Cost: 1.
Test Icons:

Fast. Play when an enemy attacks an investigator at your location.

Cancel that attack.

Dane Cozens
Core Set #23.
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Dodge can cancel any type of enemy attack: a normal attack during the Enemy phase, an attack of opportunity, or a Retaliate attack.

  • If the attacking enemy has a Forced ability that says "When attacks" or "After attacks", that ability does not trigger if an attack is Dodged.

  • When a Massive enemy attacks each investigator in its location, Dodge will cancel only one of these attacks, not all of them.

  • If an attack was cancelled during the Enemy phase, the attacking enemy still exhausts.
Last updated

Update after the release of Path To Carcosa:

Dodge is such a great card, why did nobody bother to write a review about it yet? I fancy that stressing it's obvious power must sound moronic, and no one wants to read what he/she already knows.

So i will just put other cards with the same effect from the other factions into advisement, none of them reaching Dodge's potential:

  1. Mystics have Hypnotic Gaze in faction - but the play cost is higher.
  2. Rogues have Suggestion - which has a steep aquisition cost of 4xp and does not work against Elite threats, neither can you protect other investigators with it.
  3. Survivors can buy Infighting - the aquisition cost of 3xp is crazy for an event, which does not at least protect against Elite threats, neither can you protect other investigators with it.
  4. Seekers have the Disc of Itzamna - it does not cancel the attack, but the effect is similiar, Seekers can stay at the same location while circumventing the attack. Higher play cost of 3 and 2xp, too.


  • Dodge is a fast action to cancel any single attack (damage and horror) without a skill check.
  • It can be used to save other investigators at your location.
  • Works against all sizes of attackers (Elite, Massive).
  • The investigator stays at the same location, usually saving a lot of actions he would spend if he evaded and returned later.
  • Special mention of Yorick, when drawing the elder sign from the bag, he can retrieve Dodge from the discard pile.


  • One-time effect. Make it worthwile!
  • Does not combine with I've had worse.
Synisill · 727
Shortcut's not really an apt comparison, as it won't cancel an attack or disengage the investigator from an enemy engaged with him/her. An engaged enemy, will follow the investigator through the shortcut. It just won't get an attack of opportunity, since Shortcut is Fast. — Herumen · 1494
Thank you, Herumen, i edited my review accordingly! — Synisill · 727
yeah, Dodge is a really good card, especially considering that guardians usually can't evade enemies (also it's actionless, unlike an evade). i have never been disappointed that i took this. — Zinjanthropus · 157