Luke Robinson

They FINALLY told us how to actually play him!

From ahc_faq_v17:

"(2.10) “As if…”

Some card effects allow an investigator to resolve an ability or perform an action as if a certain aspect of the game state were altered, using the text “as if…” to indicate the difference. The indicated ability or action is resolved with the altered game state in mind, but the actual game state remains unchanged.

=This includes all steps of the indicated ability/action, including the paying of its costs, attacks of opportunity (where applicable), and resolving each aspect of its effect. =Other card abilities or game effects do not resolve with the altered game state in mind; only the indicated ability/action.

Example 1: Luke Robinson’s ( 4) ability allows him to “play one event each turn as if you were at a connecting location and engaged with each enemy at that location.” If Luke plays Barricade ( 38) as if he were at a connecting location, he would attach it to the location he is considered to be at, instead of the location he is actually at. Doing so would also provoke attacks of opportunities from any enemies at that location, since he is considered to be engaged with them throughout the playing of Barricade. That location has the following ability: “:Reaction: After an event card is attached to this location, deal 1 damage to each investigator at this location.” This ability would still trigger, but it would not deal any damage to Luke, because he is not actually at that location. He is only considered to be at that location for the purposes of the playing of Barricade.

Example 2: Luke Robinson ( 4) instead plays Shortcut ( 22) as if he were at a connecting location. This would allow him to move to a location connected to the chosen location. If there are 1 or more enemies at that location, they do not move with him, because even though the event is resolved as if Luke is engaged with him, those enemies are not actually in his threat area, and therefore do not move when he moves."

nimonus · 13
Notably the "reaction" trigger here is a mistake. This should be "Forced" as all reaction abilities are optional. — StyxTBeuford · 975
Bounty Contracts

After my first scenario playing as Tony, I've learned something important about this card:

The resources aren't relevant; the actions are.

To put it more plainly, this asset works best if it gives you six (or more) free fight actions over the course of a scenario. In a vacuum we generally equate a resource as being worth an action, which would imply that you want to place as many bounties as possible on one enemy to convert one fight action into several resource actions. However, when an enemy is engaged with you (or even just at your location), a fight action is worth a lot more than a resource action, so the ability to place bounties is more important than placing more than one bounty.

In conclusion, I recommend putting as few bounties on enemies as possible. You're using this for free fight actions, not free resource actions.

SGPrometheus · 188
It’s not an A or B strategy imo. I have several campaigns with Tony under my belt now and I can say that while primarily you want to extend your bounties (by placing 1s often) there is merit to placing 2 or 3 sometimes. Notably your Long Colts get much larger combat boosts with more contracts, and they refund a bounty on kill. The resources early can also be relevant in the first several scenarios of the campaign. — StyxTBeuford · 975
Getting Asset fast improve your Action efficiency too. — AquaDrehz · 116
Three Aces

I use this card in my Mandy deck and it's promising. It's guarantee success once And you can use it only once per deck shuffle. The down-side is you need to collect many card to win big enough.

However, I summary some card which synergy with this card.

Recommend Combo with Double or Nothing

Recommend Combo without Double or Nothing

But keep in mind that this combo is not defensive. It's for winning big and require a lot of cards !

AquaDrehz · 116
Note that Mandy cant play Lucky Cigarete Case or All in. She's limited to Rogue 0-1 XP assets and skill cards. But i agree it's a strong card in her deck and 2 can be searched with "practice makes perfect" and her ability. — Django · 2365
Sorry, i meant she's limited to rogue Events and Skill cards. — Django · 2365
I've try "practice makes perfect" alerady. Doesn't seem great combo because 1 or 2 would be discarded anyway. These 1-2 card would not so effective after that. Django — AquaDrehz · 116
Ancient Stone

With the increasing amount of card draw in , both upgrades to the stone can be used more consistently and both of them have very powerful effects. Some examples:

All this requires a lot of secrets on the stones (yes you could have 2 in play for double the fun). There's also a few cards that add secrets like Astounding Revelation, Truth from Fiction and Enraptured, but i think they are very inefficient. It's much more effective to increase the difficulty as much as possible when identifying the stone and later replaying it, when it's secrets are used up. After all, card draw also has the advantage of going through your deck more than once, if you're not afraid of your weaknesses.

I wonder why no one mentioned this before, but enter Versatile. I think draw and tutoring effects more than make up for the increased deck size. Use 2 of them to add 1x Double or Nothing and 1x Drawing Thin to your deck. If you use both on a shroud 4 location, the difficulty will be 18, resulting in the same amount of secrets:

You might wonder how you could possibly beat that. If you got 1 xp left, take Three Aces or ask your mystic for Seal of the Elder Sign. Otherwise the best strategy I've found, have Mr. "Rook" look for Drawing Thin early and always take 2 ressources when possible, mostly on low shroud locations or encounter cards you're likely to fail anyway (but please don't increase the amount of horror from cards such as Rotting Remains). That should get you enough so you can resolve the stone mid or late game with Hyperawareness or similar cards, also netting you 4 clues. If you draw you won't be able to pull that off during the same scenario again. So asking your mystic to get Time Warp and keeping it for this test would be a good idea.

Alternatively your could pass the stone, maybe Mr. "Rook" and all of the groups ressources to the survivor with 2 Drawing Thin, while the commits his Double or Nothing. The should have Plucky to use the ressources. He could also use Mr. "Rook" to search for missing Drawing Thin or Plucky. So you'd get 22 shroud/ secrets on the stone.

In case your group has no or , use versatile to get missing cards or Teamwork, if there's no .

Django · 2365
Or just do it with Minh and Miss Doyle in play. Discard Augur for an auto succeed. — Sassenach · 89
Actually, ignore that, it wouldn't work. You need to do an investigate action on the Stone itself. Shame... — Sassenach · 89
Getting 22 charges is overkill. The most I ever got was 14 and I still was never able to empty the Stone — Alogon · 376
you cannot pass the stone around. "you have identified the stone" is valid for "you" = the investigator/player, that passed the test — Adny · 1
@Adny Source? It's written in the campaign log, which there is only one of. — trazoM · 1
It's called "campaign log" not "investigator log" and these cards arent limited to one person. So if you have a group of 4 seekers, only 1 nees to identify the solution, translate the glyphs,... while everybody can use them afterwards. — Django · 2365
Automatic success effects are counter productive with translating because, per the rules “If a skill test automatically succeeds, the total difficulty of that test is considered 0.” and the Stone will get 0 uses. — Death by Chocolate · 13
Pay to win with Higher Education is probably the best way to nail that 18 and get your money’s worth. — Death by Chocolate · 13