Heirloom of Hyperborea

In the original Agnes, there are better cards for this slot, so you should probably play the Unadvanced version of the signature asset and weakness.

In parallel Agnes, this card is excellent, especially when paired with Scavenging (2) (using Parallel Front for Agnes, and Original Back / Deckbuilding for Agnes). This card can take the damage used with you ability to play spell events for cheap and with recursion. It can also take the occasional horror from Shrivelling, Clairvoyance, and every mystic's favourite Ward of Protection. Once it's use up, recur it back with Scavenging and go again, playing an endless supply of cheap events.

It's not clear whether the horror taken by Agnes' weakness can be placed here. When I played this, I assumed I could tank the 2 horror onto the Heirloom because the weakness has a player card back, not an encounter card back, and thus is a player card?

This is definitely a signature card worth building your deck around. There are of course other ways to manage the excess damage taken from using your ability, but this card providing a great soak-to-cost ratio, and allowing you to draw a card every time you play a spell (usually going to be an event), really does cement Parallel Agnes as a solid investigator option for your next game.

KakuRainbow · 74
After you draw a weakness they are considered to be encounter cards. So you can't put their damage on the heirloom. — Tharzax · 1
After a checked the rules for weaknesses. It's ok to put it damage on the heirloom. Since it has only the spelltrait and no encounter card trait it's treated like any other player card — Tharzax · 1
The spell trait is irrelevant. There is no such things like "player card traits" and "encounter card traits", e.g. Pact cards exist in both pools (as assets, events AND treacheries). The relevant fact is however, that "Dark Memory" is an event, and that is a player card type. Only weaknesses with encounter card type (treacheries and enemies) switch to become an encounter card on reveal, "Dark Memory" stays a player card and hence can be soaked by the hairloom. — Susumu · 334
Heirloom of Hyperborea

In the original Agnes, this card should be considered nothing more than a skill card. A skill card that you can potentially recur with Scavenging.

In parallel Agnes, things are a bit different. The upgraded version of this card is much better for parallel Agnes, but this original version of the Heirloom still has it's uses.

But overall, as identified by reviewers 7 years before me, this remains one of the worst signature cards. Which is particularly brutal when you consider that Agnes also has one of the worst weaknesses in the game too!

KakuRainbow · 74
Grievous Wound

A terrible card that is actually somewhat useful in Hemlock Vale.

Enemies in HV have Elusive, meaning they disengage and move away after getting smacked once. Some of them have 5hp. Grievous Wound solves that problem.

As another review said, perfect for alternate Pete because it can be recurred every round, and also situationally nice for alternate Zoey, if you can stick it on a beefy enemy and let it bleed blesses into the bag for several rounds.

CombStranger · 244
Brilliant realization with the Elusive combo. Finally, Grievous Blow gets some time out of the binder! — NightgauntTaxiService · 269
It's also decent tech against enemies which reduce damage taken to 1, or punish attacks. — OrionAnderson · 43
Idol of Xanatos

Unbelievably bad for anyone but maybe, maybe patrice. How did this even get printed?

If I'm going to spend 3 resource and devote a slot to a pure soak asset I expect it to come with 3+ total durability. To make this better than that you'd have to throw away a ruinous number of cards.

The only advantage this has over conventional soak assets is that it takes up only one deck slot and can stick around absborbing potentially unlimited amounts of damage over a long scenario if you have enough draw to feed it. But because it's capped at 3 and can only trigger once per round, it's not even great potection from big burst damage.

Why you'd ever look twice at this if you could Perseverance or Talisman of Protection or Cherished Keepsake is beyond me.

I think you're undervaluing this card. You're comparing something like Lucky Cigarette Case to Deep Knowledge. Sure in small bursts Cherished Keepsake or Leather Coat can be better, but this card (as long as you have the draw power) is limitless. It's like a Peter and Jessica in one and instead of needing 6 resources, and 2 ally slots, you just need cards, which is very easy to come by these days for Survivors. Not to mention all the cards survivors WANT in the discard pile like Improvised Weapon or Winging it. The cap at 3 is negligible because you only draw one encounter each round and most treacheries do only that much damage (and it's not like the comparison examples you provided can tank much more). This card helped me keep Hank alive much better than most alternatives because of its reusability each turn, and once Hank has a weapon down, he does not need much else with his god-like stats. — Nenananas · 242
I don't use Drawing Thing so card draw in Survivor feels very limited to me. Take Heart is great but only gets you so far, I don't much care for rabbit foot, and Lebranche is strong but doesn't suit all strategies. That leaves Scavenging and cantrip skills. Wendy and Pete already have discard outlets, Yorick gets plenty of free plays to reload his soak, and Darrel's evidence can already trivialize a lot of damage sources. — OrionAnderson · 43
Great review. I laughed till I cried. — Maseiken · 1
I've found this card to be pretty strong in Scavenging Minh. With sufficient card draw Idol of Xanatos basically prevents you from ever dying, and discarding an item is actively useful in many cases. — SorryLaurie · 527
Hmm. that does sound like a decent combo ngl. OTOH, I feel like at level 0 it's hard to get this and scavenging down and proc scavenging often enough to really sustain it. Once you have some XP under your belt, using Scavenging 2 to directly put Keepsake, Leather Coat, or better yet the new Hunting Jacket directly into play seems better than messing around with this. — OrionAnderson · 43
The thing is, now that we have Hank, heal-like effects have a better reason to exist. While Talisman of Protection is great because it is fast, it doesn't protect you from 3 burst damage, which is the common case with an autofail on a treachery card. And one combo that you omitted, on top of Improvised cards, is with A Glimmer of Hope. Then all of a sudden, Hank has a 1 action, 1 cost, heal 3 combo. Yes it takes a lot of deck space, but guess what, Hank comes with an additional 5 cards in his deck. Also when speaking about draw, Survivors recently got one really good one: At a Crossroads. Altogether, I wouldn't add this card in all my decks, but I have used it (in Patrice, as you mention) and will most likely use it a few times again. IMO this is the perfect spot, especially for a lvl 0 card: niche and decent in it. — Valentin1331 · 56145

Zamacona is another enemy weakness, and like most, he is a much bigger problem in solo than multiplayer. There's a lot of supercheap technology that deals with him: handcuffs and spectral razor come to mind. Or stir the pot targeting another enemy. With mind wipe, a friendly mystic can make him extremely vulnerable to the countess’s trickery.

Elusive and "Spawn - Nearest empty location" can be a great aid (in case you want him to fall off a train) but if you’re only dealing one damage per attack, he’s going to stick around forever. The pitchfork, a beat cop(2), or drain essence (from someone else in the party) can deal with the Z-lister without having to chase him down even more.

MrGoldbee · 1402
I really hate him. He is so much trouble. Not he only stops Alessandra for doing her thing, but he also can take so many actions from you to beat if you don't have the right cards at the right moment. Sure, you can OHKO him with Spectral Razor or Dinamite Blast, but if you don't have the right cards in your hand when he spawns he may take at least 3 actions to kill (hoping you smack him for 3 health, move, engage, attack). Daniela Reyes will usually run cards good for dealing with him, so that's a thing too. He is even harder to digest than Hoods from Rita Young for me. — rodro · 70
Can't you just hit a Backstab for 3 damage? — MrGoldbee · 1402
You could, but Backstab requires you to have it in your hand and risk everything in a 4 base agility test. You are Rogue, so passing the test isn't a mayor concern, but you will lose all your round moving, engaging and backstabing him. And you must deal with him fast because he basically shuts off Alessandra because of Doom. Dealing with him in later stages of a scenario has proven devastating for my group in this last campaign, and usually I blasted him with Spectral Razor because Alessandra can't deal with him fast and she needs to do her Parley action every turn to be good. — rodro · 70
I don't get the point why you name cards to solve him that can't taken by Allessandra. If you want to deal with him easy take 2 string of curses in your deck. Since it's a parley Allessandra can take it and if you play it zamacona get one doom and you can choose the second option to defeat him instantly. The other option beside guns is backstab. And yes you can probably get a lot out of two damage options and Delilah. — Tharzax · 1
You can't use String of Curses on him, he says you can't Parley with him and String of Curses is a Parley card. — Soul_Turtle · 405
Then Backstab seems the best choice if you want to get rid of him fast as Allessandra. — Tharzax · 1
Someone else can String of Curses him :). — MrGoldbee · 1402
But then he didn't get the doom from his forced ability. So Allessandra needs to parley first — Tharzax · 1