Enemy. Weakness

Monster. Extradimensional. Tindalos.

Fight: 2. Health: 2. Evade: 3.
Damage: 1. Horror: 1.

Norman Withers deck only. Replacement.

Prey - Norman Withers.

While Vengeful Hounds is engaged with you, you cannot draw or reveal cards via player card effects.

"On those rare occasions when a man escapes the Hounds, he doesn't always stay escaped. Sooner or later, they're apt to come after him." - Richard Lee Byers, Ire of the Void
Reiko Murakami
Books #9.
Vengeful Hound

As far as investigator-specific weaknesses go, Vengeful Hound is relatively mild. I would say it is most like the basic weakness Stubborn Detective in that it effectively blocks out Norman's special ability.

The differences between Vengeful Hound and Stubborn Detective:

Generally speaking, character-specific weaknesses are supposed to be worse than basic weaknesses, so if you get a character-specific weakness that's on par with a basic weakness, that's pretty good. If you compare Vengeful Hound to other character-specific enemy weaknesses like Sacrificial Beast and Graveyard Ghouls, I think it's much milder. In fact, I think even Stubborn Detective is a tougher weakness since it has a harder fight and you really don't want to be evading these types of smaller hunter enemies anyways.

I think this weakness was made weaker because Norman Withers has such low and , but he has plenty of combat options to help him deal with this weakness. Mind over Matter, "I've got a plan!", and Shrivelling can all potentially take down this monster with tests that are base +2 or base +3. That's really not bad. Of course, if it's multiplayer and Norman doesn't have any combat options in his deck for some reason, another investigator can easily dispatch this enemy for him.

I'm not sure what the non-replacement cards for Norman Withers will look like. I think that the other replacement card, Split the Angle, is situational at best. However, I think it is possible people may come back to use these replacement cards even after the main cards are released so that they can continue to use this relatively mild weakness.

Another difference - Vengeful Hound isn't a hunter, so evading it once is enough if you're at a location you don't need to return to. — TheNameWasTaken · 3
Do you think that might have been a misprint? Of all the cards not to be a hunter, you wouldn't expect it to be one with "hound" in the title. — sfarmstrong · 67
I hadn't thought about that, but it would make sense! As far as I can tell, the Hound and Jenny's replacement Sacrificial Beast are the only weakness enemies that aren't hunters (not counting campaign-specific things), and the Beast specifically spawns as far away from Jenny as possible and wants to remain far away, so the lack of hunter makes sense there. Might be worth dropping a line to FFG about that. — TheNameWasTaken · 3
I did get around to writing to FFG about this some time ago and just got a reply - the lack of Hunter on the hounds is intentional. — TheNameWasTaken · 3
Naturally, 'draw or reveal cards via player card effects' is significantly wider than the 'printed text box were blank' effect of Stubbon Detective, which does not affect any card effect other than the investigator cards themselves. — Cluny · 41
I notice the scanned card has "Prey - Norman Withers" while the Arkhamdb text has "Norman Withers only". Is the scan correct? Or has there been an official errata? — Vittek · 1