There are already plenty of good reviews for this card, so I just want to add a quick update. Though she can't take the card, Trish Scarborough would be very grateful to any who uses it. As others have noted, you can still engage exhausted enemies and drag them around with you. Handcuffs allow you to haul some hapless bozo around for the entire scenario, making it a lot easier to fire your Scene of the Crimes (Roland, standing over another half-eaten corpse: "Did you do this, too, you sick bastard??" Handcuffed Young Deep One: "Bluurgle... Glorp!"). But all that's pretty situational, and probably not worth the three actions it takes to play the cuffs, then attach them, then engage the cuffed monster.

BUT Trish would just love to frog-march a ghoul minion through a scenario, thereby ensuring that her special ability is in effect at all times: no need to flirt with danger to snag that extra clue.

Not that this is the forum for such things, but an upgraded version of this card that lets you detach it from an enemy, say as a ability, would be great (and maybe some other mechanic to keep you from attaching it and detaching it in the same turn). Then 's would finally have a compelling and reusable evade option. And it fits thematically. You just didn't quite have the evidence to take the suspect in, so you had to cut him loose. (Roland: "You're free to go, Mr. Marsh. But I better not catch you skulking around these caves again! It's for your own safety, you understand: there's a murderous fishman on the loose." Young Deep One: "Gorble!")

I chuckled at the imagine of Roland dragging along a deep one — Cpt_nice · 22
We played trish and william through forgotten age and i agree this is nice for her abiltiy (williams signature weakness can be arrested as well). It's also nice if the handcuffed enemy qualifies as the closest cultist and no doom can be added to it. — Django · 3002
Handcuffs can also cause Mysterious Chanting to whiff completely if they are attached to the nearest Cultist. Really good card! — Zinjanthropus · 155
Gaze of Ouraxsh

Fell in love with this card at first sight and it turns out I was really impressed with it on my solo Luke Robinson run on Dunwich ("Return to" version, in standard). It takes some XP to gather all the needed pieces (the Blasphemous Covenant is a must have) but once you have them, this spell is basically 4-5 damage among enemies (yes, you chose how to assign the damage, its crazy good) in your location for only one action. The fact that it does not require a test is what makes this card so great and efficient (direct-damage cards are always more valuable than skill-dependent ones). In a campaign with annoying distant enemies such as whippoorwills, it got several shining moments, even in solo. This card was able to one shot Silas Bishop in Blood on the Altar and his buddy Seth Bishop later ! Combine this spell with an ally such as Dayana Esperence to replay it over and over again, and enemies won't be as problematic as before, even for a fragile mystic.

This card is good for :

This card works well with :

Narval · 18
Olive McBride (or possibly Favor of the Moon, when it's released) could help you draw more curse tokens — Zinjanthropus · 155
Agree fully. Running Blasphemous Covenant and 2 of these cards in a Min build. I gave Min the Accursed Follower and her partner Jacqueline the Dread Curse, so it's usually pretty favorable. — AdamMal4444 · 1
Definitely my favorite of the new bless-curse centric cards in this cycle. I agree with everything you say here. Spirit Bomb Luke is so much fun to play. — wedgeex · 1
Thanks for your answers, just updated the cards interaction with your suggestions ! — Narval · 18

This is a card (and its upgrade Pilfer) that truly make sense in a high agility Rogue deck that also uses Chuck Fergus. Being able to make it fast + 2 makes this event pretty phenomenal to clean locations in a 3 person team.

The upgrade in a Winifred Habbamock deck will also often come back to your hand making you clean locations one after the other until you hit an auto-fail.

acken · 35
Heirloom of Hyperborea

There is no card page for Parallel Agnes, so let me leave this here for you all instead. For anyone wondering what that even is, its some fantastic free content from a recent FFG article (Link here)


Hello Agnes, my old friend

I've come to play with you again

A cool new version of you just crept in

Left its cards while I was sleeping

While the version of you smiting with your brain

Still remains

It feels most sound with violence


In early days you walked alone

Signature cards that made us groan

That weakness gave your brain some cramp

Your Heirloom collar needed a revamp

That elder-sign never did much to excite

None of them quite

Work when you’re bound to violence.


And in your new Agnes I saw

Potential spell events galore

Grabbing clues without Rite of Seeking

Dealing damage without a Shrivelling

Spell events, replayed with their expenses spared

As few had dared

When you were bound to violence


Tools that I feel I barely know

Hypno Gaze now feels pro!

Hear my words that I might teach you

With a recurring HP soak or two

You can do this for almost all the game


Soaking all the pain... in silence


And then the people proudly played

The event spell machine they made

Your elder-sign gave out its healing

Your Heirloom makes sense when it keeps drawing

Dark Memory burns only horror that standing in full bloom

Making the doom

Safer, to delay, in silence

StartWithTheName · 31617