Ace of Swords
Let Your Arrow Fly True

Asset. Tarot


Cost: 3. XP: 1.

You get +1 .

When the game begins, if Ace of Swords is in your opening hand: Put it into play.

Cut to the heart of the matter.
Chris Peuler
The Circle Undone #23.
Ace of Swords

I like most of the new tarot cards (Ace of Rods being the only exception). Advantages:

  • Provides +1 , which is necessary to deal with enemies that prevent clue gatherers from winning the game
  • Free to play if in opening hand (mulligan increases your chance of drawing it)
  • Does not conflict with existing assets with the new tarot slot
  • Is not an item, so it's immune to many treacheries that target these


  • Second copy is a dead card, as players have only one tarot slot and it has no icons to commit
  • Conflicts with other tarot cards, if the investigator has access to more than one faction at level 1+
  • Ability to play this for free may motivate a player to mulligan important cards, like weapon assets
  • Guardian assets are quite expensive, so 3 ressources can be too much
Django · 1779
The only use of the second copy on your hand could be on Corrosion or Ants!, which would be nice, but that's pretty unlikely. — SGPrometheus · 126
The math probably isn't that different, but I'm thinking I'd be more likely to bring these in a deck that wants to start with a particular economy or boost card where I'm probably going to mulligan 5 anyway as opposed to a squishier synergy deck where I'm hoping to come out with 2 or 3 key assets and my mulligan rules are more flexible. — housh · 54
Maybe this has a home in a Yorrick deck that's running Cornered. — FractalMind · 11