Insight. Tactic.

Cost: 3.
Test Icons:

Fight. This attack uses . You deal +1 damage for this attack for each clue you have (max +3 damage).

Robert Laskey
The Miskatonic Museum #107.
"I've got a plan!"

Potentially a very powerful card in the right hands. Rex Murphy with Dr. Milan Christopher and Magnifying Glass can attack with a strength of 6 and potential damage of 4 - and for 3 resources this is well worth it.

JoolzG 2
Note that Magnifying Glass only provides its intellect bonus while investigating. Regardless, "I've Got a Plan!" is still a powerful card that fills a gap in Seeker decks. — Herumen 843
Agreed. Unless I have this in hand or Mind Over Matter I usually don't feel comfortable going out on my own, but these two cards can put you at ease and would suggest running at least one of them if not both for the Seekers at the current time of this post; that can always change with new released cards of course. — Bronze 52
Magnifying glass won’t help you much, because you only get the bonus while you are investigating. — Timster76 7