Holy Spear

I recently wrote a review of the butterfly knifes, and I mentioned this weapon, I really liked using this spear with sister Mary and Tommy, but I wrote in that review that you could make a blessish build with lily, but then I thought can you really build for bless with cards she takes?

Let's talk about the cards she can take.

Tempt Fate - this is an excellent card that not only helps fill the bag up with bless tokens, but it is also an automatic cantrip. The down side is that is also fills the bag with curse tokens as well. This card really shines in paradox build where using both benefits you. But with lily, it really doesn't benefit her at all.

Guardian cards-.there is not many options that she has, but their is a few.

1 - Book of Psalms- this is actually a really good bless generator, especially in horror heavy campaigns like tcu and ptc. But in this case, unless you have bandolier, it gets in the way of using the spear.

2- Blessed Blade, this is definitely not a weapon I recommend, but if you are stuffing the bag with tokens, you have a good chance of doing the +1 damage. It does only put 1 token in the bag per round. It still interferes with the spear.

3-Hand of Fate.- expensive in terms of resources, but a bless version of dodge, depending on the attack, it will yield 1-4 bless tokens. There can be times where this is more, but you usually want to use this when the bless payback is good. Which also decreases it's value somewhat, compared to dodge.

4- Holy Rosary(2) starting the lvl cards that generates bless token, this card is pretty good in terms of providing not only soak and a bonus Stat, but a somewhat reliable means to add tokens. The drawback is that it's not any will test, but only treachery cards. You can do this with any will treachery(weather it being you or your friends.)

5- Righteous Hunt(1). This so a good zone clearer. And depending on the horror it does, can provide a decent 1-2 blesses, you can easily fit this into a deck.

These are all the guardian cards I can see that generates bless, the rest of the bless token cards they have requires the token be already in the bag to actually do anything. So unless you Sister Mary, you don't have a reliable means of adding bundles of tokens to the bag. She also has lvl 0 mystic access, and there seems to be 2 cards that add bless tokens, but she may only use 1 of them(Tides of Fate). As Rite of Equilibrium is a lvl 5.  Tides of Fate is very tricky to use, especially if you don't have ways of putting curse in the bag.

So, with the cards she can take, she is very hard pressed to fill the bag with bless tokens. BUT... thank God this is a co op game, where you can play with more investigators. I built a preston deck along side her that try to lean a little on getting clues, and adding some bless generation. There is no better feeling then playing Keep Faith(0) twice with Double,double(4) "8 bless tokens at once?! Yes please!!!"

So, if you have the means of generating bless, the spear will carry you. But I would not just take the spear as the only card that uses blesses, cards like Hallow(3) or Ward of Radiance(0) are stand out cards that provide decent support. But having cards like this as well as the spear makes taking bless tokens alot more worth the trouble putting them in,another example is in this preston deck, he utilize Ancient Covenant (2) so he can skate pass some test.

So the long and short of it is, this is a good meh weapon when you only meet the requirements and only use the bless tokens with the spear, but this weapon becomes extraordinary with additional bless tech. While lily doesn't build bless well by herself, with team work, she can be just as good!

This is an incredible review on a versatile investigator. Well done! — Therealestize · 37
This comment was not ment for this card >:( — Therealestize · 37
Untimely Transaction

Untimely Transaction + Teamwork = Corruption

Basically spend extra 2 actions to get 100% credit cash back on the item regardless how expensive it is.

Challenge is you and your partner in crime slot need to be free while committing this shenanigan.

Pawley · 9
Is that easier than 2 copies of Ecache? — MrGoldbee · 1234
Short Supply

Allow me to offer a thought exercise to help you consider this card. In case you weren't aware, if you ever can't draw, you take one horror to reshuffle.

Think about what would be different if this card said "discard the BOTTOM 10 cards of your deck." Doesn't feel as bad, does it? Statistically, this is the exact same effect until your 16th card draw, which for most games is very late anyways. Sure, it's a bummer to see your signature card in the discard, but is that actually different than that card being in the last 10 of your deck normally? Where this gets worse: cards that search your deck like Research Librarian or Old Book of Lore. Where this obviously gets better: Scavenging or any of the many discard searches survivors have.

The biggest benefit here other than scavenging items is that of information.

Art Student

This and Mysterious Raven need to be reconsidered with Charlie Kane. The biggest knock against this card (takes up an Ally slot for a one-time use) is not an issue, as Charlie has 4 slots. And unlike other investigators, Charlie can still use Art Student after it's played as a +2 boost. Furthermore, there is no opportunity cost for doing so—unlike say Lola Santiago where if you exhaust her for the boost, you can't use her ability.

The other consideration is that Art Student and Raven are cheap. As much as I'd like to dream of an all-star Gené/Grete/Lola/Peter lineup, that's a lot of resources and Charlie's going to need some cheap allies in his deck to balance (and shield) the more expensive ones. For that purpose, an ally that automatically picks up a clue when played isn't bad. And nothing says "Politician" more than a person who uses interns to do his dirty work (and as shields against monsters attacking him).

Calling in favors is really good with these type of cards. — Therealestize · 37
It does seem like seeker/survivor will be hard to beat. AS and MR are only further enhanced by A Chance Encounter. Might even be worth running Short Supply, though that's trickier to say. — Maseiken · 1
Remember that he can run allies of all classes. You don’t have to choose seeker for the students. — Django · 4141
On Your Own

Just a quick heads up from the rules for visibility:

(Added in FAQ, section 'Game Play', point 1.18) If 1 or more cards are forcibly removed from an investigator’s deck and returned to the collection (such as when a card is exiled, or when a campaign effect forces an investigator to remove cards from their deck), that investigator must purchase cards so that a legal deck size is maintained. When purchasing cards in this manner, that investigator may purchase level 0 cards at 0 experience cost until a legal deck size is reached.

This rule also applies if an effect alters an investigator’s deck size, deckbuilding restrictions, or deckbuilding options such that 1 or more cards must be removed from or added to their deck as a result.

Leilasaida · 3