Cost: 0. XP: 1.
Test Icons:

One at a time, play up to 3 assets from your hand, reducing the resource cost of each by 1.

He had to give Logan credit:
the man knew how to gear up for Armageddon.
Mauro Dal Bo
The Path to Carcosa #23.
Ever Vigilant

I really like this card, although it really isn't for every deck.

This card plays well in decks that run about 1/3rd of their deck as asset cards and plays best with a mix of semi-permanent cards (like the machete) next to cards that are designed to get used (lantern/beat cop/knife).

It also alleviates the classic problem of the core set talents, in that it almost entirely negates the tempo hit for playing them out.

Its also good in investigators with draw (Mark).

It has synergy with Laboratory Assistant (play it first, draw two cards. Then play a few other cards).

Late game this card can be pitched to an investigate or parley test.

Really, my only problem with this card is that Guardian builds right now do not have all that many assets that are "expendable". Most guardian builds are expensive and use minimal actions to set up a weapon, an ally and maybe some other asset to help. In this classic build, you are pressed for time for anything else. Ever Vigilant gets you additional gear when you have those spare turns with an action but no idea what to play.

Watch this space. This card will certainly become more useful as guardians (and other classes) continue to gain new assets.

Myriad · 645
Also worth noting that with the release of "Stick to the Plan", this card has become much stronger as it can now be guaranteed to be present in an opening hand. It also has great synergy with a Charisma deck that runs many expendable allies (such as Roland or perhaps Yorick). — Low_Chance · 4

Note that if you're playing Lola this does not allow you to play non-guardian cards while you are guardian. You can play this card, and it can even target non-guardian assets, but since it makes you play them it doesn't work. This is different from Sleight of Hand.

Sechen · 47
Just got through testing this card in a Yorrick deck on Midnight Masks (twice) and Curse of the Rougarou. What an immense difference this thing makes if it's in your opening hand. Sick setup. I really like it. — crymoricus · 179