Cost: –. XP: 3.

Permanent. Exceptional.

Before you draw your opening hand: Search your deck for up to 3 different Tactic and/or Supply events, and attach them to Stick to the Plan. Shuffle your deck.

Cards attached to Stick to the Plan may be played as if they were in your hand. As an additional cost to play an attached card, exhaust Stick to the Plan.

Stanislav Dikolenko
Black Stars Rise #264.
Stick to the Plan

Like most Permanents, Stick to the Plan is really good. It basically says you start the game with three extra good cards in your hand. What's more, you can choose cards to let you consistently execute specific strategies. Here are some possibilities for our three Guardians (not all of these cards are legal for all of them):

Prepared for the Worst: If you put this under Stick to the Plan, you're vastly reducing the chance you'll be stuck without a weapon.

Emergency Cache, Ever Vigilant: These cards are very powerful on turn 1 as they let you set up far faster. Now you can start with one (or both) every game. Ever Vigilant, in particular, is a gamechanger for asset-heavy Guardian decks. Guardians have (except for Zoey) hitherto struggled to pay for all their powerful, expensive assets; with Stick to the Plan I think those struggles are mostly a thing of the past.

Extra Ammunition: Starting with this is a huge boon to any investigator who's running a Lightning Gun or Shotgun deck, since it basically doubles the power of those (already very powerful) cards. Goes well with the two options above, since Prepared for the Worst will help you find your gun and an economy card will help you afford it. Then you can load it up. Zoey could even take Contraband for even more ammo, theoretically. You can fetch the upcoming "Eat lead!" to complement your Extra Ammunition, too, if you want.

Shortcut: The upgraded Shortcut just dominates certain maps, especially those with a central nexus location you have to travel through repeatedly. With this Roland can always get the upgraded Shortcut down on turn 1.

Elusive, Dynamite Blast: These are really powerful but slightly situational events, and they're pretty nice things to have in your back pocket. If you have foreknowledge of the scenario, you might know in advance if one of them is going to be needed.

6 XP is a lot, but I think this card offers so much power and consistency to a deck that most Guardians will want to pick it up sooner rather than later.

Not sure how to report it, but the card is incorrectly showing up in the deck and counting towards deck size, despite it being a permanent. Also, due to timing, it doesn't look like Lola could trigger this since she won't be in any role at the time this would trigger. — slothgodfather 7
Note that Stick to the Plan exhausts to use one of the hosted cards, so you cannot Emergency Cache + Ever Vigilant turn 1. — Barif 7
You can do Emergency Cache plus Ever Vigilant if you buy 2 copies of Stick to the Plan and attach those cards to different copies. — timzania 3
You cannot bui 2 copies of Stick to The Plan because it's an Exceptionnal Card ! Only one by deck per the Rule — halrik 1
Good write-up. Thank you for listing the cards it can fetch. — Ohnomycoco 7
Now thats a darn good plan! Zoey with her plan. Lighting gun + ammo + contraband. 12 ammo of pure UNLIMITED POWER! — Euruzilys 7

Re: Lola and this card, confirmed from Fantasy Flight rules enquiries: "...though Lola technically has access to Stick to the Plan, at the time its ability would be triggered, she has not yet chosen a starting role and therefore cannot trigger the ability on Stick to the Plan (rendering it rather useless for her). Matthew Newman."

Cluny 32

Here's a handy link to a search of all the plans that can be stuck with:

Enjoy your plans. Plans are good. Plans are nice. I like plans. Am I over 200 characters yet?

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