Minh Thi Phan
The Secretary



Willpower: 4. Intellect: 4. Combat: 2. Agility: 2.
Health: 7. Sanity: 7.

After an investigator at your location commits a card to a skill test: That card gains a icon until the end of the test. (Limit once for each investigator per round.)

effect: +1. You may choose a skill card committed to this skill test to return to its owner's hand after this test ends.

"You can depend on me to guide you through the unknown."
Tony Foti
The Path to Carcosa #2.
Minh Thi Phan

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Deck size: 30.

Deckbuilding Options: Seeker cards () level 0-5, Neutral cards level 0-5, Survivor cards () level 0-2.

Deckbuilding Requirements (do not count toward deck size): Analytical Mind, The King in Yellow (Act 1), 1 random basic weakness.

Minh never quite felt like she belonged in America. Things were even harder for her family before they moved, being Vietnamese in Korea under Japanese rule. She worked hard to get her college degree, reminding herself that her parents had sacrificed much to come to the States. Finally, her father became acquainted with a man from Arkham, Mr. Thomas, who offered Minh a job at his office. he was kind to her, at first - but then he started reading The King in Yellow, and his demeanor changed completely. He'd lent it to Minh, but she dared not read past the first act. Three weeks later, Mr. Thomas was found dead, having taken his own lifeā€¦ And The King in Yellow is the key to the truth.
Minh Thi Phan

Some observations:

Since the committed card gains after it's committed, this doesn't let you commit cards that don't a matching symbol or cards (like Emergency Cache) that don't have any skill symbols.

The effect only applied to skill cards, not any card you are using to support a skill check.

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