Asset. Body

Item. Armor.

Cost: 0.

Health: 2. Sanity: –.
The coat was not the most fashionable choice, but it did feel warm and reassuring in its bulk.
Andreia Ugrai
Core Set #72.
Leather Coat


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The leather coat is the current state-of-the-art proactive damage prevention tool! As a survivor character, i would pack one every time i go out adventuring. The inclusion is harder to justify for other factions as they miss the opportunity to recycle old coats.


  • Leather Coat uses a body slot, only two other cards, Bulletproof Vest, Fine Clothes, compete for this slot.
  • Phenomenal install cost. It's a handy throw-away card if you are hit by events which force you to throw assets away. I would argue further that a second copy in your deck is never a dead draw.
  • Combines well with Scavenging
  • Great click compression, compared to other heal tools like Emergency Aid, First Aid, Medical Texts and Painkillers. Guardians more likely use Dodge to avoid 2 damage.


  • Protects the wearer only.
  • Should be played before enemies appear, during a fight it's useless.
  • Don't waste it to boost skill tests.
Synisill · 784
If you're using scavening, you CAN use this card to boost combat tests as well as wendy or ashcan's ability. When discarded by damage, you can even play it again, if you scavenge successfully. — Django · 4879
It's all about Yorick and Survival Knife, Baby. Toss in other soak, and kablamo -- free actions. — crymoricus · 233