Cost: 1.
Test Icons:

Search the top 9 cards of your deck for a Weapon asset and add it to your hand. Shuffle your deck.

Robert Laskey
Blood on the Altar #184.
Prepared for the Worst

Cool card. Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You have a .45 Automatic on hand and draw into a Knife or another .45 Automatic or a Machete, you got plenty of munition (perhaps thanks to Extra Ammunition and this card is just a single token trash card that sits in your hand until you can finally dump it on that one test.

Enter: This card. Now you can cut out on 2 of those weapon cards and stand a greater chance of fielding the exact weapon you want AND, this card has 2 useful tokens! The starkly different and tokens are very rarely SIMULTANEOUSLY useless. That is why this card is strong, it lets the discerning combat character lean into their role without gimping their ability to contribute Clues to the agenda.

The only reason this isn't auto-take is it's play cost, a 1 resource cost can be the difference in setting you back a full turn of getting out your main weapon.

Tsuruki23 245
I agree! And it's gets even better when you start upgrading to Xp-cost weapons. Need that single lightning gun in your deck This card will help you find it! <3 — olahren 271
When you wanted to ensure you drew into a weapon early in game back in the core set days, one would stuff his/her deck with 6 weapons. Half of them made you cry when you actually drew them, since you dont want to draw that crappy knife, you want the Machete. With Prepared for the worst you get the stuff you want, be that with an extra action use and an extra resource cost. — Heyenzzz 1203
Must-include with lightning gun or flamethrower build -- no way around it (unless you want to gimp your deck). — crymoricus 161