Item. Clothing. Footwear.

Cost: 3.
Test Icons:

Limit 1 Footwear per investigator.

You get +1 .

After you move, but before enemies at your new location engage you, exhaust Track Shoes: Test (3). If you succeed, move to a connecting location.

Jeff Lee Johnson
The Circle Undone #36.
Track Shoes

Why are there no foot slots? Don't give me that "adding slots requires rules updates" because we added Tarot slots. I was hoping we wouldn't have any examples of incredibly awkward formatting like this, but here we are.

As for this card it's 3 resources for a permanent stat boost, which is fine. What's good about the reaction is that it doesn't care how many enemies are at your destination, or how hard they would be to evade legitimately, you are probably testing +2 to leave them behind.

It's always nice to have stat boosts that aren't in the already hotly contested ally slot.

It also doesn't care if enemies are there. It's a test for a free. Kv — Myriad 543
Move. Damn phone. — Myriad 543
As for the slot issue, I think the devs feel like tarot are a great design space in which they want to iterate further, while footwear are generally not compelling/interesting enough to generate any more cards. — SGPrometheus 110
Yeah, we might end up with three or four footwear cards at the end of the day, but a dozen or more tarot assets. — Carthoris 19