The Necronomicon
John Dee Translation

Asset. Hand. Weakness

Item. Tome.

Cost: –.

Revelation - Put The Necronomicon into play in your threat area, with 3 horror on it. It cannot leave play while it has 1 or more horror on it.

Treat each you reveal on a chaos token as a .

: Move 1 horror from The Necronomicon to Daisy Walker. Then, if The Necronomicon has no horror on it, discard it.

Jesse Mead
Core Set #9.
The Necronomicon
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • If you add this to your hand without drawing (e.g. via Research Librarian), the Revelation ability still triggers.

  • Moving damage or horror is different from 'dealing' or 'taking' damage or horror, so does not trigger effects or allow the player controlling Daisy Walker to reassign the horror.
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Generally speaking, this is probably one of the most forgiving special weakness cards in the game so far. You don't have to take the horror off of it if you don't want to, and let's be honest, how many times do you actually pull that blue token out of the bag anyway? That particular portion can be quite swingy in its effect, I have lost at least one scenario where I drew the blue and then the red token and we lost. But overall I find the worst part of John Dee's Translation to be how it usurps a hand slot. You didn't need that Magnifying Glass, right? Daisy's Tote Bag is insurance against losing that hand slot to The Necronomicon. On a more positive note, it's a much better translation than the Simonomicon or whichever version was in that cabin in the woods that summons a demon horde AND you can use it's ability as a free action thanks to Daisy Walker's special ability.

miggydoh · 54
I usually ignore the Necronomicon. Assuming I have Old Book of Lore or Encyclopedia out in addition to it, forfeiting three free uses of one or the other of those and taking three horror merely to clear the Necronomicon rarely seems worth it. — CaiusDrewart · 1893
It really isn't all that threatening. I never feel pressed to get rid of it either. It's mostly just been a minor nuisance. — miggydoh · 54
It's a bit worse if you're playing on easy/standard where you can often boost your checks enough to succeed on "all but tentacles", where this doubles the risk of failure. That can be bad if you're getting ready to play a high-impact single card such as Deciphered Reality, or the Guiding Stones version of the glyph. I'd consider using a turn to clear it before attempting one of those. — Low_Chance · 4 — BremenRADS · 13
Is this art by Shane M. Tyree or by Jesse Mead? — BremenRADS · 13
How does this interact with Seal of the Elder Sign? It both says “do not reveal” and “treat the symbol revealed” on the text. — krzhang · 4
krzhang I think year later this respond means nothing to you but I belive elder sign is not effected by it since you are not revealing a chaos token and this card specificly says it triggers when you "reveal" — Makaramus · 2
What happens when I draw this card while bout my hands are already full of other cards? Do I have to discard one to make space for the necronomicon? — Neph · 1
@neph yes please, it is the worst part of this weakness — vulinhchelsea · 1
@vulinhchelsea thx for explanation:) — Neph · 1