I find it quite interesting that the level 0 version of Shortcut does not count as a move action, but because of the bold action designator present on this level 2 version, a single use of it DOES count as a move action (albeit one you get to perform for free and without provoking attacks of opportunity thanks to it being a free triggered ability). There are scenario cards where this matters; any Forced ability that responds to an investigator using a "move action" will occur with this "upgraded" version, but it won't for the level 0 version. (A certain location in the first scenario for Path to Carcosa comes to mind.)

Alice Luxley

At first glance, Alice Luxley invites natural comparisons to Dr. Milan Christopher, but with more careful consideration, it becomes clear that she's a completely different beast altogether.

Ms. Luxley's reaction ability seems quite unremarkable in solo mode, but becomes noticeably stronger on teams - the larger, the beter. The reason is that if you're playing solo and you're at the same location as an enemy, you are most likely engaged with it. Thus you're probably spending your actions fighting (or otherwise dealing with the enemy) rather than looking for clues. As such, Alice's reaction ability is going to trigger a lot less frequently than you'd probably like for that 4-resource installation cost. Now, there are other ways to discover clues that won't trigger an attack of opportunity (Working a Hunch, for example), and sure, it's great to be able to dispatch a Whippoorwill or some other Aloof enemy; but these situations tend to be exceptions, not the rule.

On the other hand, with more players you'll frequently find yourself in situations where an enemy in engaged with another investigator, and this is where Alice's ability really comes in handy.

As other reviewers have mentioned, she's a good fit for Carolyn Fern, but I think she's even better with Roland Banks. With Roland, you can set off a nice chain reaction where you kill an enemy, thereby discovering a clue, and finally using Alice's ability to damage (and hopefully kill) another enemy. Timed correctly, Alice and Roland can do some real crowd control. The nice part about this combo is that since no investigation actions are required, Alice is maybe OK even for solo Roland (but I still think he has better ally options).

I don't know if I'd seriously consider Alice Luxley in a William Yorick deck (with his lower ), but you can see the potential for some fun combos there as well.

bricklebrite · 40
Her ability was rather unimpressive in 2player with carolyn and agnes. In best case i used her abiliy like 2 times in a scenario (but might be tactical error on my side, not planning ahead to leave a clue for next turn or move to a new location) — Django · 2027
The problem with using her in Carolyn is there's not really a solid way for Carolyn to grab clues while dealing with enemies at the same time. You'd ideally want someone who can evade and investigate, or who grabs clues by other means. That's why I'm surprised no one has mentioned Skids yet, as putting Skids at 4 investigate (with Lockpicks access) and being able to Lola/Intel Report clues away and ping Hatched Man'd evaded enemies seems like a great fit for Alice. — StyxTBeuford · 438
I think she was meant for Joe Diamond. “Let’s play Working a Hunch for free from my hunch deck and also deal 1 damage at the same time” or Scene of the Crime. — Ezhaeu · 17
Minh Thi Phan

Minh Thi Phan, the Secretary. Assistant.

The best* seeker in the game, and the worst^ seeker in the game. Minh revolves completely around her access to her signature Analytical Mind, without it she struggles to pass tests without depleting resources and is forced to huddle around her allies to make use of her ability. Once Analytical Mind is in play, however, her potential is unshackled and she can project unparalleled support across the map while accomplishing her own clue-oriented objectives.

For this reason Minh is below power curve until she has two No Stone Unturned (5)s to guarantee immediate access to her unique asset. Past 10xp Minh begins to outpace her contemporaries, and past the midpoint of a campaign she should be trivializing (through some combination of hard card draw and Deciphered Reality) scenarios which severely hamper others.

Obviously she’s better in higher player counts, but she is more than effective enough in 2p. A late-campaign Minh can reach tiers of effectiveness even a pre-taboo Rex would flinch at.

* above 20xp

^ below 10xp

Difrakt · 619
I strongly disagree with the assessment of Minh as the worst below 10xp if the only grounds for that is lack of reliable access to Analytical Mind. Mr. Rook and other seeker card draw and dig can very reliably pull Analytical Mind even in a level 0 deck. Her own weakness isn't bad to pull early with Rook since (A) it avoids the surprise lost hand slot later and (B) can be easily dealt with by pulling more pitch icons that Rook himself is helping you grab (even at that very moment). — Death by Chocolate · 12
Rook definitely improves the situation, but at significant risk of pulling either of your two weaknesses which can drastically slow down your deck (and every turn not doing what Minh does best is a huge loss). The resource cost alone is a big problem, and sometimes even with rook you won’t have the right collection of skill icons to clear her weakness early on. — Difrakt · 619
Seeker grisly totem, drawing thinh, eureka, Ressourceful, perception all help to stay stocked with skill cards as well; Chance encounter 2 is great to resurrect rook and has Int icon to commit. Good target for resourceful — Django · 2027
Glimpse the Unthinkable

I want to like this card, but I just can't bring myself to do it.

I think this card would be really good in just about any other faction, but seekers have so much access to both filtered and unfiltered card draw that I can never justify spending XP on this.

I know that theoretically this could give you up to 8 cards(10 with the Laboratory Assistant), but I can't say I commonly find myself in that situation and the various draw 3 cards(Preposterous Sketches, Cryptic Research) will probably end up being nearly as efficient.

The only caveat I can come up with is drawing Amnesia as a basic weakness or possibly Minh as she tends to be committing lots of cards, then I might more seriously consider this.

If we get more research cards that trigger during a search and can be placed back into your deck, like Mandy's Occult Evidence, this may be a card that finds a home in her deck, though the risk of just drawing them back into your hand may not be worth it.

If we get another seeker that eats through cards like crazy, this may find a home, but only the future will tell on that.

As a final note, I wish you set aside any number of non-weakness cards from your hand, drew up to your hand size, then shuffled the set aside cards into your deck. Then this card would get some serious consideration from me.

Ildirin · 1
.41 Derringer

The way I'm going to review this card is by re-interpreting the text into three separate texts, one for each of the outcomes from success (every weapon does the same thing when you fail, so that's an un-necessary consideration). I'm also going to interpret "succeed by X", as "this test gets +X difficulty". This will turn a review of one weapon into a review of three weapon with direct comparisons to other existing weaponry, in an attempt to gauge the power-level of this card:

First, say you have a heavy aversion to risk, and really just want the cheap +2. This weapon might as well read "Spend 1 ammo: FIGHT, You get +2 for this attack", in this case. There exists one other weapon (as of Dream-Eaters) that provides a +2 boost without additional damage: Gravedigger's Shovel. A quick comparison shows that the imaginary .41 Derringer falls way short: for one less resource and two less exp, you get the same boost an infinite number of attacks, plus a little extra versatility to boot. So clearly you won't be getting this weapon for it's base effect.

Next, let's say you really like the un-upgraded .41 Derringer, and care little for extra bells and whistles. In this case, the text is equivalent to "Spend 1 ammo: FIGHT. You get +1. This attack deals +1 damage". Sound Familiar? It's a .45 Automatic, albeit for for less resource, and one less ammo. Sounds fair, right? Except the .45 Automatic costs no exp, so to be equivalent in power to a card that costs 2 less exp is a bad sign, and thus, this imaginary weapon also falls short.

Finally, the big one. "Spend 1 ammo: FIGHT. You get -1. This attack deals +1 damage. Gain an additional action (limit once per turn)". This would be the only weapon in existence that would reduce your for the attack, if it existed. And yet, if you're gunning for the biggest prize, and as proven in the prior example, you'll be playing with an inferior weapon if you don't, then you have to consider the difficulty value as three higher that it's actual value.

If, say, you want to succeed despite drawing a -3 (the staple standard for tests at medium/hard difficulty), then you want to have a final at 4 HIGHER THAN THE TEST. Not impossible, but damn are you shooting for the moon for this extra effect.

The funny things about rouges is, despite having the second largest select of weapons to guardians, not one of them have a value higher than three (until the Dream Eaters came out, I'm getting to that). Of the rogues that do have 3 , "Skids" O'Toole has access to guardian cards, Jenny Barnes can pull off some magic with Money Talks and Well Connected, and Finn Edwards does like his illicit card synergy. Whether that's enough, I'll leave to you, because personally, I'll not sold on the idea. A better candidate would be Leo Anderson, especially with Beat Cop, who, with all the expensive allies he'll undoubtedly have, might appreciate a cheaper weapon alternative.

...And then along comes Tony Morgan, blowing all other candidates out of the water. Unlike the others, he's a combat thoroughbred, unlikely to be doing anything other than fighting (don't you dare mention seeker Tony). He alone can make .41 Derringer work, in my opinion, and not a moment too soon, as I like the "succeed by X" archetype for rogue, but never really got to see the fighting version of it (alongside Switchblade), until now.

Lucaxiom · 48
Except that the .41 isn’t any one of those three, it’s all of them at the same time. To put it another way, imagine the last version had the extra line: “if this attack fails, deal 1 damage and ignore retaliate (2 damage if you failed by 2 or less). Even when it doesn’t hit the highest mark, it’s still doing something, and even a 3 base combat rogue shooting this at a 2 fight enemy gets the extra action 25% of the time. With any boosting, a 3 combat rogue can see the same odds against the mid-campaign typical 3 or 4 fight enemies. — Death by Chocolate · 12
Death by Chocolate has the right analysis here. The composite between the effects is significant, also it's important to remember that there are a number of succeed by X effects in rogue (All In, Lucky Cigarette Case, Watch This) which are likely to be employed in tandem with this card. — Difrakt · 619
The insurance against failure is a fair point, so too is the anecdote about synergies with the "succeed by X" archetype. My point about it's power level still stands however; if you play this weapon, fire all three shots and don't get at least one instance of the best outcome, you would've been better off investing into other options. A 25% chance of this happening per try over three tries puts you at approximately 58% chance of not having the worst outcome occur; whether one trigger of the additional action is enough to justify the asking price is still debatable. — Lucaxiom · 48