Forbidden Tome

As written you can heal your friends with this, since it only specifies that you're moving damage from "a player card at your location". This includes damage on your friends and their assets. Team up with a friend on Beat Cop (2) and start shooting down 2 HP enemies without taking a test, or healing best friend Mark Harrigan so he can draw more cards and boost his skill value further; all while helping kill enemies and not taking any skill tests.

Definitely consider Shrewd Analysis if you're running these books; Secrets Revealed is very good action compression if you can get to 12 cards, but at 8 it's action neutral if you move (which is worth it to avoid taking a test). This one though is up there for one of the best health healing cards in the game because it does something proactive when you do it. Most healing is very reactive and therefore doesn't help you win a scenario if you would not otherwise be defeated.

Swekyde · 41

I have found (that I was wrong) that this card works pretty well with lockpic. Investigate with with feet and use Nimble to move after successfully clearing the location.

Using it in a Winifred deck with lockpic gave me a Ursula in reverse feel. But as most have pointed out. You rarely use more than one move.

Unfortunately, you can't commit Nimble to Lockpicks as it is an Intellect check, not an Agility check. However, I had similar succes as you described with Pilfer. — Nenananas · 21
Sorry to be the spoilsport, but you cannot commit this to a lockpic-check, as you can only commit lore-icons to lore-checks and nimble does not have a lore-icon. — trazoM · 7
Sadly, you can't actually commit agility icons to Lockpicks because it's still a intellect test. Agility is just added to intellect. Otherwise that would make this skill much better than it is. — Zinjanthropus · 90
However, you CAN commit this to a Pilfer or Backstab test, so keep that in mind. — StyxTBeuford · 2080
True, or an agility treachery — Zinjanthropus · 90
Voice of Ra

With most chaos bags, this has a reasonable chance of being Emergency Cache. With Jacqueline Fine, Olive McBride, Dark Prophecy, and/or either of the Grotesque Statues, you can have increasingly good odds of netting 7, which is a very good resource swing. This is one of the very few cards where you want to see a . Probably mostly for Jacqueline decks, but Chaos Bag Jim might like this, too.

Even better if Jacqueline has Dark Future out! — toastsushi · 62
Yea but do you really want to spend all those cards and resources just to gain 3 or so resources? I don't know. I like the idea behind Voice of Ra, but the jury is out how useful it's going to be. — LaRoix · 147
I think for Jackie this simply replaces Emergency Cache, especially if you've got your ability up (or arbiter of fates). Anyone running Olive probably prefers it too, but beyond those cases it's probably worse/even. — SGPrometheus · 250
On average it's going to be at least Emergency Cache. If you haven't had a reason to use your ability or Olive that turn, it'll become much better that E Cache, at the cost of very rarely whiffing. It's definitely worth it imo over Uncage the Soul or E Cache. — StyxTBeuford · 2080
So I guess in order to match E Cache, you'd have to draw 3 symbol tokens, at which point there are 3 less symbol tokens in the bag. so yea, you'd have to draw more tokens with Jacq and Olive, but at some point you will run out. Also the Elder Sign will not help you (though Jim can make it a Skull and Jacq can benefit from canceling it). Those points alone elevate the card quite a bit because you're basically forcing a pain-free skill test and who knows what else you might activate in combination. Eldrich Inspiration? Jewel of Aureolus? Of course, if I have all that up, what do I need the resources for? — LaRoix · 147
To match E Cache you have to just pull one token. It’s 1 resource by default and 2 per symbol. — StyxTBeuford · 2080
Also, easily missed point, neither E Cache or Unage are spells- this is. Arcane Initiate can grab it. So even non Olive builds benefit from it imo. — StyxTBeuford · 2080
Also, it has a Will pip, so unlike Ecache, it is still useful if you already have enough resources. — Death by Chocolate · 56
Replacement Emergency Caches are one great thing that has come out of the Starter decks. Not only are they more interesting but there are some deck builds that need more than 2x ECache at the start of the campaign and now there is the option for that. And these have little benefits like this one having the Spell trait. — TWWaterfalls · 539
So I need to admit something super embarrassing, but I played this card thinking I'd get only 1 resource for each token - that's it. So I used Jacq's ability to draw 3 (instead of 5) and didn't get any symbols. Then I felt justified in thinking this card was terrible. Dang, I must be getting old. But that aside, yea, since you get 1 resource and 3 tokens, odds are pretty decent you'll get at least one symbol and notch the missing 2 resources that an E Cache would have given you. So... yeah, this card's pretty decent... and I need to read the freaking text on the cards instead of spacing lol. — LaRoix · 147
How this card interacts with [Eldritch Inspiration](/card/05033)? For example, if I revealed 2 skull symbols and used Eldritch Inspiration, how many resources it gives at total? — error · 3
[Eldritch Inspiration](/card/05033) does not interacts with this card, because this card does not contain any word "when", "if", or "after". — elkeinkrad · 13
Familiar Spirit

Another entry in the "Mystics turn all slots into Arcane slots," this is a cheap, fragile way to get an extra spell into your rig.

What can't it hold? Empower Self, Empower Self, Empower Self (either singly or as a set); Enchanted Blade, Enchanted Blade (3), or Enchanted Blade (3); or Mind's Eye Since it's a level 0 Mystic, the Familiar can get around and refuse to hold: Arcane Enlightenment, Borrowed Time, Double, Double, Dream-Enhancing Serum, Farsight, Flesh Ward, Haste, Rite of Sanctification, or Spiritual Resolve. This cat is sort of finicky.

The Familiar is cheap, it plays into a low-resource deck that wants to pay for spells with Robes of Endless Night and Shining Trapezohedron. It is also Fragile, easy prey for Ally-sniping Treacheries or Location effects. It occupies the hotly-contested Ally slot, but a low-resource deck can get by without David Renfield, so maybe that slot became a little less contested. It might help keep a Sixth Sense or other spell available while your own Arcane slots are full of Mind's Eye.

I personally think this card is just terrible. Ally slots are way more contested than Arcane, and I would much sooner play Sign Magik over this (which I already rarely do). Initiate, Olive, and David are all just so much better. — StyxTBeuford · 2080
Imagine a Body Arcane skit, though. What would that be like? — LivefromBenefitSt · 92
Eh, probably still a fair step worse than Robe. The reality is that arcane slots are not really needed outside of very specific builds, like Seal. — StyxTBeuford · 2080
I don't know, I think this card is pretty awesome. It's a cheap way to get an extra arcane slot, which in multiplayer is incredibly useful if you're doing token sealing or you want something like mind's eye. It's cheap so I would actually play it in a deck with a bunch of expensive spells. It's also a little soak which is good for when you've spent all your charges. FS is not meant to sit on the table the whole game. Also, just get charisma if you want another ally. Mystics have good allies, but they still don't have THAT many to choose from that it isn't rare for me to be waiting for them to show up during a game. — LaRoix · 147
Ineffable Truth

Completing the "Good Token" trinity, we have a replacement for Mists of R'lyeh. It

  • costs 1 more
  • has 1 less charge
  • doesn't give you a free move
  • does a point of damage
  • costs you a resource instead of a card if you draw the wrong token

Losing a resource instead of a card is a definite plus, the extra cost and lost charge a definite minus. Whether the move or damage is better depends too much on play style, enemy, and scenario. Mists can help you escape a bad enemy (if there is a safe space to move to) , Truth can help set you up for a 3-Health kill with a single attack charge same turn or next. Or a 4-Health kill if you are Agnes with a Meat Cleaver and a bit of combat boost. Or it could accidently kill of Vengeance enemy you would have preferred to just Evade. Let's call it a wash.

Otherwise, most of the comments Ruduen made under Azure Flame apply here -- at lower bag difficulties and earlier in a campaign Mists is favored, higher and later, Truth is less likely to hit bad tokens. If you have a Crystalline Elder Sign or 2, maybe there are no tokens that can trigger the negative side of the card.

I'm liking this new design space. It's not that the new set are better than the old set, they just hit slightly differently, and that gives some room for deck design that is a lot more nuanced and tailored to individual campaigns and scenarios, and that feels pretty exciting.