Asset. Ally

Ally. Agency.

Cost: 7. XP: 5.
Test Icons:
Health: 4. Sanity: 4.

Agency Backup may be assigned damage and/or horror dealt to other investigators at your location.

Exhaust Agency Backup and deal 1 damage to it: Deal 1 damage to an enemy at your location.

Exhaust Agency Backup and deal 1 horror to it: Discover 1 clue at your location.

Kyri Koniotou
In the Clutches of Chaos #274.
Agency Backup

Leo Anderson has friends in high places.

  • A touch cheaper (same prices as the other Leo) and actionless if played with Leo's special ability.
  • Or pay in installments, with somebody else Leo hired cheap.
  • Leo's got the bankroll to afford them, thanks to dubious life choices, and a fondness for guns that shoot money.
  • Non-unique, so you can second them to your intern.
  • Versatile. Actionless AND Testless dmg & clues... clues in particular a nice add for Leo's meh booklearnin'.
  • After which they love to be Inspired, which Leo has a habit of doing with his other friends in medium places.

Obviously not showing up early in a campaign, and likely not among your first upgrades.

I roleplay Leo as a cross between Zap Brannigan & L. Ron Hubbard given his employment practices, so I like to think the feds aren't so much showing up as "backup" but rather because they'd "like to ask him a few questions."

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