Adam Lynch

Minor spoilers for Miskatonic Museum...

If you resolve the scenario and Adam Lynch never leaves play, then you do not update the chaos bag.

If the player with Lynch resigns, then he does leave play and you do update the chaos bag.

None of the resolutions let you keep him in your deck for future adventures - nor would you want to, considering his forced text.

Rathrain · 3

I like this card! I'm using it in an old-school Dark Horse "Ashcan" Pete deck with Madame Labranche--all cards I'd run anyway. I'm happy to have it sit in my hand until a turn when I don't otherwise need the good lady's services, and that makes it essentially a "free," fast, slotless,1/1 heal on Duke. I'm also running Forced Learning and more often than not I choose Trusted when it appears in the upkeep phase. I also like that increasing an ally's max health and sanity can help get full value out of other healing cards (e.g., Bizarre Diagnosis). And buffing Duke is as good as healing Ashcan. Niche is not the same as bad.

PJFrigate · 175
The Black Cat

I ran the Black Cat with Charlie Kane and had some fantastic moments. The double Wilds give a +3 to any 1 test, possibly another with inspiring presence or Bonnie. Here are some more words to complete this review.

dlikos · 119
You could've at the very least explained one of those fantastic moments. — Nenananas · 224
Strange Solution

This will usually be bad, yes, I agree with that, but there is one instance this is great, and that is TFA.

In TFA, you will often need to evade enemies instead of killing them, and an asset that costs 1 to evade with 6 base with 4 supplies is really good if you can afford the 4xp upgrade cost.

laiozatt · 1
I prefer Archaic Glyphs (Prophecy Foretold) and not lose tempo. — Nenananas · 224
Voice of Ra

With the taboo of "This card now reads “a symbol” instead of the list of indicated symbols", you can inflate the potential of Voice much more than you used to be able to using Blessings and Curses. Stuffing the bag cheaply with Tempt Fate, and you can combo with an Olive McBride activation to very often net 5-7 resources (remember, you choose 2 with Olive, revealing a total of 4 tokens).

The other delicious combo you can use this for is with is Favor of the Sun and Favor of the Moon. I tend to favor Moon since it's cheaper and already gives you a resource, plus Sun is a card you'll often want to use for skill checks rather than Voice.

All that said, you'll probably want to use these cards together in a deck that already cares about Blessings, Curses, or token manipulation, since you won't typically want Olive or the Favors outside of that. Investigators like Jacqueline Fine, Jim Culver, and Sister Mary with her .35 Winchester are prime targets.