All In

The existing reviews have already touched on the bonkers combo potential that this has with Double or Nothing. Indeed, it is the core (along with Quick Thinking) of the well known Rogue infinite actions combo. In spite of these cards being tabooed, it is still quite possible to go infinite, it's just easier for it to be disrupted by a . My tip, for those who want to engage in this degeneracy, is to take Swift Reflexes, as it gives you a bit of a buffer zone on this disruption, and Three Aces, which allows you to guarantee the full payout on (usually) every other test. Unfortunately, the resources and cards from Three Aces can't actually be doubled, but they're still good.

I wanted to add a few points on using All In that don't require DoN:

For one thing, All In allows you to basically draw a whole new hand if you want, while cashing in on various skills. This is actually pretty great even without DoN. You could quite easily get +6 or more to the test without actually depleting your hand, or with very minimal net loss of cards. That might even be enough for you to pass a test in some cases, while still profiting handsomely from succeed-by effects. This works best if you have a lot of s in your deck because you're basically replacing generically useful cards with other generically useful cards, while drawing through your deck. Did I mention that any weaknesses you draw get shuffled back into your deck? Yeah, it's really good.

Another point about All In is about its synergy with Ace in the Hole. Ace in the Hole is an extremely powerful card that gives you +3 actions! This can be clutch even if you only draw it once. Those 3 actions can be the difference between being defeated by some treachery and defeating a boss to advance the final act. If you have All In in your deck, along with a few other sources of card-draw, it is not unlikely that you can see Ace in the Hole several times in one scenario. I would even go as far as to say that Winifred Habbamock, with a high-xp deck, (going into Shattered Aeons, for example) that includes both Ace in the Hole and 2 copies of All In, feels completely busted. This is even true without DoN, but with, it's even more insane.

The other side of that synergy is that getting 3 extra actions can help you play or commit any excess cards you have in hand from All In, so that they don't just get discarded. That's generally the only drawback of using All In, IME.

The final point is that, because this card lets you shuffle back weaknesses, if you have a nasty weakness that shuffles itself back into your deck unless there are 5 or fewer cards left in it, All In can help you get through the part of your deck that is most vulnerable to repeated draws of that (perhaps between 5 and 10 cards). I'm not sure how likely you are to be able to actually wait to get to that point, but even without that benefit, this is still a good choice for Sefina, because she runs a lot of events, and so wants to keep her hand full, anyway.

Honestly, I think the biggest addition to the infinite combo is level 0 Will to Survive completely removing the risk of the autofail on the All In/DoN/Kitchen Sink test. Jenny can run it instead of the Premonitions that deck already runs, and anyone else can take with Versatile. — Death by Chocolate · 14
Oh yeah! I did see that card preview, now that you mention it. Had not yet made that connection. — Zinjanthropus · 20
Segment of Onyx

Here are some piloting notes once you put Segment of Onyx in an appropriate deck (e.g. Mandy Thompson).

Typically, if you draw 1 or 2 Segment of Onyx's in your opening hand or early few turns, you will aggressively try to get the last 1-2 by searching. If you don't get any early on, it's often better to search out other cards and let the Segment of Onyx's concentrate into a smaller deck.

When your deck is large, you should use the charges only when it really helps, because when they are gone it will be difficult to collect the Segments again. Conversely, when your deck becomes very small, your threshold to use the charges becomes smaller and smaller (e.g. you might use a charge just to move 2 locations), because if you can use them all the Segments go back in your deck, and you can get the Pendant of the Queen much faster. That being said, remember that each Segment cost you 1 card and 1 action, so you really want to get at least 2 "action equivalents" or an important time-sensitive effect (like evading an enemy that would otherwise cause trouble) from each charge, or you are not getting any net benefit. Nonetheless, I usually used Pendant of the Queen twice each time I went through my deck with Mandy Thompson, with a maximum of 6 completely spent [Pendant of the Queen](/card/06022/s in 1 game (The Blob that Ate Everything).

jmmeye3 · 273
You arent losing actions- the segments are fast. — StyxTBeuford · 1501
Sorry, that was supposed to be “one card and one resource” — jmmeye3 · 273
Madame Labranche

Sugar Granny has gotten a lot more tempting with Cornered being part of the Survivor cardpool. In Yorick, who likes to pitch assets to Cornered and then replay them a lot, he can often run low on both cards and resources. Madame Labranche is very versatile in such a build, helping you replenish whatever you're short on. As a bonus, she's fairly inexpensive herself and has decent soak, so she fits well into a Yorick tank build.

ClownShoes · 8
Porte de l'Avancée

The only question that this card needs to address is the situation in which (spoilers: After reaching to Act 3 and Agenda 3, how do you activate this ability?). The text reads to Move 1 doom from one agenda to the other, but if the second agenda does not exist, how can you use this ability, see "Then" keyword in rules reference. It is possible for you to never enter an additional location by spending the requisite clues if you cannot use this ability later on in the game. This card may need to be errata otherwise you will never be able to receive the necessary amount of clues to advance the act deck.

Arthdrew · 1
Hmmmm, I'm not sure that's right? The only location that requires clues to enter requires 3x (the number of players) clues and the locations in play at the start should have a minimum of 4 x (the number of players) between them. So you shouldn't ever *need* this ability to progress, I don't think. — bee123 · 24
Yeah, I'm not sure where there is an issue. There is one location that requires clues to enter. Otherwise all acts/etc. care about locations having no clues on them rather than the investigators spending clues. And once you reveal an Act, there isn't much value in using clues to advance the other Agenda, now is there? — Death by Chocolate · 14
Tennessee Sour Mash

You need this card only you're playing with a campaign with high Will test.


  • 3 Exp
  • 1 Action with 2 Resource


  • +2 Will (3 Times for Treachery only)
  • 1 high change to auto evade a non-elite enemy

However, survivor can use Cherished Keepsake, the cheapest horror soak or Nothing Left to Lose to prepare for incoming treachery with 5 Card and 5 Resource

"Ashcan" Pete can play Moonstone with the same price.

It's hard to squeeze this card for the full-potential because you need to play it before the treachery appeared. Then wait for 3 another treachery card.


AquaDrehz · 143
Yeah, I'm not really sure who wants Survivor Sour Mash. I can sort of see Rogue Sour Mash, as that gives +3, is fast, and is in the faction with the lowest willpower, but even that one hasn't made the cut for me, yet. It's a shame, as I like the card a lot thematically. — Zinjanthropus · 20