Ceremonial Sickle

So, I have a question about this card. Apparently the comments here suggest that you can't use the second ability on the same round as when you used the first, but only the top ability required you to exhaust the card.

As I understand it, you could deal 2 damage on the first action, and then 1 damage on the second action to clear of that doom . The only thing you can't do is use the first action twice on the same round. Right?

You're right, even if only 1 combat skill bonus with 1 damage source... If an enemy is defeated, first ability can be used once more because Cickle is ready! — elkeinkrad · 446
However, I think, both "2 damage per action for each round" and "3 damge per two actions (for each round)" are pretty bad, considering 4xp and possible doom cost. — elkeinkrad · 446

How does this work with say, Book of Shadows, if you have 3 arcane slots filled? Would you have to discard one arcane slotted card? Or choose 2 to use, and one becomes unavailable? 200200200200200200200200

You would indeed need to discard a card, that occupies one of the slots. (This question would have been likely answered much quicker in the rules forum of this game on BGG. Also, Reddit has an active community, though I have no experience with it.) — Susumu · 312
Press Pass

Scarlet Keys dropped this fascinating card, and I don't think that the community has yet delved some of the possibilities that this card opens up. A free action for a 2xp card is amazing. And it's in a slot that Seekers often have free (except for Minh who really loves that Grisly Totem)

The first trigger is simple: advance the act. Spend clues on a scenario card. These things happen every scenario. The card would be only slightly expensive for that lone power.

The second trigger, "placing" clues, used to be sort of novel. Players rarely used it because it seemed counterproductive to drop the very things you worked hard to obtain.

One approach we've seen lately is decks with Press Pass and often Research Notes to benefit from dropped clues. Then they find ways to trigger them with the new tech like Analysis, Bizarre Diagnosis, and Captivating Discovery. Some decks have noticed that once-unfavored cards like Forewarned and Quick Study are suddenly viable. These all take the approach of "Two Steps Forward, One Step Back" insofar as they lose ground on clues but seek to make up with more benefits.

We haven't yet seen decks that use more obscure cards. Some neat ones that drop clues include Dr. Maleson, Dirge of Reason, Mysteries Remain, and Unsolved Case. And these dropped clues can be scooped up at low effort by stuff life Evidence!, Roland's innate ability, Grete Wagner, Occult Evidence, and True Understanding.

I look forward investigators like Roland, Mandy, and Joe Diamond who can combine these older cards with the new tech. Soon we'll see decks that can avoid the action costs of the dropped clues... "Not One Step Backwards!" will be coming soon!

Forewarned was always part of my upgrade pool but I haven't played Seeker for awhile. I would definitely drop a clue to cancel an Ancient Evils as a Seeker. Press Pass seems pretty good. A little expensive but free actions are very strong especially if someone can pick that clue up without using an action like Roland, Evidence or someone needs a second or third clue at a location like LWIF or Drawn to the Flame. — The Lynx · 925
Carson Sinclair

What a dud of a gator. The only time I'd consider playing him is two-handing to reduce mind-melt. It's hard to feel excited about playing with a flat 2 stat line whose special ability is to hand off his actions to better investigators.

Compare him to the other support-leaning gators: Bob can get into all kinds of wacky combos while handing out resources and actions. Daisy has a selection of supporting tomes. Minh can crush the most brutal skill tests and ward off treacheries.

It baffles me that they gave Kymani 5 bonus xp when this doddering old man can hardly fend off a ghoul without help.

Someone, please convince me he's worth playing. Not that he's strong, I'm sure he has a good build somewhere. I want to know if you had fun!

I had fun! Honestly, giving away an action still feels like YOU'RE doing the action. Carson fights like your best fighter and investigates like your best cluever. On top of that, everyone loves you! Amazing — Nenananas · 229
Lightning gun gives +5 attack so if you build a deck around that he could kill efficiently — Django · 4679
One Carson action is as powerful as each other investigator at his location so he naturally scales up in power as the player counts increases. He may not do much in 2p (and is easily the worst solo investigator in the game) but at 3-4 players he really shines. He's only a dud if every other investigator at his location is a dud. — Pseudo Nymh · 21
One thing I didn't think would be so fun before I actually play him is that his ability often becomes similar to Shortcut. No one wants to spend an action to move and it is fun when everyone begs me to push them around... plus I can also kick someone into the enemy to get the engage. This translate to higher damage because they can spend 3 full actions to kill it. I can follow and give Guidance (1), draw and wait to commit cards, or work on other things. I'm the commander! — 5argon · 5723
I think Carson is suitable to the commander by re-order of turn/actions among players. That effect might seem weak, but sometimes be powerful, especially action efficiency sense. — elkeinkrad · 446
Take Safeguard and a ton of skills, and donate your actions to other players. Now you’re playing in a way that enables everyone around you to be stronger. Carson’s not designed for solo obviously, but even in 2p I bet he can do some work, and in 3 or 4 he seems like one of the best. He offers a larger team much more flexibility and consistency. — StyxTBeuford · 12852
In a recent TSK run I played as Carson with Zoey and Cluever Charlie. I was planning on eventually getting a Lightning Gun or Sledgehammer (4) to defend myself but ended up never needing to do so. It is simply better to give an action to Zoey (who appreciates it too), and I can commit Soothing Melody or other 3-icon cards with Bestow Resolve if I really need to pass a test. Overall I think Carson is indeed a bit underpowered in terms of stats (he deserves 7/7 health/sanity at least) but each of his actions can contribute as much as the best investigator at his location does, which makes him really fun to play and practically everyone will appreciate having him on the team. — koaexe · 14
Combat Training

I can understand why people don’t like the card. It’s too fragile and easy to loose. But with Muldoon the card is great, with his ability you get it always back in your deck when you loose it, you get the cost back and it doesn’t cost an action to play.

I guess it's probably because agility is not something guardians use. Though it does come in handy sometimes — Therealestize · 53