Stand Together

Call me basic, but this is probably my favorite card in the game.

About a year ago, my group started playing single faction campaigns (all investigators are same faction). Now, Stand Together was already a pretty good card, but hoo boy - if everyone on your team is packing two copies, its power is amplified significantly. All four of us (Roland, Zoey, Mark, and Carolyn) spent our first 6XP from the Dunwich campiagn (Expert) on this card and never looked back.

This card is always helpful - and it's especially great on turn 1, as others have noted. But it's downright bonkers when you get to be the player of this card AND the beneficiary of a teammate's play of this card in the same round. If you are playing multiple Guardians, and whole team mulligans hard for this card, it's fairly common for everyone to have get a copy in their opening hand. You can increase your odds even further once you have Stick to the Plan in play to thin your deck (more on this in a minute). And of course, even if your teammates don't find it in their initial draw, you might be able to help them fish it out with your own play of Stand Together - teamwork makes the dream work!

If your whole team plays this on turn 1, then the net result is that each investigator spends one action to start the game with 8 cards and 9 resources (except for the Lead investigator, who will get their payoff from whoever takes their turn last). For our resource-hungry Guardians, this is a great way to hit the ground running.

Probably the most noteworthy combo is with Ever Vigilant. After a few scenarios, you'll likely have it tucked away under Stick to the Plan, but even before that, you'll have a reasonable chance of drawing it, even if you only have one copy. With all of the extra cards and resources at your disposal, it's much easier to maximize its efficiency as you are much more likely to have three playable assets in your hand. There's nothing quite as satisfying as having your Seeker-focused Roland play Dr. Milan Christopher, Flashlight, and Magnifying Glass for four resources with one action. After Zoey and Mark are similarly set up, you'll almost feel sorry for any enemy unlucky enough to spawn at your location. Almost.

Another benefit to such early drawing is that a lot of Guardians like to draw their weaknesses as early as possible early, and this opening gambit helps you make that happen.

Sometimes it's just about the simple things.

bricklebrite · 40
I like this card too. My main qualm is that Paranoia and Amnesia interact very painfully here, if either of the two investigators has it. — CaiusDrewart · 1508
I like the theme, artwork and effect, but I only get this at the end of the campaign if I have excess XP — Alogon · 237

What’s up with the card art. Looks like a photo of some cosplayers. I also saw this in the Arkham Horror Third Edition’s latest explanation set. In my opinion the art for this card breaks the immersion. Anyone else agree?

Michaeled · 3
The art is a pickpocket that, well, pickpocketing the lady in front of him. You can see his hand on her bag. — ak45 · 68
Alice Luxley

A nice fit for cluever version Carolyn Fern, who is limited to 15 seeker/mystic 0-1 cards and has lots to choose from there. So Milan Christopher is a tough fit anyway (especially in multiplayer where a dedicated seeker might get him), and really, Alice Luxley is a better match for her. One more damage soak and helps pick away at enemies big or small while she's out getting clues. Early on she might be stapled to another investigator too, so while the other investigator is fighting the enemy, Carolyn can chip in a damage by investigating at the location then healing horror off the investigator afterward. Nice add to the guardian deck.

Krysmopompas · 10
I think remote investigation can work in 1-2 player if you also use stuff to add secrets, like "Truth from Fiction" and "Enraptured". Also remember that "deduction" gets remote clues with "In the Know". On the other hand in 3-4 player, the required clues to win sometimes can be 20 over a scenario so some "open gates" with "shortcuts" (2) and "Pathfinders" (1) are much more effective (these also help the fighters to take out rogue cultists). — Django · 2027
Ignore my last comment, it was for another card (In the know). — Django · 2027
I'll just Deny the Existence of that comment, Django. — CaiusDrewart · 1508
In the Know

In the Know is part of a suite of cards that I call 'remote investigation' cards, with Seeking Answers, Deciphered Reality, Connect the Dots, Interrogate, Sixth Sense (and it's upgrade), Intel Report, and Pendant of the Queen rounding out the rest of the suite. An obvious trait ties all these cards together; the ability to discover clues that are in a different location for where you are.

The advantages of remote investigation are threefold: first, you get to enjoy extra actions in your turn that would otherwise be used to move. This can significantly increase your action efficiency, as you avoid situations like:

  • Having to double back if there is an end location that you need to reach and clues have been left behind.
  • Having to move into and out of a dead-end for clues.
  • Having to move into the range of enemies, or having to wait until your resident guardian clears out the room for you.
  • Having to deal with difficult to move into, difficult to move out of, or just impassable locations specific to the scenario.
  • Having to move back into the location your were investigating because you were forced out of it by a scenario card.

Second, you get to keep the location with the resign action (if it exists) close at hand. Some scenarios require you to resign as an objective, and sometimes you botch the scenario and want to resign to avoid trauma. Remote investigation allows you to plant yourself at the exit and significantly reduce your risk of involuntary defeat.

Third, it makes the job of whoever's protecting you easier, as you aren't inclined to run off and get into trouble, you damsel-in-distress you. This is especially true if your party runs cards like Barricade (and it's Upgrade), Hiding Spot, Ambush, and Snare Trap.

Is it possible to build a deck themed around remote investigation? Obviously Luke Robinson's entire shtick is remote investigation (or remote anything really), but his ability is a replacement for cards like In the Know, rather than a compliment. Other than him, there are really too few cards with too few charges, spread over too many classes to feasibly build this archetype, yet. Until more remote investigation cards are printed, the likes of In the Know will remain a tech card, otherwise known as your 31st card, maybe taken when you have 1xp to spare, or in a solo campaign, where the few uses are less of a problem.

Lucaxiom · 48
I think remote investigation can work in 1-2 player if you also use stuff to add secrets, like "Truth from Fiction" and "Enraptured". Also remember that "deduction" gets remote clues with "In the Know". On the other hand in 3-4 player, the required clues to win sometimes can be 20 over a scenario so some "open gates" with "shortcuts" (2) and "Pathfinders" (1) are much more effective (these also help the fighters to take out rogue cultists). — Django · 2027
Archaic Glyphs

Review written after the full Path to Carcosa (And Return To Path of Carcosa) has been released:

Archaic Glyphs and it's counterparts Strange Solution and Ancient Stone are pseudo-weaknesses that detract from achieving your objectives in whatever scenario you play, and that's the point; the cards that Archaic Glyphs upgrade into are, as a result, more powerful for their resource and exp costs. Essentially, you're trading away your deck's effectiveness in the early scenarios for more effectiveness in the later ones. That is a strong reason to include this card, because like Delve Too Deep, you have the power to mitigate the amount of a drawback having this card imposes on you by:

  • Playing it when your ahead and can afford to lose a few actions.
  • Playing and completing it just before you end the scenario, where your additional actions don't matter.
  • Playing and using it while clue gathering isn't the current objective and your actions aren't that valuable.
  • Playing it as Daisy Walker.
  • Playing it in a secret deck with Truth from Fiction and Enraptured.
  • Or just NOT playing it because none of the above is true, and committing it to a skill test instead.

I re-iterate that this card is bad and that's the point. Judging it by comparing to other non-quest cards is a mistake. Instead, let's go through the investigators that can take this card, and see how easily they would complete this card's quest, and how desirable the upgraded versions are to them:

  • Daisy Walker: Yes. Her additional action on Tome cards means she can knock out the quest without losing any actions, and Archaic Glyphs: Guiding Stones pairs especially well with her alongside Encyclopedia.
  • Rex Murphy: No. Rex already has a powerful 'if you succeed an investigation by x' effect built into his character. He doesn't need a second, and every icon discarded hurts his ability to trigger his own.
  • Minh Thi Phan. Yes. She will generally have a surplus of and icons in her deck to trigger her ability; extra ones can be sacrificed to Archaic Glyphs without much loss.
  • Ursula Downs. Maybe. Completing the quest will hurt her more than Daisy or Minh, but her ability to take an investigate action after moving also covers investigate actions on cards, which all three upgraded versions have, and Archaic Glyphs: Prophecy Foretold pairs ESPECIALLY well with her.
  • Joe Diamond: No. You cannot commit cards from his hunch deck, and his actual deck will have fewer icons than most due to competition from guardian cards.
  • Mandy Thompson. Yes. Mandy will be drawing cards like there's no tomorrow. Surplus cards can be sacrificed to the un-upgraded version of Archaic Glyphs, or rapidly played from hand with the newest version of Archaic Glyphs: Markings of Isis.
  • Norman Withers. NO. Norman CANNOT take any upgraded version of quest cards, making them useless to him.
  • Akachi Onyele. No. 3 is going to struggle to get value from the upgraded version of Archaic Glyphs, as they all test intellect.
  • Marie Lambeau: Maybe. Marie's arcane slots will be heavily contested, and the upgraded versions will have to compete with the likes of Rite of Seeking and Sixth Sense. However, they have natural synergy with her ability and do fulfil roles outside of investigating.
  • All other non-seeker investigators that can take this card. No. Same reason as Norman Withers.
Lucaxiom · 48
No mention of Lola? It’s true she only has 3 Int, but she can run Higher education and Rogue economy to easily make use of the upgrade, and she can discard freely to the glyphs regardless of the cards class in hand. (I ran this in PtC and it was brutally effective.) — Death by Chocolate · 12
Also, RAW Truth from Fiction and Enraptured can’t place secrets in it because it doesn’t say “Uses (X secrets)” on the card. — Death by Chocolate · 12
If Truth from Fiction can't place secrets on the glyphs, neither can the glyphs themselves, for the exact same reason. — TheNameWasTaken · 3
Except that the glyphs reference themselves by name, so it’s a situation of specific rule overrides general. — Death by Chocolate · 12
The specific overrides general principle can't override "cannot", which is what the rules for uses say. — TheNameWasTaken · 3
“If the text of a card directly contradicts the text of either the Rules Reference or the Learn to Play book, the text of the card takes precedence.“ ‘cannot’ being absolute is a rule in the rules reference. I see nothing that prevents a card overriding “cannot” in a situation like this. But I agree it probably should say Uses (0 secrets) to avoid this issue. — Death by Chocolate · 12
Archaic Glyphs: Guiding Stones + Higher Education is just ridiculous. You get 1 clue for 1 ressource (+2 INT). Using this, i got like 30 clues in a single action several times (on strategic difficulty, which is a house rule to need more clues to win). Using Burglary + Milan i could get 4 ressources in one action each turn, as well. — Django · 2027