I know I have seen a decklist for this combo but it wasn't mentioned in any of the reviews. Nor did it focus on recycling cards just for skill tests.

Jenny Barnes > Lockpicks > Scavenging > Lucky Cigarette Case (3) > Liquid Courage (1) > Jenny's Twin .45s

Lockpicks is extremely likely to succeed by 2 triggering both LCC and Scavenging. Scavenging continually brings back cards with or . There are other fun ways to build scavenging Jenny but this is a nice straight forward way to boost a lot of skill tests. Especially tests.

The Lynx · 919
Works even better with her replacement signature, which has 2 wild icons. — Soul_Turtle · 127
Yes, it does but I find the replacement weakness a lot more annoying. Especially if I don't set Jenny up for combat which I rarely do now. — The Lynx · 919
Surprised to hear that. I've always hated Searching for Izzie personally, it's just a dreadful weakness. And Green Man's is so great, it's honestly one of the big draws to even play Jenny in my eyes. — Soul_Turtle · 127
Sawed-Off Shotgun

This card also deserves consideration in big money rogue decks! At some point Well Connected will boost your to astronomical levels, enough to make this a good tech card for times when you need to fight a big boss at the end of the scenario.

The introduction of Underworld Market makes this card especially good as you can make sure you have it on hand for when you need it (especially with a Fence also living in the market, letting you save playing it until you actually need it). You might even be able to fit a couple Contraband/Contraband in your market deck...

These two points put together means that a natural home would be in Jenny, who can put together a big money plan alongside being able to play Underworld Market. (Sorry Preston!)

Frost · 245
Sure Gamble + this in Hard or Expert can be a fun time. Also if you have access to One in the Chamber like Skids or Tony. — StyxTBeuford · 12851
Liber Omnium Finium

Not a review, but if anyone is wondering what this mean, I did study a bit of Latin

"Liber Omnium Finium" roughly translates to "A Book about the End of All Things".

Esentially, the implication is that Gloria accidentally wrote a novel chronicling the Apocalypse of her world

This is already hinted by her Weakness' trait, which is "Endtimes"

Devil's Luck

For Agnes, this card can be even better than simply canceling an attack. When you are up against a big baddie, she can choose whether to cancel their attack or allow 1 horror to go through in order to return 1 damage to them.

Dr. Mala Sinha

If you want the Friends Forever achievement for Edge of the Earth, play Mark Harrigan and take this lady along for every scenario. You’ll be absolutely unstoppable, since she synergizes perfectly with Sophie. That’s not to say she isn’t also an incredible asset for many of your Guardian allies either. Beat Cop, Guard Dog and Grete Wagner are all great examples of cards who will benefit greatly from her ability. Since you’re likely playing guardian cards if you’re bringing along Dr. Mala, feel free to pack a copy or two of Inspiring Presence for emergencies.

And she uses supplies, which means you can recharge her with venturer or emergency cache (3). Also Contraband can be useful. — Tharzax · 1