The Star • XVII
You Have Been Chosen

Asset. Tarot


Cost: 3. XP: 3.

Each asset you control with health gets +1 health.

Each asset you control with sanity gets +1 sanity.

When the game begins, if The Star • XVII is in your opening hand: Put it into play.

Robert Laskey
Return to the Circle Undone #1.
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This card obviously cries out Tommy Muldoon for sure. It might be so obvious actually that it might not even be worth writing this review in the first place. Sure +1 health and sanity is a nice thing for a couple of allies that do something when placing a damage on it like Agency Backup or the good old improved Beat Cop but with Tommy all those allies net up to +2 Becky bullets or cash, so I would say auto include for Tommy. Improves the quality of every asset with health and sanity though, so this works with Key of Ys or Guardian Angel or also Leather Coat and Cherished Keepsake. Since this is a pre-release review, this might change, but otherwise I see some potential using the tarot slot in a new way.

thakaris · 176
what this also does is throw alot of power into the 1 health 1 sanity cards, if you are running star anyway to boost beatcop fine clothes and ward of flesh both look a lot stronger. — Zerogrim · 187

Just finished playing this in Tommy. Alongside Spiritual Resolve and Spirit of Humanity, this card is completely insane. Works great with Guard Dog, Beat Cop (2), basically all of the cards you were already playing. Absolutely 10/10 card.

KasaiAisu · 37
Okay, now I'm confused. You finished playing this with Tommy? You must have played alongside a Mystic using Time Warp as well, since this card hasn't even been released yet! — thakaris · 176
You can always proxy unreleased cards — StyxTBeuford · 12473

I think both other reviews posted right now are accurate but focusing on Tommy Muldoon a bit too much. Obviously, he likes this card a lot. But I think that anyone who has access to the Star should think about running a copy. That doesn't mean they all do, but it hard to argue with the power this brings to the table for .

Let's start with the obvious: Beat Cop, Agency Backup, Guard Dog. All allies that need to take damage/horror to do their thing, now they can go for a bit longer. It is worth mentioning that the Council in Exile made a level 2 Guard Dog that gets even stronger with this card.

On top of that, anything that just soaks now soaks better. Leather Coat? You got it. Cherished Keepsake same thing. But if you like to play to protect your squishy teammates, True Grit and Something Worth Fighting For get better too. And lets not forget Brother Xavier and Tetsuo Mori.

The other tarot slot card in is Ace of Swords, I haven't seen in played much because boosting can be done in easier ways. I do think the 3 cost is real, and multiple copies are bad without Anna Kaslow or Moon Pendant. Still, getting to put one down early is probably going to give you another 5 or 6 soak over the course of a scenario. Put a Charisma in to get out as many allies as you can, and go nuts.

wern212 · 141
oh dude, this with L2 guard dog *drool* good call — Zinjanthropus · 162

Best card for Tommy. The cost of most absorber is "health + sanith - 1". Thus, Tommy's ability actually gives net 0~1 resources. In this reason, Tommy needs another money sources, or cheap absorbers such as Cherished Keepsake, Leather Coat, Madame Labranche. However, The Star • XVII gives +1 health/sanity. It means that your absorber gives 2 more resources. Whenever you defeats your absorber, you can earn 3~4 resources. This is almost Emergency Cache. How is wonderful?

However, here is another problem. It's more hard to defeat your asset. It means the resource payback is delayed, and signature weakness is more critical. How to take damage/horror?

  • Spirit of Humanity: 1 damage/horror + 2 .
  • Solemn Vow: heal 1 damage or horror of another investigator's any controlled card.
  • Purifying Corruption: draw encounter -> (if non-surge treachery) cancel + 1 damage/horror + place 1 corruption -> remove 1 corruption [NET] 1 damage/horror only.

Don't forget Purifying Corruption don't require exhaust cost; this help you to take damage and horror what you want in one turn, due to The Red-Gloved Man.

elkeinkrad · 151