Test Icons:

Commit only to a skill test you are performing. As an additional cost to commit "Watch this!" to a skill test, spend up to 3 resources.

If you succeed by 1 or more, gain twice that many resources.

Andreia Ugrai
The Pallid Mask #233.
"Watch this!"

This card was enough for me to fall in love with rogues.

The icon spread deals with the three attributes that rogues care about. All rogues like the willpower and agility and MOST rogues will make some fight tests.

Oh and you only need to succeed by 1 or more to get a return on your "gamble" of up to three resources.

By itself, it will probably accelerate your resources from 3 to 6, making it a skill equivalent to Emergency Cache.

But it gets better. The card has a few other delicious combos!

The best and probably most powerful combo is using double or nothing to turn your net gain from +3 credits to +9 credits. That is quite a resource swing!

You can also use it with Alchemical Transmutation to get a similar "burst". Add in Double or Nothing to gain a potential of 18 resources from a single test (albeit with a three card combo).

The card is really good. All Rogues like money and most investigators ALSO like money. So long as you have something to spend your fat stacks of cash on, this card will serve you well. Slot it now and thank me later.

Myriad · 713
Wouldn't it be 12 resources with Double or Nothing? Commit 3 and gain twice 3 - twice. — mgorka · 1
Yeah it would be 12, but taking the 3 spent as an additional costs that makes a net gain of 9 — witchfan · 49
I desagree. 3 resources are spend as a base cost for commiting Gambit. You are not doubling commit costs already invested only gain effect. Ofc 12 minus 3 invested means you gained 9 if that is what you've ment. — Bany · 14
When you compare this to emergency cache, don't forget that "Watch this!" doesn't actually cost an action ;) — Palefang · 48
But will I flip the table over when I play this, then draw an auto-fail? — bigstupidgrin · 6
the rogue life does involve a lot of table flipping, especially where tentacles are concerned — Zinjanthropus · 93