Item. Relic. Occult. Blessed.

Cost: 2. XP: 3.
Test Icons:

Limit 1 per deck.

When you play a copy of Soothing Melody: Either change each "2" on it to a "3," or shuffle it into your deck instead of discarding it.

Forced - After Hallowed Mirror enter play: Search your bonded cards for 3 copies of Soothing Melody. Add 1 to your hand and shuffle the other 2 into your deck.

John Pacer
Return to the Circle Undone #2.
Hallowed Mirror

One key difference between this card and the base card that hasn't been touched on...

When the level 0 version leaves play, it takes soothing melodies with it and you can't get them back for the rest of the scenario (removed from game). As such the level 0 version has slot pressure on it for other good Guardian cards.

This text however is absent on this card, meaning once it leaves play your melodies stay, albeit they're the downgraded version of the spell. This removes slot pressure without having to take relic hunter, which further increases the versatility of this card.

drjones87 · 151

Absolutely fantastic card for Carolyn Fern. Carolyn can good value out of even subpar healing cards and loves Hallowed Mirror (0). Hallowed Mirror (3), however, seems custom-designed to annihilate Carolyn's weakness. Rational Thought is a nasty weakness that makes Carolyn useless at her primary purpose. Now, with Hallowed Mirror (3), if we have her signature Hypnotic Therapy in play, we can clear her weakness in 1 single turn by healing a mind-blowing four horror in a single turn. That is just spectacular. It is also fantastic if you are playing with her book strength/weakness. Foolishness is a great asset, but starts with 3 horror that must be healed before he's much use to you. That's one Soothing Melody - one action to get Carolyn her personal Crystalline Elder Sign. It's also great protection for her Black Wind weakness as well, as it makes you a much more reliable horror-healer.

Finally, let's consider that Soothing Melody's effect can be split between investigators/allies. Carolyn can (with hypnotic therapy), split the effect between herself and allies, to heal the team of 4 horror and earn the team 4 resources, all in 1 single round! Better yet, if there is currently only 3 horror out there to be healed, Carolyn can heal 3, earn 3 resources, and then reshuffle the card for later use.

And for one more bonus: this new Hallowed Mirror (3) does not cause Soothing Melodies to leave your deck when it does, so if something destroys the mirror, rest easy knowing your melodies are no longer vulnerable.

The versatility of this new hallowed mirror for Carolyn cannot be overstated and I see it becoming a staple upgrade for Carolyn decks.

Achire · 447
I actually don’t think this is necessarily a staple for Carolyn, and that’s only because there are a lot of ways for Carolyn to build. She could use that accessory slot for St Hubert’s Key to supplement her other roles, while using Peter Sylvestre and Solemn Vow to generate resources for herself instead of others. Something like HM 3 will keep your team sane forever, but its usefulness only lasts as long as there’s something to heal. Bigger groups, absolutely a great take for her. Smaller groups, feels a bit luxury. Who I really love this for is fighty Guardians as both self preservation and as a way for them to flex into support. Imo this upgrade is a staple for Mark more than anyone else. — StyxTBeuford · 12879

This is great in a draw heavy Mark Harrington deck. You're able to constantly use your self dmg for +2 ability and continually reap the heal from this. It's built in draw + your ability to to draw in several rounds makes this a priority upgrade for Mark when I play. It might even be the only heal he needs when paired with some soak from allies. I used to spend 5 xp on Spirtual Guidance as an early priority but that xp might be better used on earlier guns now.

Tacomental · 21

Hallowed Mirror (0) is perhaps the best healing option in the game right now, especially for guardians. I take this in most decks that can support it, including as a Dunwich splash. It takes up the accessory slot so there isn’t a lot of competition for it in a primary guardian. The level 0 is a guaranteed two healing for one action with the possibility of four more. But now, HM(3) reshuffles Soothing Melody it into the deck, increasing its consistency. At 3 XP, I think it’s a steal; it could easily have justified 4.

togetic271 · 4
Looks insane for parallel Agnes. — SGPrometheus · 723

If the Hallowed Mirror is in my play area all the game, after I used soothing melody, do these melodies go into my discard pile? can I use some cards to get soothing melody to my hand and re-usa again? Or after I used soothing melody and they are just out of game

BoomEzreal · 8
They go to the discard pile like any other card unless you choose to shuffle them into your as part of the effect. If they removed from the game they would specify. The level 0 version does remove them from the game, but only if the mirror itself leaves play, but that text isn't on the levelled version. — SSW · 202