I'd love to see this combo with Wither. The mystic player withers the enemy to reduce it's fight value. And then your 'gator comes in, exposes its weakness while wearing Fine Clothes to make this a doozy test to pass for 2 clues.

Sure, Scene of the Crime might be more efficient and reliable, but this combo's more FUN, right? :-)

acotgreave · 4
Wither and Expose Weakness don't interact with Interrogate in any way. The Interrogate test difficulty depends on the enemy's damage value, not fight value. So you'd need the upgraded Mind Wipe for this. Fine Clothes do work though. — TheNameWasTaken · 3
D'oh. You're absolutely right. I'm seeing "enemy's damage value" and my brain is telling me "fight value". Oops. — acotgreave · 4
That's okay because the real combo (Mind Wipe 3 to reduce damage) is even funnier: Erase his memories, so we can ask him what he knows!! — Death by Chocolate · 10
I feel almost redeemed by enabling the discovery of that comedy thematic combo ;-) — acotgreave · 4
The Organist

Not a review, but rather a notice of error and I don't know where elsewhere to put this - both cards versions depicted above are the same. One should be replaced with a proper one (Hopeless I defied him -> Draped in Mistery)

ratnip · 7

This is the card that Blinding Light (or its more experienced cousin Blinding Light) could have been! While this does not damage the enemy in question (and this doesn't work on Elites, which can be significant), it does push the enemy away to another location. Also, the bad token text on this card is way more favorable than Blinding Light as it could effectively lock down a hunter enemy for a long time; perhaps enough time to complete a scenario without worrying about it.

Darthcaboose · 89
Sign Magick

This card really is the Bandolier of spells. Great if you're running a spell-heavy deck, but this is not necessarily a good thing, because Bandolier itself has some issues in regards to its playability; issues that are not unlike other cards that can hold slots such as Daisy's Tote Bag or Leo's Mitch Brown. These cards do nothing by themselves, but rather enable more space for other cards. The issue is when you draw all those cards.

Draw Sign Magick too early without filling out your spells slots and it's effectively a waste of 3 resources. Draw Sign Magick too late in the scenario and you'll find it hard to justify paying the cost to open up AND fill the additional arcane slot. This timing pressure makes it hard to really value Sign Magick in all situations.

The good thing about Sign Magick as compared to the 'additional slot' cards is that it is fast. This really helps to offset the pressure that comes from playing it. Additionally, the 3 cost of this ritual plays very nicely with Uncage the Soul by choosing to pay the action to play it in exchange for the resource cost. That's some great flexibility in how you pay for these things.

Darthcaboose · 89
It is never a waste of three resources drawn early since you don't pay until needed (fast) as you said - it's just a dead card in hand with a weak but relevant pitch icon. — Death by Chocolate · 10
Intel Report

Are you Preston Fairmont (or maybe Jenny Barnes)? Do you like getting clues? Then this card is for you. Probably too expensive for most other investigators, unless you have more economic support cards in your deck like Hot Streak or Emergency Cache and ways to abuse playing them multiple times (think Sefina Rousseau).

The ability to pay 2 to snipe clues from up to 2 connections away is VERY valuable, as it saves you precious actions needed to move towards that location. The issue is that you'll need to reveal the location to be able to grab said clues, so this becomes more useful in multiplayer. That said, even in solo, being able to pay 2 to grab a clue without fumbling for a test is pretty solid. We've already seen different takes of this in Seeker and Guardian.

Darthcaboose · 89
I've been playing a money Sefina deck and even without extra recursion it was absolutely incredible to grab clues from a high-shroud location from outside that location, avoiding all the bad stuff that the other investigators just fled from. That one action, although expensive, saved a ton of actions and card pips. — pneuma08 · 15