Hypnotic Gaze

It's -1 cost compared to the level 0 version, and it has an extra icon. If you can pull off the token pull (hello, Jacqueline, Olive, and various kindred cards) you can use it on all those annoying Geist enemies from TCU, plus any horror-not-damage enemies you care to fight. The reduced cost makes it more playable in Mystic decks that often suffer from resource shortages, and it;'s nice that both versions work on Elites.

It’s still a very expensive dodge. I do not get this card. — StyxTBeuford · 2080
I'd say this card is very strong. I rarely played the lvl 0 version because 3 resources is a lot, but this version is more reasonably priced and you can use either damage or horror values which means you can easily pull off 2 or even 3 damage which is significant. It does require a test in that you need a specific token, but there's no consequence if you fail and there are lots of ways to force one of those tokens to resolve if you really want. — LaRoix · 147
Grotesque Statue

This is very a simple and direct downgrade of its older sibling. 2 XP less, 1 resource more, 1 fewer charge. I can see either buying this on the way to Grotesque Statue (4) or stopping at this version. Obviously, only some decks will want this, but those that do will find it a nice stepping stone.

One nice thing is that it gives off-class Mystics a chance to do more bag control stuff — Zinjanthropus · 90
Eldritch Inspiration

They fixed the wording from Eldritch Inspiration, adding the "when," "if," or "after," and it now triggers regardless of the token, making it work with the "good stuff token" cards in Jacqueline's deck. That seems worth the 1 XP.

In the spirit of the 0-cost review:

New cards it mitigates:
Azure Flame, Azure Flame (3), and Azure Flame (5) --prevent 1-2 damage
Clairvoyance, Clairvoyance (3), and Clairvoyance (5) -- prevent 1-2 horror
Ineffable Truth, Ineffable Truth (3), and Ineffable Truth (5) -- prevent 1-2 resource loss
The Chthonian Stone (2) -- prevent the loss of a charge

New cards it enhances:
Eldritch Inspiration (1) -- it would triple one of the other cards
Eye of Chaos -- get 2 extra clues or 2 charges
Hypnotic Gaze (2) -- double the enemy's damage or horror as damage to itself
Recharge (4) -- get 2 charges rather than 1
Sixth Sense -- you investigate at 2 locations connected to you
Sixth Sense (4) -- You investigate at your location twice and at 2 locations within 2 locations of you
Wither -- Enemy gets -2 Fight and -2 Evade for the remainder of the turn Wither (4) -- Enemy gets -2 Fight, -2 Health, and -2 Evade for the remainder of the turn

I am not entirely convinced that canceling the bad effect on Parallel Fates , Recharge (2), or Recharge (4) wouldn't get you the "otherwise" effect, since you don't do the canceled part of the text, and "otherwise" follows, but I am sure I will be schooled on this. Also, Sixth Sense (4) seems wild with this.

Sadly, it won't work on Voice of Ra.

Also works with the new Armageddon: 2 extra damage or 2 charges. — SGPrometheus · 250
Do note that the "when/if/after" wording applies to the level 0 version per errata. — Yenreb · 9
I'm not sure I follow. I get the new spell suite that scales off of "good" tokens, but other than that, it looks like the base version effected virtually every other card. Like how does this enhance Hypnotic Gaze beyond EI lvl 0? Or Recharge? Or Sixth Sense? Those are all the same, the upgrade does nothing. What am I missing? — LaRoix · 147
That’s about it, honestly. 1 XP to hit any token draw effects. The list above are cards released since the last card review. — LivefromBenefitSt · 92
To add to this, this will trigger off of the some new mystic cards that trigger when you reveal a bless or cursed token. e.g. Eye of Chaos — toastsushi · 62
Some things in this review don't seem wholly correct. Eldritch Inspiration (0) works on The Cthnonian Stone (2), Hypnotic Gaze (2), and Wither and Wither (4) just fine. If you just wanted to cancel/double the effects on those cards, then you do not need to upgrade Eldritch Inspiration (0) at all. Also, regardless of which version of Eldritch Inspiration you choose, Eldritch Inspiration doesn't let you investigate at 2 locations connected to you with Sixth Sense (0) because the choice of another location on Sixth Sense (0) is a replacement effect. — iceysnowman · 139
I just included the cards that were not covered by the previous review. Are you sure about sixth sense? If you are triggering it twice, it seems like you could choose two different locations. — LivefromBenefitSt · 92
Alchemical Transmutation

People think that this card is a trap, but I am considering it to use with Akachi (5 charges for 0 resources and one action). Even if you don't have the actions to milk it, it can be converted to resources with spirit speaker or used to pay angered spirits.

Use this with Dexter and Rogue skills, as it’s an on demand 0 difficulty test. — StyxTBeuford · 2080
I actually love this card. I use it in a Sefina deck with Watch This and Double or Nothing to generate a heaping pile of resources. The test of 0 is extremely important for getting the absolute most out of it. — LaRoix · 147

It's more or less a Resourceful but for spells. Being , it has a game attached to it. I think this is mostly a chaos bag Mystic kind of card, most likely limited to Jacqueline, but fun if you like gambling. Most Mystics will prefer to take Fearless, Guts (2), or maybe Defiance for a willpower boost.