Asset. Hand. Weakness


Cost: –.

Revelation - Put The King in Yellow into play in your threat area. It cannot leave play except through the ability below.

You cannot commit exactly 1 or 2 cards to a skill test.

After a skill test is successful in which Minh Thi Phan has committed at least 6 matching skill icons for that test: Discard The King in Yellow.

Melissa Findley
The Path to Carcosa #11.
The King in Yellow

I did the entire Dunwich cycle with Minh Thi Phan. In eight scenarios, I drew this weakness nine times.

This is my favorite weakness in the game to date, as an amazing combination of theme and mechanics. It interacts beautifully with Minh Thi Phan's flow.

Minh Thi Phan is practically powered by card-draws. Literally any competitive deck of hers will have two copies of Guts and Perception, and probably Manual Dexterity and Overpower as well - to say nothing Resourceful, upgraded Lucky! and Cryptic Research once she's powered up a bit, and of course her very own Analytical Mind.

Two consequences ensue:

  • drawing lots of cards is what makes her pick up The King in Yellow; and
  • drawing lots of cards is what allows her to discard The King in Yellow.

Which is beautiful, because it means the King in Yellow is the reason Minh Thi Phan needs a lot of card-draw, but the high card-draw also means she's nearly guaranteed to draw it every scenario.

This means that The King has similar impact to other high-octane unique weaknesses like Rex's Curse, but where the Curse places a lot of tedious small roadblocks in your way, The King places one interesting giant roadblock. Really, it's like getting your own private miniboss to fight.

The other interesting thing about this is that you're obviously better off dispatching the King while also tackling a skill-test that somehow warrants six points of commitment. Upgraded Deduction is the most obvious candidate, but whatever you do you just know it's going to be impressive. Get ready to shout "ZHU LI! DO THE THING!"

(My alternative theory is that Min Thi Phan is secretly Batman and she's doing paranormal investigation to relax.)

That's assuming you don't autofail, of course, which can be so disastrous that it's practically a drinking story waiting to happen.

Obviously, this weakness is why Minh Thi Phan must have two copies of Unexpected Courage and Inquiring Mind, because how else is she supposed to reliably have six symbols to commit to a single skill-test? Rise to the Occasion is a dodgier proposition, because 6-difficulty Willpower and Intelligence tests are rare, and 4-difficulty Combat and Agility tests tend to involve doing things she should generally avoid, Batman-ness notwithstanding.

(For extra-fun thematically-appropriate headaches, get Drawing the Sign as your basic weakness, like I did! Hastur-obsessed much, Thi?)

sfarmstrong · 130
Nice review! I think that Archaic Glyphs: Guiding Stones is interesting card countering this weakness's impact since that icon overload is used to get a ton of clues. — KptMarchewa · 1
You can get 6 icons with inquiring mind, unexpected courage and her ability. This can easily make you forget you must commit at least 3 cards when the king is out. — Django · 3171
What do you think about Stroke of Luck, for guaranteeing success on that "big test"? She can recur the Strokes with Resourceful too. — duke_loves_biscuits · 852
@duke_loves_biscuits doesn’t beat the auto-fail — Death by Chocolate · 581
@Django it doesn't work - that book doesn't let to commit 2 cards for any test as long as it is in play, even for that "big test". — KptMarchewa · 1
Do wild skill icons match with any of the other four? The card text is "six matching". — KingsGambit · 11
@KingsGambit in case you're still wondering, yes <span class="icon-wild"></span> cards count toward the total. This is item 1.9 in the FAQ, latest version (V15) is here: — hackesackman · 52
Apparently comments don't use the same syntax as everywhere else, sorry about ^^that :) — hackesackman · 52
I'm not sure if they match or not. The How to Play guide says that "An eligible card bears one or more icons matching the skill type of the test being performed. A wild icon (?) matches all skill types." However, the Skill Test Timing items in the Commit step says "Each other investigator at the same location as the investigator performing the skill test may commit one card with an appropriate skill icon to this test. An appropriate skill icon is either one that matches the skill being tested, or a wild icon. The investigator performing this test gets +1 to his or her skill value during this test for each appropriate skill icon that is committed to this test." I could see it going either way. — Ruduen · 454
Ah, didn't notice the above with the odd formatting. Yep, wilds can be used! — Ruduen · 454
<script>alert("Hello! I am an alert box!!");</script> — plewis · 1
Where do you play this card, in your threat area (description) or in a hand space (icon)? — feripekun · 1