Pact. Cursed.

Cost: 0.
Test Icons:

As an additional cost to play Faustian Bargain, add 2 tokens to the chaos bag.

Investigators at your location gain a total of 5 resources, distributed as you wish.

Felicia Cano
The Innsmouth Conspiracy #28.
Faustian Bargain

I really like this card. I've tried it in Wini through TCU this week -- it's been great.

2 -2 tokens are not really very much to someone who plans to overcommit anyway, and sating her thirst for resources is really nice. It's an extra Cache (but better!) and given her signature weakness you could even try and sag a test tactically if the opportunity comes along on a WP treachery etc.

The fact it comes with WP and Int icons is even better, though at 0 cost I can't imagine not playing this except in a pinch.

fiatluxia · 13
I think I like this a lot for poor Preston builds that try and spend all their resources every turn. A big issue with those decks is mitigating Lodge Debts, but this essentially kills Lodge Debts for you, as you use the 1 resource you gain at the end of a round +4 onto Inheritance, and this gets you the last 5. — StyxTBeuford · 12467

I am excited to try this card in a Dark Horse deck. It is another event that can get you up from 0 to a lot at the start of the turn, to then be able to play some important assets or dump money into a Fire Axe or the new Mariner's Compass.

Cpt_nice · 25
A nice feature of this card in such a build is that you can choose exactly how many resources you get, and can give the rest away to another player, making it that much easier to get back down to zero. — Trinity_ · 173