The Hungering Blade

Decent card for a sustained combatant who happens to have great draw speed and deckspace for tank allies and items. (I.E Mark Harrigan's name is written on it).

With a tanky build that can handle a bit of extra horror pain and incentive to wield a non-ammo weapon, several haracters can make use of this thing. The / characters all have great tanking properties making them naturals at using The Hungering Blade.

If you're likely to have a bit of trouble with horror (like a Roland Banks or Joe Diamond), then stay the heck away!

Tsuruki23 · 946
"Fool me once..."

Useful, but hard to deckbuild. slots, while not as contested as, say, deckslots, dont have too much space for tertiary strategies. If you do afford the deckslot for "Fool me once..." its a useful but not terrific card. Diana Stanley loves her some cancels though, so keep this in mind for her.

The mechanics speak for themselves, (although keep in mind that the card is played on treacheries -while they are being discarded-, keep that in mind if you want to hit something like Frozen in Fear), but the inability to surgically hit whichever treachery you like is a drawback. Think of it this way: Sometimes you play Ward of Protection against Rotting Remains to cover someone for whom a failed check equals defeat, but usually you dont block a minor treachery like Rotting Remains at all. "Fool me once..." doesnt have this precision. The most bang for your buck is hitting treacheries that are universally bad, Ancient Evils for example.

Obviously a greater playercount increases mythos drawspeed, so the usefulness goes up a bit, but in this case the chance of you personally encountering the desired target (a requirement for playing "Fool me once...") goes down dramatically, so that in of itself is a problem too.

"Fool me once..." is'nt bad, but it's largely inferior to similar mechanics and it's costing space and resources in a faction that often struggles to generate resources and cards. You will be forgiven for not ever trying this thing out.

Tsuruki23 · 946

Leadership just sucked.

Leadership rocks!

The card gets +1 icon and a substantial resource generation ability. Up to 4 resources generated for no action investment at all is great. In case you forgot, is as resource hungry as ever.

With the extra icon you're boosting an ally by + or yourself by +, you stand a perfectly reasonable chance at scoring the resources just by dropping this on any old fight check. If there was a 2xp skill card that read "+1, gain 2 resources" I would play it! This is that card, and then some!

Great card.

Tsuruki23 · 946
Which extra "?" icon ? — AlexP · 26
Heroic Rescue

Free move, lower cost, a brilliant upgrade to a niche card.

Heroic Rescue has historically had the issue that, despite your best attempts, your friends WILL run all over, thus the card can't be played due to distance. The pre-move on this upgrade solves that issue and the dropped cost is a useful addition in of itself.

DO remember that you can play Heroic Rescue in responce to an attack of opportunity, this means that when a friend wants to get away from an enemy all they gotta do is have you close enough to play this card, in so doing you intercept the enemy and the ally is free to progress the scenario safely. Absolutely awesome card for dedicated tanks.

Tsuruki23 · 946

This card has a solid home now in Winifred Habbamock. In fact, I would say it will be a core card for her.

1) Wini can commit this to any test, meaning she only needs 1 other card committed to get her 2 card commitment bonus. Basically, Wini loves having Wild icons in her hand, and Opportunist has one, so that's a point in its favour.

2) If that test succeeds by 3 or more, she gets this card back in her hand. In addition to the card drawn with her investigator ability, getting Opportunist back prevents her from reducing the raw number of cards in her hand when she commits 2 and draws 1 in return. This allows her to continue to use her ability multiple times a round. Think of Opportunist as fuel for her ability.

3) Wini can easily succeed by 3 or more, because she tends to overcommit anyway. Especially true if she uses this on an Agility test! This means you can feel a bit better about using this card, knowing you'll actually get it back.

4) Wini can very successfully lean into the "succeed by X" Rogue archetype meaning that Opportunist is often not the only effect being triggered on a big success.

Overall, while this card is not as great on other investigators, it is really amazing for Winifred specifically.

Soloclue · 1129
If you use this to commit to one test and it gets you to a commit-2 threshold in Wini it’s a deck thinner +an icon. If you get it back it’s free card draw from there out. Huge — Difrakt · 688
I seriously thought this card would be terrible for the entire lifetime of this game. I just tried Winifred for the first time and I am immediately putting this in. It's amazing how Matt and the team at FFG keep making interesting new investigators that use old cards in cool new ways. — wern212 · 73