Asset. Hand

Item. Tool.

Cost: 4.
Test Icons:

Uses (3 supplies).

Exhaust Fingerprint Kit and spend 1 supply: Investigate. You get +1 for this investigation. If you succeed, you discover 1 additional clue at your location.

Quintin Gleim
The Circle Undone #24.
Fingerprint Kit

Great card.

A ".45 Automatic for investigation and an interesting way to "nerf" the strongest in the game.

For 4 resources and 4 actions you pick up 6 clues with a +1 bonus. Use it alongside Magnifying glass or instead of it, the compressed number of tests lends extra usefulness to Perception and Unexpected Courage and other cards with intellect icons, also large bonuses like from Fieldwork become that much more impressive. An Ursula Downs with Fieldwork and Fingerprint Kit can blast locations at 7 for double clues, 8 with Milan in play, high difficulty investigate locations aren't too common so a Eureka! would stop the gap just as well as the good doctor would.

Rex Murphy has been the strongest for a while, but giving accessible multi-clue to everyone in the class all of a sudden frees up a lot of space for fresh blood in the spotlight. Ursula Downs can trigger it on her ability, Daisy's long setups are mitigated by the added clue speed. Finn Edwards and Carolyn Fern can also make use of it. Resupply with Venturer or Emergency Cache, yeah, there's a lot of options there.

To say the least, this card is going to shift the way characters are built. Or not. Less investigations means less money from Dr. Milan Christopher. There's an anti-synergy here. I figure there will be new and divergent build paths.

Tsuruki23 258
I think this card will be amazing with the spoiled Mr Rook from the wages of sin and unearth the ancients, because this is the higher costed seeker asset by now tied to milan, and if you had milan, you had no more money problems already. As for Mr rook, he is not that cheep neither and can get you cards to pass this 4 difficulty intellect test — aurchen 1