Azure Flame

Other reviewers have rightly pointed out how this is a good card, with the backlash effect being less likely to occur on hard/expert.

However, I can't say I like the card design. Mystic have traditionally been powerhouses when they got all their spells set up, but getting there is not always that easy. I think part of the "charm" of mystics is the somewhat swingy behavior.

Before the release of this card, if you wanted to supplement Shrivelling, you had to include situational or somewhat iffy cards like Song of the Dead, Shards of the Void, Wither or Storm of Spirits. Now you can just include this. It's the equivalent of having 4x Shrivelling in your deck, and Azure Flame has all of the upgrades too. I frankly don't like this.

flamebreak · 17
Eh, I see your point but I think it's balanced. It is only theoretically better on harder difficulties. Yes, the damage will trigger less often, but you will have to compensate for more punishing tokens. And not only that, symbol tokens often come with forced negative effects even if you succeed so the incentive to not risk tech like Dark Prophecy and Olive goes WAY up on hard/expert. Finally, Azure Flame's punishment is harsher than Shriveling since it deals damage and mystics don't have health like they do sanity. It's good for Jacqueline, Diana, and possibly Sister Mary, but it's really not a good pick for anyone else, especially not Mateo or Marie. — LaRoix · 187
I understand that their swingy behavior was "charming" but as the card pool grows it was inevitable that new options for all of the classes would be printed, Mystics included. Consider that none of the situational or iffy cards you list were even in the core set. — Yenreb · 9
Daisy's Tote Bag

The most recent review for this card is over 3 years old. In that time, a bunch of new Tomes have been released, and other "Tomes matter" cards. Let's update this review: Is Daisy's Tote Bag a better card now that is worth spending an action and 2 resources? Or are players still just using it as a skill card?

VanyelAshke · 119
The advanced version is 100% worth playing. The extra hand slots get a lot easier to fill up if you can play tomes fast — NarkasisBroon · 1
Several of the newer tomes either allow fast actions or reactions, or may just be static - examples such as Dream Diary (reaction) or Occult Lexicon (must stay in play). 3 years ago basically every tome needed an action, so Daisy was never going to use more than 1-2 per turn, now she's likely to have 2-3 that don't require actions along with 1-2 that do. Also the addition of the Knowledge is Power event creates even more flexibility for having multiple tomes available. — Time4Tiddy · 110
If you decide to run parallel front Daisy, you also have a lot more reasons to run as many tomes as possible rather than just one good one. — Thatwasademo · 32
You can run parallel Tote Bag, as long as you also run parallel Necronomicon (John Dee) weakness, right? And you can use original (non-parallel) Daisy still? — VanyelAshke · 119
Yes, advanced signature assets / advanced weaknesses can be taken separately from the parallel investigators, so long as you either take both during initial deckbuilding or complete the associated challenge scenario. — Thatwasademo · 32

The past-due notices in the art are addressed to Finn Edwards. Worth noting for anyone who is making lore-based decks.

(200 character count; 200 character count; 200 character count; 200 character count.)

anaphysik · 5
Indebted is a pretty good weakness, thematically, in general. A lot of stories you make make up around it. — Zinjanthropus · 155
I actually did get Indebted in Finn and didnt even notice that. Very cool. — StyxTBeuford · 11737
Déjà Vu

More Deja Vu weird questions.

Say I have Flare, I use Flare and it gets exiled.

Before the next scenario do I get to:

A: remove flare from my deck and replace it with a level 0 card, then repurchase flare for 0XP and replace another card in my deck or B: simple repurchase flare and effectively not alter my deck.

Given deja vu costs 5xp I think it having a subtle adaptable effect on the deck is intended, what are other peoples thoughts?

Zerogrim · 29
There's nothing stopping you from replacing a different card. Albeit the kind of situation where you want to swap in just one card is kind of rare; with adaptable you're usually swapping in two cards for a scenario, which you'll need two Deja Vu for. The best use case is probably when you upgrade two Myraid cards and don't want to leave the last useless copy in the deck. — suika · 23
why would you need two deja vu, you can swap three cards out as long as you can use two flares or what not, you could swap out as many as three. Just a nice side benefit to such an expensive card. — Zerogrim · 29
Occult Lexicon

I've seen players comment on their experience with playing Occult Lexicon a few times during a scenario. Based on my understanding of the card, that's not possible.

Bonded cards have this ruling:
New Keyword: Bonded. If your deck contains a card which summons one or more bonded cards, those bonded cards should be set aside at the start of each game.

  • Before scenario, set aside 3x copies of Blood-Rite into a pile.
  • During scenario, play Occult Lexicon. You fetch the 3x copies of Blood-Rite from the set aside pile of bonded cards.
  • You play another hand asset over-top of Occult Lexicon. Lexicon goes to the discard, and all 3 copies of Blood-Rite are removed from the game.
  • Later in the scenario, you replay Occult Lexicon. The Blood-Rite cards have been removed from the game; they are not considered to be amongst your set-aside pile of bonded cards.
VanyelAshke · 119
That appears to be the current consensus yes — Sycopath · 1
I agree. Nightmare bauble sets attached parasites asside when it leaves play so I guess they come again if you replay it (only those attached, not those in other areas) — Django · 3002