Ancient Evils

This is probably my most hated card in the entire game. It gets more powerful as you add more investigators because you can set up a dreaded "draw an acolyte, draw an acolyte, draw ancient evils" chain that advances the agenda much faster than expected.

I think this card makes the game less fun. Drawing it has abruptly ended multiple scenarios for me. Being defeated from damage or horror or otherwise losing after drawing a token from the bag is much more fun than pulling a card that basically says "Game Over".

I don’t think scenarios should ever have a mixture of ‘doom in play’ and ‘+doom which can advance’ cards in the encounter deck. They both have interesting effects on their own (interactable high priority threats or added uncertainty in the doom clock) but together they can create those really feels-bad moments. Hope someone brought Ward of Protection 2... — Death by Chocolate · 10
I think the devs have recognized how un-fun the card is; they've replaced it in both "Return" campaigns so far (I think). That being said, this card is responsible for one of my best Arkham memories: my four friends and I (we decided to just say screw the player limit) were playing our first-ever attempt at Essex County Express, and had all taken the first round to set up. In the mythos phase we drew at least two copies of this and advanced the agenda, killing everyone in the party. Setting the scenario up took longer than playing it. — SGPrometheus · 123
Personally i don't like this card, but moments like describes are part of the Cthulhu Mythos — Django · 1712
Sry, last comment incomplete. I meant that moments like "you'll die and you can't do anything about it" are part of the Cthulhu mythos and this game has far too few of such elements. — Django · 1712
.45 Thompson

I can’t find the image for this card elsewhere right now, but I think it actually has 5 ammo. So the comparison to .45 Automatic is quite favorable in my opinion. In comparison, the .45 Thompson costs 2 more resources and the second hand slot and gives you 1 more ammo and an additional +1 combat for each attack. I think this is actually much better than the .45 auto, especially for characters with less than 4 base combat like "Skids" O'Toole and Finn Edwards. Another comparison that can be made is to Baseball Bat, which costs 4 less but whose durability is less predictable (is expected to break ~50% of the time by the 3rd hit though). Of course, 2 handed weapons require some planning, but many ’s and ’s are already prepared for this in leaving room for Flamethrower or Chicago Typewriter. This card is notably the best level 0 weapon target for Sleight of Hand.

jmmeye3 · 89
I don't agree it is that good on rogue investigators like Skids or Finn. Taking 2 hands is huge, and means you won't be able to use the powerful Lockpicks. Which means, it has to go in a deck that doesn't want to gather clue, and so focus on fights. At this point, i'm not sure Skids or Finn is the best take, since they are pretty low in willpower, so they may not be the best investigator focused in tank / killer. It could still go as a 0xp version of Lupara... But only if there are more than 3 ammo ! xD Otherwise, it's not going anywhere. — Palefang · 32
Here's a link confirming that it has 5 ammo: — jmmeye3 · 89 — jmmeye3 · 89
It is also worth mentioning that this card loves act of desperation. — Myriad · 562
Carolyn Fern can take it. And with Keen Eye would be rather good with it. — Tiktakkat · 23
With Streetwise Rogues still have fairly good chances of gathering clues without the need of Flashlights and Lockpicks. While I agree that they shouldn't be the primary clue gatherers with this setup (but who said that a Rogue should do that?) With this card and 2 Chicago Typewriters they can effectively replace Guardians while still being efficient at evading and gathering clues. — Killbray · 1
Well Connected

Through Adaptable, I was able to add in Well Connected to my deck after picking up some much needed rogue cards. The combination of this, Sefina Rousseau, her The Painted World cards, and Hot Streak, I was able to able to ultimately stirke up 20+ resources and have a +4 on much needed skill tests. This wouldn't of been able to happen early campaign as Sefina (maybe Jenny Barnes?) just didn't have the resource pool, so the upgraded Hot Streaks were necessary to see this really pay off.

Ulitmatley, once your set up, and you happy to hold on to your resources, then an exhaust for a +1/+2 is solid.

This card is clearly built for Preston Fairmont, and any investigator that wants to make use of Dr. Milan Christopher/Lone Wolf/Burglary.

Joe Diamond

At what time during setup do you set aside the Insight events? Presumably before drawing your opening hand. (Ah never mind the rest of my comments. I now see that the deck size s 40 so that his regular deck matches normal investigators deck sizes).

Kvothe · 1
Joe has a 40 card deck rather than a 30 card deck, so unless you load the main deck with extra weapons, this doesn't really work. — duke_loves_biscuits · 395
Yes thanks, I saw just after I posted. Makes more sense, he would have been to good. — Kvothe · 1
this is not the correct venue to ask such questions, please don't clutter the review section — jd90 · 11
Preston Fairmont

Lola Santiago is incredibly powerful in a Preston Fairmont deck. I’d say she’s an auto-include.

With Preston’s Family Inheritance Lola lets Preston discover one clue per turn on a shroud 4 or lower (5 or lower if he’s a Lonewolf...) without taxing his resource pool.

In solo, where many locations are single clue locations, this lets Preston solidly hoover up clues while tooling up / drawing cards / moving around the map with his three actions.

Lola is better than Leo in a Preston solo deck. She also gives you a free action a turn, albeit limited to investigating, but that action is test-less, and one you’ll often want to do every turn anyway.

Finally, how does she compare to Streetwise? Sure, streetwise is far more flexible, as it lets Preston boost either Intellect or Agility to 7 once a turn by spending all of his Family Inheritance. Lola boosts those stats too, albeit only to 2, but at least it’s a permanent boost. I’d rather be investigating testlessly than pumping my Intellect via Streetwise and still risking drawing an Autofail.

Streetwise’s main strength is that it’s permanent, so you really have to buy it first. But once you have I’d save up your next 6XP for two copies of Lola

Especially when you add in her damage / horror soak which effectively puts Preston up to 8 in both.

darkskyman · 7
Why did you double post a review for Lola? — Myriad · 562
Does Preston's initial 5 resources during setup go on him or family inheritance? — Caligula · 1
Start up ressources aren't added by a card effect, so i've always played that are in his normal pool — Django · 1712