I love the thematic idea behind the card, because it's a personal failing that can hurt your team's chance of success. Still, it's easy for many decks to ignore. Some decks will be hurt a lot by it, such as [Carolyn Fern], but you can also just spend the two actions to discard.

I've seen some comments wondering how broadly "affect other investigators" applies. To me, it means that you can't target another investigator in a way that changes the game state of the investigator, specifically. You can't manipulate their cards in hand, their cards in play, their location, their resources, their clues, or their health/sanity (except to cause damage/horror since the weakness allows it.)

In this view, while you couldn't use [First Aid] targeting another investigator at your location, you could still engage an enemy which is engaging another investigator. Or, you could cancel a treachery that another investigator draws. Neither of those change the actual investigator's game state; they affect an enemy or a treachery card. If the restriction were meant to be broader than this, it would need some clarification.

Signum · 14
Best part is that the guy in the art gets to look at her underwear — Django · 4305
Disliked. — Signum · 14
Dirty Fighting

All those reviews are nice. But you cant use weapon for that fight action. You can just punch. Same as Ursula and her free investigate after move. You cant use it for fingerprint kit or glyphs for example. Shooting wit weapon is not fight action but activate asset and then it will be fight. Sorry guys :)

atilak · 10
Actually, you'll find under the Q&A section of haste that shooting with your 45 automatic or whatever else is considered to be both a fight and activate action, same for flashlight being both active and investigate. — aurchen · 1
Any non-fast event or action triggered ability with an action designator is the type of action indicated by its designator, in addition to being a play or activate action. This is why some other cards specify "basic" actions, which are the normal actions you have access to without the use of cards (technically, a basic action is any action that doesn't involve playing an event or triggering an ability whose text includes an action designator, even if it does otherwise involve playing a card or triggering an action trigger, but so far only Close the Circle can let you take basic play or activate actions). — Thatwasademo · 44
(2022 Taboo also turns both Eon Chart to be "basic" only.) — 5argon · 2103
This is factually wrong — MegaWazzaby · 1
ArkhamDB needs a downvote system — snacc · 822
"Same as Ursula and her free investigate after move." Doh, maybe you should have just checked the fAQ on Ursula's page: Q: Does the ability on Ursula Downs allow me to take an investigate action on an asset or event card? A: Yes. Ursula’s reaction allows you to take any investigate action, including those performed via the activate action or via the play action. - FAQ, v.1.3, May 2018 — Susumu · 234
The comments in here really feels like actual dirty fighting — toastsushi · 62
Thieves' Kit

This doesn’t need to be your first upgrade, but it’s a massive money maker, especially with sleight of hand. Rogues can run through money quickly. With sleight of hand, this is going to earn you potentially six bucks, or just refund you more easily with Gregory and hard knocks(4). A solid moneymaker for most clue seeking agility rogues.

MrGoldbee · 1303
Don’t forget to add 4 supplies with Emergency Cache (3) to turn it into 8 resources. — Valentin1331 · 19540
Improvised Shield

This card is absurdly powerful in almost all survivors.

Bulletproof vest, which is the single highest soak item in the game, cost three experience, takes body instead of hand, has one soak more, cost two more resources and cannot be played from discard pile.

The play from the discard pile is outstanding and can't be overstated. Encounter deck makes you choose and discard a card from your hand? Gladly. Discard an asset you control and shield is already on the field? Yes please. Overdrew your hand and need to toss a cars? Me please. Playing from discard for one resource takes away so many other really bad things the encounter deck loves to throw at you.

What about that hand slot? In the rare case you have a survivor that can actually utilize two handed weapons (i.e.Daniela, tommy and Yorrick), Bandolier opens this up. Most of your other survivors though probably aren't going to benefit a whole lot from that other hand anyway and are more than glad to give it up.

Amazing soak, amazing dependability and basically eliminates some of the more annoying features from the encounter deck.

The trash can lid is now a survivor staple.

drjones87 · 100
I like your positivity. I wish I could look at this card and see the amazing possibilities it opens up, providing endless amounts of health for just one hand slot and a few actions. But through the ice splinter in my eye, all I see is a far worse, hand-held leather jacket; stupidly hard to get into play for anyone without a built-in discard ability. Even in a best-case scenario all the shield rewards you is health-soak; not exactly what separates winners from losers most days in Arkham. But karma being what it is, I fully expect to be defeated by damage during my next campaign and find myself screaming for the heavens; "Dr. Jones was right! I should have brought the shield!" — olahren · 2376