Rita Young

I think Rita Young is a very good pick in a multiplayer group, particularly at 3-4 player counts, where each investigator is given a role, therefore not having to deal with picking up clues, which is one of her weak points, so she can focus on dealing with enemies. Her abilities and card pool offer a wide variety of options on how she can be built and make for a solid investigator in any group. The first fighting tool one can have in mind for her is Ornate Bow, but even though she has the highest base Agility in the game, I'm not sure it is quite as good for her as it is for other investigators with high Agility. The reason is that she doesn't have access to cards that support the Bow like other investigators do. She doesn't have access to Leo De Luca, Venturer, or Narrow Escape, cards that make reloading the Bow less painful. She does have an inbuilt deal-1-damage mechanic though, which helps a lot with the Bow, but, still, I'm not convinced it's quite that good. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's bad for her; I'm just saying it's better for other investigators than it is for Rita.

Alternatively, in multiplayer context always, she can play Baseball Bat , a decent card for her, which allows her to fight with a base combat of 5, which is decent in most cases and, with the help of her special ability, deal with 1-or-3-health enemies easily. She won't be always fighting anyways. She can use her skills to leave enemies in the dust and zip across the board to help where it is necessary. She can also use Resourceful as breakage insurance, Cheap Shot and Stunning Blow as an alternative way to deal 2 damage in one action, or Gravedigger's Shovel as a back-up weapon. She can even nab a clue with it!

With enough experience, Rita can become a monster. She can use Old Hunting Rifle, a card which Rita is the best-suited investigator to use in my opinion, because she has alternatives in case it jams, and it becomes even better if she can pull it out with Sleight of Hand. She can combine Baseball Bat or Old Hunting Rifle with Will to Survive in order to unleash heavy loads of damage in a single turn, not to mention that she can also use Ace in the Hole. Ace in the Hole + Will to Survive, the ultimate combo!! It has only been available for Lola Hayes so far!! When Ace in the Hole and Will to Survive are combined with cards like Baseball Bat and Old Hunting Rifle, some serious damage output can be dished out in a single turn, allowing elimination of hoards of enemies or big bosses!! Consider this: Rita Young is engaged with a 15-health boss and she has a Baseball Bat in play. She plays Will to Survive and Ace in the Hole. She attacks 3 times with Baseball Bat, then she plays Sleight of Hand to put an Old Hunting Rifle in play, attacks 3 times with the Rifle and plays Resourceful to get the discarded Baseball Bat back into her hand. The result?? The boss is dead and Rita has both Baseball Bat and Old Hunting Rifle in her hand, allowing her to use them again in future turns. Well, that is best-case scenario of course, and requires having the right cards in hand, but I gave this example trying to showcase Rita's ultimate power with the right cards, when the stars align.

So, why use Ornate Bow, when you can make use of such powerful card combinations?? Ornate Bow is still good, but if I'm given the chance to play Rita Young in multiplayer, I'd rather go shooter style with Will to Survive and Ace in the Hole!!

matt88 · 460
Bought in Blood

As far as signature weaknesses go, I think this is one of the milder ones.

When you use it to discard an ally from play, it's essentially an automatically-failed Crypt Chill. If you use it to discard allies from your hand, it's like a milder version of Amnesia. You get to choose which one it is, so you can evaluate where you are in the game and choose the lesser evil.

Leo Anderson's unique abilities means that he should have a few allies in his deck, and that he'll normally be wanting to play one ally per turn at most. So most of the time that you have this card, you should have a choice between discarding allies in play or allies in your hand, so that should give some wiggle room to advoice the worse of the two choices.

If you don't have any allies, it's just a dead draw. That could be a lot worse! However, if you have no allies in play or in hand, then maybe things are not going well already.

Hot Streak

For me, this is the ultimate "big money" card in the game so far (as of The Circle Undone deluxe expansion).

If I am running a resource-intensive deck for a Rogue investigator with access to level 4-5 Rogue cards, I will normally plan to get this card before the end of the campaign if possible. Hot Streak (2) is a good stepping stone to this card, so I will often get that first and then invest 2 experience later on to upgrade it after the fact.

Because you spend 3 resources to get 10 resources, you're essentially getting 7 resources for a card and an action, which is as good as you can get right now in terms of action/card to resource ratio. (the exception to this is if you play Lone Wolf early in the game, but that provides resources over time instead of all at once).

Rogue investigators can use this windfall on Streetwise, which is usually slightly more efficient as a skill pump than most other options. lets them gather clues and lets them avoid enemies. Hot Streak gives a lot of fuel for this skill pump.

As of the time of this writing (The Circle Undone) , no card costs more than 7 resources. So, after you play Hot Streak, you should have the resources to pay for whatever one card you need. If you're "Skids" O'Toole, 10 resources can translate to 5 extra actions over 5 rounds, so that's also something to consider.

Overall, I like this card - it's good at what it does. The experience cost is a little high, but I think that once an investigator has a decent skill pump in play, they're going to want this card so that they're able to use the skill pump as effectively as possible.

A small note - in the art, the backs of the cards being played are the same as the card in Sure Gamble. Maybe everyone's playing the same game?

Stubborn Detective

I like this card (as much as anyone can "like" a weakness card). It's got a really interesting theme, but at 3 Fight and 2 Health it is more of an annoyance than a serious danger.

Some investigators rely more on their text box traits than others. Here are a few unusual interactions:

That's just as of The Circle Undone - I am sure there will be more unusual cases going forward as more investigators get added.

Does this card blank out the portion of the text box well? I would think the answer would be yes. If that's the case, what happens when you draw that token? My assumption would be that it would be a 0 in most cases (barring the presence of the The Necronomicon). I don't know if there's an official ruling on it, though.

Anyways, this card pretty cool - that detective must be pretty stubborn to follow the investigators so diligently!

He definitely blanks out the elder sign part of any investigator; it's in their text box! And I would agree that such a draw would result in no modification to the skill being tested. The funniest thing is when he somehow shows up in a different dimension or a different time. Maybe he's more than he seems... — SGPrometheus · 123
The 13th Vision

I may be wrong about this assessment, but I believe this card is essentially a more punishing version of the Haunted basic weakness. They do almost the same thing, but The 13th Vision affects all investigators whereas Haunted only affects the bearer.

For example, if you need to pass a 3 test with an investigator who has a base of 3 and you draw a "0" token, both Haunted and The 13th Vision will cause you to fail the test - Haunted would do it because it lowered your stat by 1 (causing a failure) and The 13th Vision would do it because you needed your stat to be one higher than the test to succeed.

The times where Haunted will be more punishing than The 13th Vision are tests like Rotting Remains where failing a test by 0 doesn't really mean anything.

Having 2 weaknesses that do very similar things does add a sliver of consistenty to an otherwise difficult-to-predict basic weakness pool, so overall I am glad to see a card like this one show up. It might be tough to deal with both weaknesses in play at the same time, though!

There is another way in which this weakness is worse than Haunted - difficulty 0 tests. Haunted can't make you fail those, while 13th Vision absolutely can. — TheNameWasTaken · 2
On the other hand, any cards that activate by being 2 or more over the target, or 2 or less under the target, prefer 13th Vision. — Prinny_wizzard · 1