Test Icons:

If this skill test is successful, ready an Ally asset at your location and heal 1 damage or 1 horror from it.

"Anderson's a hard-ass, sure. Always locking up the rum and waking us up at the crack of dawn. But out here in the middle of nowhere, he's definitely the one I want taking point."
Christine Mitzuk
The Pallid Mask #228.
Inspiring Presence

Good for Beat Cops, Aquinnahs and Duke. If you are playing those, you probably want to try this.

That means Yorrick REALLY likes this one, as do most Mark Harrigan decks that run ally heavy.

If you are playing those two characters check it out. Otherwise, I would skip this.

Myriad · 645
Dario, too. Leo Anderson loves this card, of course. — crymoricus · 191