Rise to the Occasion

This card shines best in a Charlie Kane deck in my opinion. For him, with 1 in every stat, it's just an unexpected courage with an extra icon on it (and you can collect it with a resourceful later). The game is almost entirely composed of tests that are (3) or more difficulty.

KakuRainbow · 51
Since you said "best", I have to disagree. Calvin with 0 in every stat can use it even on tests with a difficulty of 2. And he doesn't even need to pick a specific class at deckbuilding to take it. — Nenananas · 228

Finally randomized into this card after getting it from repackaged TFA Investigator Expansion. I still take draw action as required and play draw cards like Stand Together as normal to see how it plays out.

The excitement of the deck thinning down but not yet hit the card is great, as some scenarios offer a way to Resign and I have to think more than usual how could I resign a round or two before others, yet the remaining investigators can still finish the job. I also can take AoO to kill myself on my favorable side of health / horror to avoid drawing it, if the deck is down to < 10 cards.

I only start thinking of tech-ing the weakness this way if the scenario is nearing the end (e.g. Completed all objectives, just some extra VP remaining), otherwise the team would be inefficient because I'm too selfish about avoiding the weakness.

I am also fine with bringing new investigators in mid-campaign, it make deckbuilding idea and investigator choice quite different. You can choose someone with starting XP, someone with 5 stat ready for basic work, deck with some testless damage / clue, or coming in with cards specifically to support those that are still alive and don't require any test, like Contraband, "I'll see you in hell!", Dodge, Thermos, Obsidian Bracelet, True Grit, Old Book of Lore, Scrying, Premonition, Teamwork, ... This investigator's deck likely be an unpublishable, party-specific deck, or even "tech" the campaign's quirk. I would not get to build a deck like this starting the campaign at the first scenario. It's time to go wild.

Having The Bell Tolls in the deck in the final scenario can be quite a bummer, as if I hit it early I would became just a ghost-coach / doom token manager in that final scenario watching my friends play with no next investigator to come in. But I understand the impact wouldn't be there if the kill is not immediate, and tension will be unmatched if I seemingly not getting it halfway through the final scenario. There is also still some sense of strategy of trying to leave as much legacy for the team as I can before I dies, so they can continue to finish the campaign. One thing I did is to pass on resources and items with Teamwork earlier than usual as it give away control and they won't get removed when the owner is eliminated.

The upgrade process placing the new version "live" on the bottom of deck is, at first, I think is unnecessarily harsh. I thought they might not want the final scenario to be free if you are not yet at The Bell Tolls. It would still have the same effect if the upgraded version is placed in the discard pile and get shuffled after deck reset. But I finally understand that this design is actually kinda cool! I was at Scenario 7 with 2nd Accursed Fate and didn't think this would be my final scenario, after all I know there is one more step. However I got it when deck is very thin and The Bell Tolls coming in and you can see it is clearly there is quite spooky and... strategic! I count actions I am required to run to Resign, AoO I am required to take to kill myself before drawing that final card, or how many ammo could I unload my gun or locations I could help reveal before I go. I think this struggle is a unique experience for what mostly is a "you randomly dies" weakness. For twice a campaign its location is not random...

5argon · 4487
Will never forget first upkeep drawing into doomed twice (three times? at least twice) in a camapign and teching against it so hard, it paid off though, and the deck barely fell behind where it would be. (tony-any finite number=tony) — Zerogrim · 266
Arcane Studies

It's nice that it doesn't cost resources (so you'll have more left to pump stats) and icons are decent but Mystics aren't flush with cash and have better uses for EXP. It'd need to cost one less EXP or be permanent free like Streetwise(4) to be worth considering.

Cthomas · 1
Law of 'Ygiroth

Having arkham player cards in Polish, English and Italian it is really fun dealing with these encounter cards. I purposely take 1 italian and 1 polish copy of, let's say, Magnifying Glass (Lente di Ingradimento) and have some fun :D

lelel555 · 2111
One-Two Punch

Great card! Have a question on it though (wasn't sure where exactly I should ask)...

On the second fight (on both the base and upgraded cards), can you add another card with the bold FIGHT option, like "Monster Slayer"?

Snake3y3s · 1
There are active communities to ask questions like that on Board Game Geek and Discord. But to still answer your question: no. The second fight is still part of the play action, which has to finish, before you could initiate another one. What you could do is commit a "Vicious Blow" to it, even on the automatically successful first fight on the upgraded card. — Susumu · 302
I think this is an alright place to ask as other people can then find the answer! Questions asked on Discord are rarely helpful when looking for an answer fast while playing and trying not to disrupt the flow of the game too much. — Valentin1331 · 35986
I gave them an answer after fifteen hours. Can't speek for Discord, but on BGG you normally get a reply much faster than that. — Susumu · 302