Insight. Tactic.

Cost: 1. XP: 2.
Test Icons:

Fast. Play only during your turn.

Attach to your location. Attached location gains:

" Exhaust Shortcut: Move (to a connecting location)."

You know this town like the back of your hand.
Derk Venneman
The Pallid Mask #232.
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Erratum: This card’s ability should read: “...Any investigator at this location may trigger this ability.” - FAQ, v.1.4, September 2018
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So, remember how Pathfinder is a good card right?

What if I told you, that there was a version of pathfinder that was fast and could be used by your whole group?

Well, this card is as close as it gets and depending on the scenario and the player count it might JUST get you to that level of efficiency.

Add to this fact that Seekers typically have some extra experience to play with and I think this is an auto include in most seeker builds.

Myriad 524
Note that Level 2 Shortcut is inferior to Level 0 Shortcut in one critical point - it does not 'move', but instead activates a 'Move', and therefore provokes an attack of opportunity. Attaching the Shortcut to the location does not, of course, since it is a Fast. — Cluny 32
Cluny- that is incorrect: "Attacks of Opportunity are only triggered when 1 or more of an investigator’s actions are being spent or used to trigger an ability or action. abilities with a bold action designator do not provoke attacks of opportunity." — lunaticcalm 1
Worth noting that Roland Banks can attach this card to 'Stick to the Plan' in order to ensure it can be played early for good value. — Low_Chance 4