Sefina Rousseau

If anyone is looking for a bigger version of Sefinas picture in 1024x1024.

Very clever, having a painter draw a painter. Maybe she's also...

crayne · 2
Tetsuo Mori

This card is just going to be crazy with Tommy Muldon!

Tetsuo gets defeated, Tommy gets 2 to 4 resources, Tetsuo gets reshuffled into Tomm'ys deck, and Tommy gets to pick an asset like his signature gun from his discard pile or deck with a bit of luck? And a level 0 card!?

Oh, and I should add that it's better than Something Worth Fighting For or True Grit as it can soak up to 4 damage/horror for a cost of 3 (dealt to other investigators as well).

Next taboo list?

Ezhaeu · 19
It’s a good card, not all good cards should be tabood. Tetsuo is great but his effect is slower than Prepared for the Worst and he doesn’t have built in boosts. I think he’s very good but not broken. — StyxTBeuford · 632
He won't be in every deck. He might be an interesting option with anyone who has seeker access for a double dip of search with Mr Rook. — Myriad · 651
Yeah, Tetsuo's biggest drawback is that he has to be defeated to get his full benefits, and that's not always feasible (or wise). He really needs other combo pieces to reach his true potential. — pneuma08 · 21
I played him in 1st TFA with skill based tommy. Testuo died like 4 times, reloading Becky and returning 2 items from discard thanks to Mandy — Django · 2156

Mark Harrigan able to use it because it's tactic card too. When use along with Evidence! after defeat it. He got 3 clues as total.

Also you can youe Scene of the Crime before this card to get 4 clues instead.

However, it initiated the test so you can use Double or Nothing to get 4 clue if success too. That can use Momentum to make it really easy.

AquaDrehz · 3
Thats a lot of resources you’re asking from Mark, who isnt exactly flush with cash. — StyxTBeuford · 632
Cheap Shot

I intially underrated this card while focusing on 1 damage part. And by underrated, I considered it unplayable. The one damage isn't very impressive especially if you have an investigator that has several weapons in their deck. But if you are running a more Seeker style Rogue (no/few weapons) getting a very likely point of damage and an evasion in one action is pretty good.

My latest Jenny deck (Seeker style) didn't include any weapons though and the one damage was more valuable and Cheap Shot also increased her chance (usually by +1) at evasion if she hadn't gotten many assets into play to buff her agility. Cheap Shot allowed Jenny to chip away at enemies health or outright kill them with the Alice Luxley or Sneak Attack combo. Leo Anderson still did most of the killing in the campaign but evasion Jenny held her own and didn't require a full-time chaperone.

I think this would also work well for "Skids" O'Toole especially since he could combo Vicious Blow with it. It is less useful in a Finn Edwards deck since it doesn't combo with his free evade action. Rita Young is a pretty good option since it combos with her evasion damage ability although I am still not certain it would make it into her deck or stay in the deck beyond a scenario or two.

It still isn't a great card but if someone runs a mostly weaponless deck then it has a solid niche use for a few investigators.

TWWaterfalls · 201
Stick to the Plan

One of the absolute best things Tommy can stick to the plan at the moment is a flare.

If you manage to flare an agency backup into play early, you are set for quite some time.

But with enough targets in your deck, you aren't going to be disappointed to flare into play a beatcop or brother xavier.

pm86 · 6
Better: get 2 agencies with flare and Mandy — Django · 2156