Ceremonial Sickle

Unless you have some kind of huge rube goldberg combo costing a million XP, this thing is a giant trap.

On one hand, a 3 cost weapon that can get you +4 to hit is great. Where the problem starts is that it only deals 2 damage and exhausts itself. 2 damage is not enough. There are somewhere around 100 enemies in the game with 2 or fewer health, and that number includes swarms and bosses that get +X per investigator health that I can't be bothered to count, because there are around 250 enemies in the game with 3 or more health.

An investigator dedicated to fighting needs to be able to deal at least 3 damage per round, full stop.

The best case scenario for the sickle is to deal 2 damage, evade the enemy, then finish it off next round with the secondary ability to clear the doom. For four xp you're doing in three actions, with three tests, across two rounds, what any other weapon/spell could do in 2 or less. All that 4xp gets you is an unnecessarily huge bonus on the first of your three tests, and it still requires outside boosts to seal the deal.

There are two cards that make the sickle work, and they're both expensive. The first is Elle Rubash, who makes sitting on the doom while you wait for the second attack less dangerous, and gives a small but appreciated bonus to make the secondary attack actually connect. If you dual-wield them you even have a relatively stable combo... for a bank-breaking 10xp minimum. The elephant in the room is that, if you're running Elle, Abyssal Tome does what the sickle does at half the cost. It lacks the extra boost for the first attack, but makes up for it with the ability to boost the damage output when you really need to. Unlike the sickle, it is appropriately costed for the limitations involved.

The second option is to spend a whopping six more xp on Sin-Eater. Sin Eater lets you double tap the sickle in a given turn, and gives an option to clear doom that doesn't involve using the terrible secondary ability. It's pretty good, as should be expected for a 10xp combo... ignoring the caveat that you can't use it at all in the last three rounds of any agenda. I wouldn't spend 10xp on a combo that still regularly requires a Moonlight Ritual, but you do you I guess.

The sickle is just worse in every way that matters compared to the Enchanted Blade, a card which already doesn't get much play because it's not a spell. It is laughably worse than every other 4xp weapon or spell. The only investigator in the game that would want to take the sickle over something else can't, because it's 4xp. You could argue it's less useful than a Kukri, a level 0 weapon which is cheaper, more flexible, and doesn't add doom to the field, and kukri is the worst card in the game.

CombStranger · 204
I think you missed the fact that you still can trigger abilities on cards that are exhausted. So you can do 3 damage in 2 actions, not 3 across two rounds. Despite that, I still agree that this is definitely overcosted XP wise. — Nenananas · 228

This weakness would wreck a havoc on Patrice Hathaway. She can cycle through her deck twice per scenario! In only 2 or 3 scenarios, she'd be killed. Of course, you could try Short Supply and Scrying and such to help, but you can only do so much...

suds · 1
She is quite literally, doomed — Nenananas · 228
this is when you put all your XP into Exile cards — Zerogrim · 266
Sleight of Hand

I'm not clear what the intent of the latest Taboo is on this one.

I can see it restricts the items you can deploy to level 0-3.

Does it also cancel the "At the end of your turn" effect? Or just restrict the items you can deploy?

If it cancels the return, that seems to be 9/10ths of the value of the card gone?

Seems like they forgot to add the ellipsis here... It's just the first part that gets replaced, like with Milan. — Nenananas · 228
If you're confused about the full sentence about the tabooed card, I think, it's good to check Printable Taboo Card from FFG site here: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/arkham-horror-the-card-game/. — elkeinkrad · 428
Logical Reasoning

I think I like this card most in Joe Diamond (main deck, not hunch deck) as a replacement for Guts, because it's multi-use:

  • Commit to a test
  • Then put it in the hunch deck by defeating an enemy with Detective's Colt 1911s or drawing an
  • Reveal it from the hunch deck later and:
    • If you need it (either because he's taken horror or you've gotten a bad Terror) - play it for only an action (-2 resources from hunch deck and it doesn't really cost you a card because it doesn't come from your hand).
    • If you don't need it - let it get reshuffled back into the hunch deck to use later when you might need it!

I've been running Joe as a 19XP Standalone Deck (because his signature weakness doesn't matter in standalone) and this card has been better than expected because of its multiple uses.


Quite long time since the last review, I got my Fence from new format The Forgotten Age Investigator Expansion and would like to review it for small collection. Card must be already Fast to get -1 cost, so assuming you only have TFA and R.Core, you only have Finn's Trusty .38 (OK) and Switchblade (not so good) that can get the -1 cost. Most Fence value would focus on gaining Fast.

Revised Core Set era players would have Illicit card pool jumpstarted by 2x Lockpicks (1) and 2x .41 Derringer (2). For Lockpicks you maybe able to sneak in the exhaust Investigate before you run out of actions in the same turn you play it. For .41 Derringer (2) a Rogue that could also investigate may delay playing the gun, and instead use actions to investigate nonstop until after you get an enemy, then you play the gun skipping AoO to deal with it. From my experience, not having to gear up ahead of time like a Guardian and just get to work results in much better scenario tempo, fitting for flex class like Rogue. (If you are not getting enemies, then you are ahead since you didn't pre-play the gun.) And gearing up after you got a spawn not only skips AoO but saves an action, so you have 3 actions to shoot it like those who geared up early.

Holding an Asset on hand until the last moment also allow using resources reserved to play it to use other Event cards on your hand instead. You will have a lot of answers on your hand.

Draw cards like Pickpocketing / Lucky Cigarette Case mixes well with gaining Fast, you can focus on hoarding Illicit cards ready on hand without playing them then you get a lot of choices to choose from when situation comes.

Then you have the classic Illicit Talent Burglary and Pickpocketing. Burglary gaining Fast reduce number of usage count to break even, but it is not a commonly used card. Pickpocketing gaining Fast is actually quite interesting (the Lv.2 version has Fast officially so it must be interesting) as you can wait playing it when there is no easy to Evade enemy yet, similarly to Fast guns, so you don't have to sink an action ahead of time and just work on clues, etc. There is also synergy of Pickpocketing drawing up Illicit guns while you are in the heat of battle (where your drip upkeep resource starts piling up but you have no moment to spend them on assets), then you can gear up with Fence and continue fighting with more ammo.

For Dunwich owners you have Fast Contraband that can add ammo ignoring AoO, or Fast Chicago Typewriter which left you with more actions to improve accuracy in the same turn you play it. Fast 2-handed weapon is interesting as you maybe working with something like Flashlight and it is not out of use yet, but you fear you won't be ready for enemy so you need to play it ahead of time bumping the one handed assets away. Then if nothing comes you are stuck holding clunky weapon and became slower in getting clues. Fast weapon fixes all these kind of problems.

Playing Fence itself is a pre-investment that set you back 3 resources and an action so you should spend 2 XP to get 2 copies for mulligan. If even so it comes 5+ rounds later, commit it might be a better idea.

5argon · 4467
Remember also that fence can make second fence fast, and having two fences can make cards like pickpocketing fast *and* -1 cost — NarkasisBroon · 10
I don't get the point why you should wait to play a Derringer until an enemy appears. Since you can play it as a fast action with fence there is no delay of other activities. You should better try to use fence every round since it also exhausts. — Tharzax · 1
@Tharzax Resources you reserved for the fencing the gun in can be used for other Event cards with cost in your hand. For example if you have both Slip Away (Event) and Derringer (Asset) on your hand plus Fence, you have answers for both low combat and low agility enemy spawning on you within 3 resources. (i.e. It adds reactionary nature to Asset, to be similar to Event) — 5argon · 4467