Mists of R'lyeh

I feel I need to provide the contrary viewpoint and say that this card, while usable, is really pretty disappointing. I want to like this card because it forms part of the major theme of mystics. There are spells like Shriveling that let Mystics use Will to be good at fighting, there are spells like Rite of Seeking that let Mystics use Will to be good at investigating, and this is ostensibly the spell that lets Mystics use Will to be good at evading. Unfortunately Mists is really weak compared to these other two. The problem is that Shrivelling is much better than a basic fight action (+1 damage), and Rite of Seeking is much better than a basic investigator action (+1 clue), but mist is not really better than a basic evade action. In theory it gives you an action compression bonus just like the other two (+1 move), but that bonus is far less useful because you rarely want to use it. Indeed, it is so much less useful that it is barely makes up for the penalty of sometimes having to discard a card.

The most important use of evade is to keep an elite monster distracted while the party fights it, but if you are doing this you do not want to move away from the monster. Evade can be good against regular monsters for many characters who are not fighters and find it much easier to evade and let other characters do the fighting. But if you are a Mystic you have the option of taking your fighting spell instead, and it is almost always better to do 2 damage to the monster rather than evade the monster. Evasion can be better against monsters with 3+ Health if you can just leave and ignore them, and the +1 move bonus of Mists seems primarily designed for that exact circumstance. But FFG seems really reluctant to put many such monsters in their adventures, it seems like the great majority of the monsters either have Hunter, or have doom on them, or are otherwise better to kill than leave alone. To be fair, there are some monsters you can run away from, and there are some monsters you are better off evading than fighting because you get a penalty if you kill the monster, and here is where Mystic evading shines. The problem is that even in these cases +1 move isn't a great bonus because often when you encounter the monster you are not done investigating or otherwise interacting with the location it is on, and you still don't want to move away. This is compounded by the fact that Mists is not an event, it is an asset, so while it is conditionally useful, you have to play it before you know whether that condition will be satisfied; once you have played it, you are likely to end up using it mostly at times when you don’t want to run away.

Despite all of this, mists would be fun to play around with if it didn't take up a slot. But the fact is that it takes up an arcane slot, a slot that is in very great demand for most Mystics. This means that even if you decide to have a bit of whimsy and put this in your deck, you often regret playing it rather than waiting for a better spell to put in that precious slot. Mists is best for characters who have high Will and low Dex who have access to Mystic cards but don’t really use their arcane slots and have the resources to fool around with conditionally useful cards. Not a very broad selection of characters, to say the least.

If you don't have many expansions, Mists is a better card because you do not have many other options, if the only way you can fight is with the two copies of Shrivelling in your deck you may want to put this card in just so you can do something when you don't have Shriveling. On the other hand, if you have lots of expansions, the real nail in the coffin for this card might be Sword Cane, which lets you use Will to evade without spending charges or using an arcane slot.

ChristopherA · 36
I totally agree. There are always exceptions, but in general, fighting is much better than evading and fight spells are much more useful than evade spells. — CaiusDrewart · 2353
It's much better in true solo where the move action is much more reliably useuful. — suika · 7574
That is definitely true. — CaiusDrewart · 2353
I also take a fight and an investigate spell as my main arcane slots. But I do see some value in evade spells, if you have a build with 3 arcane slots. In particular in TFA but there are also enemies in other campaigns, like the Spectral Watcher from TCU, who are better evaded than exhausted in fight actions. Mists let do that relyably. The move is not always usefull, but more often than the damage ping from Ineffable Truth. Right now, I think the cat is the best option for that. I used her in Akachi through TFAm albeit I used Suggestion instead of the Mists in that case. With "Return to: TCU" we will get more excitng options to increase arcane slots. Although, I have to agree, Sword Cane might be the card, that makes these builds obsolete. I have not played with it yet, but it uses only a hand slot, and can also serve as Mystic's Garotte Wire" to conserve Shrivelling charges. — Susumu · 121
One disadvantage of Sword Cane seems to me be though, that it has no upgradeed version with willpower boost (yet). You also can't push it with Spirit Athame, so from my experience with Shrivelling (0) et all, it should get worse the later in the campaign you are. — Susumu · 121
Mists is an absolutely stellar card in solo where fighting everything is not as practical or as efficient of a solution. Your deck has to be more generalist, so an evade spell will let you save time and card slots from fighting. Mists is particularly great because of the move compression- evade+move is about as good as just moving if no enemy spawned on you. I adore this card in solo. It even gives you 4 charges for a very cheap price. You don't necessarily a spell slot really to investigate in solo (might take Sixth Sense) since 2 clue locations are rare, so it's not unreasonable to pair this with a combat spell either. — StyxTBeuford · 12422
Necessarily need* — StyxTBeuford · 12422
Will concur that Mists is crazy good in true solo. In particular, had a Marie deck in TFA who had Spectral Razor and Blood-Rite, which were plenty for must-kill enemies, and evade+move was often as good as not drawing an enemy, because I would have had to move anyway (actually, even better because I could use her free action for it). Patrice loves it because of the cheap cost and, again, the free move. — Zinjanthropus · 160
For a bit more janky application, you can combo it with Torrent of Power, especially the L2 that comes with 5 secrets. You could even refill it with Enraptured. This is probably only sensible in Patrice, though. — Zinjanthropus · 160
I’ve done exactly that with Patrice and it is great — StyxTBeuford · 12422
How are the opinions on this card with Norman? I have not played him, because I don't go for the novellas, but I think with 4 will and 4 books, RoS and friends are not that apealing to him, even though 3 clues per action are always great and he probably could make it work. I would probably build him with fight and evade and without investigate spell assets, if he gets a regular release. — Susumu · 121
I tend to just punt on evading. One of the joys of Norman though is that there are so many options for that second Arcane slot. The last time I played him I tried Twila Katherine Price + Scrying III (this was in 3-player) and it was great fun. But if you do care about evasion he can run Mists while giving up much less than other Mystics, yeah. — CaiusDrewart · 2353

Worth noting this card can have extra value in Return to The Forgotten Age, where the updated explore mechanic means you'll either get to this card faster, or possibly even shuffle it into the Exploration deck for a nice surprise while exploring. If it goes into the Exploration deck, it's also protected from encounter deck shuffling and can be searched using Exploration deck supplies.

Time4Tiddy · 155
I have not played the "Return to" version yet, but are there special rules, what happens, if you draw an event from the exploration deck? Otherwise I would say, the effect would wiff. Even, if it doesn't, it would still likely be considered an "unsucessful exploration", you would get the benefit from the card, but loose an action compared to when you would draw the card from the encounter deck. — Susumu · 121
I don't see why it would wiff - it doesn't when it's in the encounter deck, which is also not designed to pull Events from. You do get the unsuccessful exploration, but you immediately get another action, which you can use to explore again, 1 resource and 1 card richer. — Time4Tiddy · 155
Consider that you would have pulled a treachery from the Exploration deck instead of this card, the action loss is happening either way, and would have a more negative outcome. — Time4Tiddy · 155

Promise to break the promise if you just want 10 curses:

If you want to keep it, the promise only matters on your turn.

  • "play" is during your turn, i can't think of a way around that (rogue cards like Quick Thinking specify "...like it's your turn")
  • "Draw" is hard outside your turn cause most rogue cards do so during your turn like Pickpocketing or Lucky Cigarette Case. All In, Manual Dexterity could work
  • "Commit" should be easiest, during mythos or other player turns.
Django · 3436
You can play fast events outside of your turn pretty regularly. With Chuck, you can do it at least once per round. — SGPrometheus · 506
If you want to get a bit more janky, you can use this to set up the flute. — Zinjanthropus · 160

Usually I build decks focused on 1 or 2 skills so I'm not interested in having a bonus to all the 4 skills. Plus you now have to stop drawing / playing / committing.
But rogues have a few events that let you add up 2 skills (for example Slip Away) and now you have a +2 bonus which is quite nice ! And a +4 bonus to the basic action (considering that the average basic skill value is 3). For example Jenny Barnes investigates as a basic action with an intel value of 4 but if she plays Breaking and Entering she does with a value of 8, which means she probably can do without committing a skill.
An other interesting thing is that the Winifred Habbamock pack contains upgraded versions of the "2-skills events" that can return to your hand at the end of the turn (Cheap Shot, Slip Away) and so ensure you to get these great bonuses more than once per copy of the card.
Now, which investigators are the most interesting to play Geas with this in mind ?

Finn Edwards plays these events with a skill value of 9 or 10 (3 + 4 or 4 + 4 and then the + 2 from Geas), and up to 12 if playing Lola Santiago. Plus the evade event (Slip Away) can be played as a free action.

"Skids" O'Toole has a 10 total skill value for the 3 non-willpower skills (compared to Finn's 11) but he has the advantage to be able to play Chuck Fergus and these events have the Trick trait ! Most of the time, Chuck will probably not be used for the +2 bonus but to make the event both fast and 2 resources cheaper which makes them free fast events played with a skill value of 9 (+ other passive bonuses) that can potentially return to your hand.

When checking cards containing "add your" to find events adding to skills I also found Ethereal Form, Read the Signs and Spectral Razor so we can look at the 2 rogue/mystic investigators: Sefina Rousseau and Dexter Drake. The first has already the possibility to play an event several times but she can achieve a really high value only with Read the Signs. The second one is likely built around assets.

Wendy Adams has access to this card and can also probably be played without committing cards thanks to her ability to re-draw chaos tokens (and so to try to achieve a less high skill value in the first time). She can play Cheap Shot and Slip Away with respectively a skill value of 7 and 9 and could also use Suggestion with a skill value of 10 in a deck trying to limit the amount of fights. She can also play On Your Own to decrease the cost of survivor events to keep the resources for the rogue ones.

Of course other rogues and Lola Hayes can also play it but I'm not trying to be exhaustive, only to describe which decks I'm the most interested in trying this card in.

And I have not discussed the 2 other possibilities (not drawing and not playing): not drawing seems limiting in case you end in a situation in which you need a card still in your draw pile, and not playing would require committing a lot (with I usually do in Minh Thi Phan's decks) and/or relying on your assets (so no munition, supply, key, ...).

AlexP · 155
I quite like this on Sefina, either choosing not to draw or commit depending on how set up she is. Sefina usually runs skill light (due to packing so many events) and draw light (due to her weakness), and can use Scroll of Secrets to "draw" without running afoul of the geas. — suika · 7574
You don't have to not draw/play/commit at all, right, just not during your turn? So you don't have to completely stop doing that stuff, just do it in other people's turns or other phases? That makes it a bit easier, I guess.. — bee123 · 24
Yeah, you can still do what you promised not to do as long as it's not your turn. Honestly this is maybe my favorite card from this pack. — SGPrometheus · 506
I really liked this in a Sefina blurse deck with Geas, Tristan, and Eye of the Djinn, with a bunch of the Mystic and Rogue stat adding events. Testing at like 8-13 stat value is nice for getting filtered draw from LCC (3), as well as not minding as much when you draw the curse tokens and get an extra action from the Djinn. Not sure how campaign-viable this deck is (was playing standalone), but I'm going to try it. — Zinjanthropus · 160
A Watchful Peace

This card finally confirms my suspicions that Silas in a shirt is a force stronger than the woodwinds used to keep the Blind Idiot God asleep or a legion of federal marshals at your back.

I love this game, but I'm not sure how this card made it to print. As others have pointed out, I think this would be perfectly fine if it had a Remove From Game clause attached to it--though even then I think it'd be a steal. Hell, I think this card would see play if were exiled after use and max once per game like a certain other red-flavored card. It's that good.

I'm playing Mary in my blind run of Innsmouth and one of the other players is running Silas. On a whim he grabbed a couple copies of this, and, without any real attempt to abuse it, we nearly trivialized the first scenario it hit the table. About halfway through that same scenario we agreed to house-rule the RFG clause, because it's just too easy for survivor to keep this jank going, even for a bunch of scrubs like us. If I can break it, I know we're in trouble.

Anyway, looking forward to the taboo version of this otherwise quite fun and powerful card. My OCD, though, will remain forever tweaked that "RFG" was never properly printed on this card. Somehow.

Sandmole · 10
A Watchful Peace ironically has caused quite an uproar! — StyxTBeuford · 12422
I just wish it were due Silas' stunning physique and wistful gaze, not a degenerate game effect! — Sandmole · 10
To be fair, I think it was equally lauded for it's sex appeal as it was panned for it's bustedness — Zinjanthropus · 160