Jenny Barnes
The Dilettante



Willpower: 3. Intellect: 3. Combat: 3. Agility: 3.
Health: 8. Sanity: 7.

You collect 1 additional resource during each upkeep phase.

effect: +1 for each resource you have.

"No more 'Miss Barnes' from you. My friends call me Jenny."
Tony Foti
The Dunwich Legacy #3.
Jenny Barnes

Jenny Barnes - Back


Deck size: 30.

Deckbuilding options: Rogue cards () level 0-5, Neutral cards level 0-5, up to five level 0 cards from any other class.

Deckbuilding requirements (do not count toward deck size): Jenny's Twin .45s, Searching for Izzie, 1 random basic weakness.

Jenny Barnes has spent the majority of her young life in pursuit of creature comforts, fine dining, and the latest fashions. That all changed when she received a letter from her sister, Isabelle. In this letter, Isabelle confessed that mysterious forces were aligning against her and that she feared she may fall victim to some paranormal threat. It was the last letter Jenny received from her beloved sister. Jenny has since returned to the States to track down and investigate all occult occurrences she can find. Hardly a wilting flower, she has proven herself a crack shot as well as a fearless and clever investigator of the unknown. Until Isabelle's disappearance is explained, Jenny will never relent in her search.
Jenny Barnes

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