Mr. "Rook"
Dealer in Secrets

Asset. Ally


Cost: 3.
Test Icons:
Health: 2. Sanity: 2.

Uses (3 secrets).

Exhaust Mr. "Rook" and spend 1 secret: Search the top 3, 6, or 9 cards of your deck for any card and draw it. If at least 1 weakness is among the searched cards, draw 1 of them, as well. Shuffle your deck.

"Are you sure you want to know? There is no going back."
Romana Kendelic
The Wages of Sin #153.
Mr. "Rook"

Five cool things about Mr. Rook:

His downside is secretly an upside. You draw your weaknesses for free alongside other cards rather than having to draw them later in place of another card. He grants you a significant amount of control over when you draw your weaknesses.

He is expendable. Unlike a certain professor of entomology, Mr. Rook works quickly. He is two health and sanity worth of soak, and if you spend a secret every turn you are happy to use up that soak two turns after you play him. He doesn't stop you putting other allies in your deck or force you to run Charisma. Which lead on to...

He is great with Calling in Favors. I had a game where I put Mr Rook into play four times and still had Mr Rook in my hand.

When you have nine or fewer cards left in your deck he lets you search the whole thing. It's like he hands you a No Stone Unturned (5) that costs zero at the start of the round.

When you draw a treachery with a skill test he can instantly search your deck for relevant icons. There is a player window in every skill test just before cards are committed.

Here's a bonus sixth thing: If your random weakness is Doomed you will live fast, die young, and start earning experience with your replacement investigator much sooner than you would otherwise.

Spritz · 6
Great review! What's funny is the entire time I was reading it, I was thinking "except if you have Doomed" after just about every point you made. But your bonus sixth thing really made me think... if you drew Doomed, you could burn through the entire cycle quick, and possibly be ready with a new investigator for the second scenario! — cb42 · 15
... when you promptly get doomed for your second 'gator as well. D'oh! — SGPrometheus · 124
@SGPrometheus - You know, I was thinking about that yesterday. If you ended up with it a second time, there'd already be two entries in your campaign log! Do you think it would then only take three draws to bump you off instead of five? — cb42 · 15

Bug card!

If you have already drew all of your weakness, it's a 2-2 ally cost 3 and 0xp but provide 3 search 9 for 1 effect, bug card.

if you still have some weakness in your deck, so what? For my experience, about 80% game I can draw all my weakness.So eventually it's almost same weither you use Rook or not. Is draw weakness early or on a specific time a bad thing? It's right for some weakness like Amnesia. But for most weakness I don't think so, because it means your is controllable, it won't appear on a inappropriate time that bother your crucial plan.

Amarthiul · 1
Been tedting it in a Lola deck (forgotten age) and its been amazing. Even if you hit your weakness you still got a 9 card tutor, drew a card and removed one crisis for 3 resources. First turn i only search 3, then 9 afterwards. Obv doesnt work too well if you are running heavy yellow assets. — Daerthalus · 4
I think this card is really good and even better with calling in favors. I think of it as no stone unturned for 3/6/9 on a stick for three uses. Yes, you will more consistently draw weaknesses, but this adds consistency to seeing more cards and drawing the best option or key card. — Dont Blink · 1