"Eat lead!"

Leo, non-parallel-back Skids, and Tony are probably the best users of this. It can easily guarantees a Double or Nothing shot, and they can spend the ammo from a Sleight of Hand'd gun and have ammo to spare too.

With taboos, the payoff isn't that good anymore, but at least you can still get an additional action or 3 resources.

suika · 23
Father Mateo

We'd heard there was a trait for cards

That you could play because you pleased the Lord

But you don't really see new blessed cards, do ya?

And it stayed this way: cycles fourth and fifth

blessed purple cards just took the ps

Your decklists composed no Hallelujah


Hallelujah, Hallelujah

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, hmm


Custom Ammo felt so strong, but we needed proof

Without gun access its just a spoof

The first blessed blue card made was no use to ya

The insults didn’t even stop there

Wish Eater at level 4 felt unfair

like they were withholding Hallelujahs!


Hallelujah, Hallelujah

Hallelujah, Hallelujah


Then Innsmouth came like none before

Our jaws drop down and hit the floor

And suddenly I felt we barely knew ya

swaths of new cards that bore your mark

on a new voyage we could embark

With a bold new set of tokens for Hallelujahs


Hallelujah, Hallelujah

Hallelujah, Hallelujah


Well, maybe there's a design above

They even work well with Olive

The token fishing deck still held true to ya

from covenants galore and Money Rites

Keeping your Faith to fuel Radiant Smites!

You’ve finally got some cards, OH HALLELUJAH!


Hallelujah, Hallelujah

Hallelujah, Hallelujah

Hallelujah, Hallelujah

Hallelujah, Hallelujah

Hallelujah, Hallelujah

Hallelujah, Hallelujah

StartWithTheName · 31617

The Timeworn Brand to Shrivelling (5)'s Lightning Gun, except not really. Unlike Sixth Sense which is a viable replacement for Rite of Seeking and Clairvoyance, Wither should almost never be taken over Shriveling 3/5.

Without token manipulation support, the chancs of drawing a special token is usually in the range of 30-40%. Even at the 0xp range, weapons that don't give bonus damage are usually not taken (even as backup weapons) for good reason — it's usually too action inefficient to fight without bonus damage. Weighing in at 4xp; Wither needs to do better than +0.4 damage to stand on its own.

With token manipulation support (read: Grotesque Statue, Olive McBride, Dark Prophecy), the chances improve, but the payoff is still poor for the investment since you only bring Wither up to par by adding 0.3-0.5 damage per attack. Token manipulation isn't free, costing charges, slots, allies, cards, and plays, compare what other classes get with the likes of Beat Cop/Vicious Blows/Deliah that very reliably add +1 damage for roughly equivalent investment.

The fact that you can draw a special token, fail, and still do damage & reduce stats is counterbalanced by the fact that the extra damage doesn't stick around if you fail to kill within a turn (aka most elites), Retaliate, enemies with on-Fight effects, enemies without max HP, etc. Or that in Hard/Expert, failing with a special token can be a really bad thing.

What about running this along with Shrivelling for increased consistency? That might have been good before Azure Flame (3) existed. Although you can run a pure beatstick mystic that takes all 3.

If you're fighting a lot, Wither is too action inefficient to fight with on its own (and you'll run out of token manipulation too fast). If you're not fighting that much, Shrivelling's 4 charges should last you quite a while until you find Recharge, Twila, or its second copy. If you really want to conserve charges on that Swarm of Rats, Sword Cane is now a much better option.

suika · 23
I agree. I want to love this card (the art is awesome), but I struggle really hard to justify picking it up. Infinite uses is nice, but unreliable +1 damage is difficult to work with when the support to recharge is so much easier to achieve. Think it'll get tabooed like Springfield or Winchester? — LaRoix · 187
Hopefully as a mutation instead of an XP modifier. This would be playable at 2 XP, but it'll also mean there won't be another high XP version of Wither. My humble proposal would be something like changing it to: For each <symbol> revealed, canceled, or ignored during this attack (max 3)... — suika · 23
Manipulate Destiny

what happens if say I use olive mcbride on the first token pull and reveal both a bless+curse (or elder+crit), My read is that I do get both effects, the odds aren't great but you can throw in Jacqueline's ability to be pulling five tokens, seems like you'd have a decent shot at it.

1 cost heal 2, deal 2 damage seems fairly good to me.

Zerogrim · 29
From Manipulate Destinys wording it seems legal you can trigger both. If you have favor of the san and moon in play you can gaurantee to get both effects with olive. — Django · 3002
Jacqueline Fine

Jacqueline, while less specialized than other Mystics, can be quite a powerful investigator who's ability interacts in strange and beautiful ways with so many of the mystic cards we know and love. I also appreciate her 6 Health and 9 Sanity which makes her quite a bit tankier than one might first expect, especially once she's put on her nice fancy Robes of Endless Night.


5 Willpower - What you really want in a mystic. Such a high starting value in your primary stat makes you so much less dependent committing cards when facing encounter cards and casting your spells.

3 Intellect - Good but not great clue finding. Throw in a few flashlights and/or perceptions and Jacqueline can help gather a clue or two while saving her arcane slots for fighting spells if you decide to go that direction.

2 Combat - Don't expect to win a fight without a shriveling or azure flame ready to go.

2 Speed - Also don't expect to go passing encounter speed test or evasions anytime soon. This is what mystics bring deny existence and ward of protection for.

Overall I really like her stat distribution. Good support clue-finding and excellent willpower for all the normal mystic shenanigans. Her biggest detriment is the inability to deal with monsters without any assets or events.


I'd categorize her ability as having separate purposes that interact with either her own cards, or her fellow investigators.

With her own cards, her ability makes token flipping cards much more reliable. Improve the resource gain on Voice of Ra, proc cards that want tokens to be flipped like hypnotic gaze, or dodge self-damaging effects on cards like storm of spirits or shriveling. Additionally it becomes that much easier to gain additional cards through prescient and crystal pendulum. You can include cards like Olive, Premonition, or Scrying Mirror to support the token flipping reliability but I've found Jacqueline's ability was strong enough that it didn't require additional support.

When using her ability in a group, look for where success is needed and aim to end (or start) your turn there since you have to be on the same location as the investigator flipping the tokens. When assisting friends there are two instances in which i found her ability worked best, tests with a narrow chance of success (starting at +0 or +1) or tests you can't afford to get the autofail. For the former can increase the odds of finding a 0, +1, or Elder Sign and has surprisingly often passed tests that had no right to pass (note* I haven't done a full mathematical analysis on her token flipping odds, although I would love to and might in the future). For the latter, there are some tests that you JUST. CAN'T. FAIL. With Jacqueline you can more reliably dump all your cards into this important test knowing that even if you do flip the autofail you can cancel it. However this does create a new range of negative tokens in the bag to consider, for example flipping the autofail, the -5 and the -3 means the test is now a -8. There is an excellent analysis of this for the Olive McBride card and I suggest you read more up on it there, however anything that lets you guarantee dodge the autofail token is worth noting.

Her ability can be summarized by the word Reliable. Seeing the future is never a guarantee. But once per round, on one test or token flip, you can breath a little easier.


Arbiter of Fates is cool, simple, doesn't take up an asset slot, and simply doubles her ability usage every turn. Great. Refer above to why her ability is nice to have in your pocket, now you have it twice and you don't have to feel so bad about using it to dodge a nasty encounter card. Pretty unnecessary for solo as you will be using your actions to play cards or move around more often but can be nice if you have the time and resources to slap it down.

Dark Future is also cool, simple, and just sucks to have out. Quashes all the benefit of Jacqueline's ability minus niche cases like Hypnotic Gaze or Voice of Ra where you want to draw tokens. It even spitefully turns off your ability to cancel the elder sign for cards. However, since you now won't be using your ability on tests, you now get to use it on this jerk of a card at the end of each of your turns in hopes the helpful blue token will appear and save you. Her weakness has both an extremely notable upside and downside. On one hand it does not require any action to deal with, it will simply go away on its own. On the otherhand... IF it ever goes away. Some missions you will end every turn, flip your 5 (or 7) tokens, and audibly sigh as you realize there's nothing else you can do to help speed the process along as you remain ability-less another round.


Although Jacqueline has a very limited card selection range, the way she interacts with mystic cards makes many more card options viable. Voice of Ra and Crystal Pendulum I would consider core to her, as they provide the resources and cards and Willpower boost that fuel her primary actions. If your deck utilizes lots of event spells, prescient is a reliable way to pull cards from the bin. Again, just look at every card that relies (or avoids) tokens in some manner and consider that Jacqueline now has an addition way to interact with these archetypes.

PS. Take 2 copies of Arcane Research if you feel like being a mad lad. Watch your friends get jealous as you get 2 additional xp each scenario and ascend to maximum wizard.


In the end her ability doesn't need to support a janky archtype (although it can, and does), instead your deck can also be "Mystic Goodstuff" with a powerful supporting ability for the team, and thats what I really like about her. Her ability will always be useful, it will have you discussing with your team each round where you should use it and where you need to be to help out. Its fun, cooperative, and powerful. If you made it to this part, I really suggest you try out Jacqueline Fine and see what its like to see the future and have (a bit more) control over chaos.

RedRedshaw · 88
Good write up! I will say though that sometimes her ability can function in a similar sense as Olive in that it can inadvertently make tests harder to pass. It's more reliable than Olive, but it can still ruin your day. If the autofail does show up (and it is far more likely too since you are drawing at least 3), then you're often forced to fail. If you can't pass the -8 combination, in some cases, you end up taking the autofail because then at least you don't have to deal with the negative effects of whatever symbol token(s) you drew. But moreover, it won't help you hail mary anything, say a desperate evasion. Her ability is best with, like you mention, voice of ra and especially hypnotic gaze which is disgustingly powerful upgraded. But I've found it very difficult to get much success outside of that simply because the autofail mixed with high negative modifiers makes a passable test suddenly relentlessly difficult. — LaRoix · 187
Very true! I do have to remind myself though not to fall to confirmation bias from the times in which the 3 token flip didn't work, I'd love to do the math but I'm pretty sure the statistics would point to using her ability as in increase in success chance. While the perfect storm of autofail/-3/-4 does happen, its equally possible you draw autofail/0/-2 and the ability turned your autofail into a -2 instead. I did recently have an entertaining moment where I flipped the autofail/-2/-4 for a total of -6, but it was with an Azure Flame(5) for +3 paired with a base willpower of 7 (+2 from Pendulum and The Black Book) and i still succeeded against a 4 fight enemy. — RedRedshaw · 88