Grounded (3) is an upgrade from Grounded (1) in all of the ways the other Composures have been upgraded, but also note that the single icon on the level 1 is now ! We have a few cards that care about icons on cards that you don't really want to throw into the discard pile now, notably Well Prepared and Astronomical Atlas. Grounded joins a select few assets that have : quite a few signature cards, but also Prophesiae Profana, the two Precious Mementos, The Black Cat and The Red Clock (5). Grounded at level 3, fast, and 0 resources is the most easily accessible of the bunch so far.

Diana Stanley can take Well Prepared and Astronomical Atlas (though not sure she wants it), and loves the boost on whatever skill she is testing, since she will often test all of her skills. Diana/Well Prepared/Physical Training (2) is already a great combo, but remember that cards like Read the Signs actually are tests, so Grounded (3) does give you a boost there too, both on the wild icons for Well Prepared and the +1 skill boost. Finally, note that using Well Prepared for the icons here makes up for the fact that you can't use its boost on treachery cards, a notable downside already mentioned compared to Holy Rosary.

dscarpac · 36
Awakened Mantle

Awakened Mantle is a great card to have. A 1 cost, slotless asset that lets you soak 1-2 damage and gives you free move actions (especially late in scenarios when most places are flooded) is a bargain.

The agility icon is less useful, as you'll probably be trying to kill Deep Ones rather evade them (other than Elite bosses) due to the Engage penalties they usually have, but the wild icon means that it's not a dead card even if you don't have the action/resource bandwith to play it...

Patrice's Violin

This is Patrice Hathaway's signature card. Were this in any other investigator's signature, it would be quite underwhelming... one might even say it's horrible. Most people will agree that cards are one of the most important materials in the game, so why would you trade it for a resource? Even discarding a card to draw another is underwhelming when there's plenty of ways to draw cards (often more than one) without losing a card.

But Patrice isn't another investigator, she's...well, Patrice! One must remember Patrice draws five cards, then ditches them, and then draws five more in every round. In the context of this card, it means this: You're going to lose any cards you don't play or commit to a test. If you're going to lose it anyway, might as well as trade it for something else, right? Personally, I prefer the resource, since you really don't wanna be in a situation where you draw an asset you want to play...but you're too poor to do it, forcing you to either commit it to a test or lose it.

This card can also work wonders with cards that are best done when you play from your discard pile. (Like Winging It!) and may also have some wacky, although unlikely, combos! (Like having two copies of Fortuitous Discovery in your hand...violin one and use the other!)

The cost of 2 is quite cheap, not to mention that it pays for itself in two turns and generates more resources forward. A wacky combination of icons that can give you two willpower, two agility, or one of any other skill. You're still better of playing it and only committing it when you KNOW you won't be able to play it.

Finally, how is it only one hand? I'm not complaining, it only adds to the card's greatness, but even in the artwork you see her use both hands for the violin. Guess you don't need a bow when you play the violin with a .18 Derringer.

tinynanami · 4

So far, Favor cards are exclusively found in , with a few neutral cards on the side. They don't initiate skill tests, so you're getting this to discount Intel Report and the like. Not bad if you have a lot of such cards, but for 3 XP you should get more. It's a good thing Relic cards are found across many classes, and there's a splash of Ritual cards for all of the classes, too. So, while most Rogues and Dexter Drake may take advantage of all three traits, the main value of this card for everyone else will be discounting Relics and Rituals. Should you take this card? If you need the money, and you know you want those cards, then yes. Because there's powerful Rituals and Relics across the board, you'll know if this fits in or not.

One more note: Rituals don't really initiate skill tests either, but there are a few Relics that do (and Relics sure are expensive anyways), probably the most interesting are the neutral weapons Ornate Bow and Timeworn Brand. Enchanted Blade is another interesting option, since Mystics would like a boost to repeatedly use this weapon.

dscarpac · 36

All of this cycle of triple-class cards are good if you're strapped for cash or need the skill boost if you have a good chunk of cards from any one of the particular traits listed. Most Mystics are intrigued because probably half of your deck is made of Spells, and boy, Spells are expensive! Robes of Endless Night kind of works in a similar fashion at level 0, and this is quickly becoming a staple for Mystics. But for one Mystic in particular, Father Mateo, you should get a discount for your non-Spell cards, too:

Spirit cards: in , right now there are only two non-Spell Spirit cards: Meditative Trance and Winds of Power. For the former, if you're otherwise not spending the resources that round, 0 cost to heal is not terrible, but Winds of Power is definitely worth the look. Outside of this, there is A Watchful Peace, which is already pretty cheap, but every resource counts!

Fortune cards: The main attraction. Father Mateo can take six Blessed cards that have the Fortune trait that cost any resources. A Glimmer of Hope is not worth your time here, but a free Eucatastrophe or Keep Faith is absolutely worth it. Playing Harmony Restored for only 1 resource might even be viable, especially if you're running Tempt Fate! Fortune or Fate and Shrine of the Moirai round out the set for now.

Calvin Wright is another interesting candidate due to his access to Spirit cards and affinity for Fortune cards. He even has access to a few non-Spirit Spells: Alter Fate, Enchanted Bow, and Earthly Serenity. Of course, all of the main class Guardians/Mystics/Survivors with one of the other classes as their off-class will think about this card, too -- I think in particular Patrice Hathaway will be using Spells and Fortune cards all over the place and can use the discount.

dscarpac · 36