not have a test inside my Will to Survive chain, I want to start my turn with all the works around me. But, also I don't want to "stay" with Hunter enemy or having to move and evade it from the prior turn, just so I can have full actions to Will to Survive on the next turn.

Stray Cat let you stay with Hunter enemy walking into you by activating the Evade on the window after Hunter enemy move but before it attacks. Now you can do other work instead on the prior turn, next turn can be fully devoted to fighting it. It's a core set synergy that I just realized this far into the game.

This applies to a deck without Will to Survive as well, it changes the usual move-fight-fight Hunter elimination tactics to just fight-fight-fight until you win. If it has 3-4 HP and you can do 2 damages a hit, the cat adds 1 test that you can fail.

5argon · 2103