Eidetic Memory

Altough Lola cannot use it for other classes, her signature card Improvisation) is also an insight so it increases the number of times her signature cards can be used.

Because she has 2 instances of her signature card you can use 2 Eidetic memories despite removing them from the game.


If you are confused by the text "Shuffle one copy of Basilisk into the encounter deck." This simply means that if there are 2 or more Basilisks in play, you only shuffle one of them back into the encounter deck.

To be more precise I would say that, "if there are 1 or more Basilisks in play, you only shuffle one of them back into the encounter deck". — FractalMind 5
Me and my friend just encountered this creature today when we were playing and came up against a question: Does the Basilisk's forced effect trigger if it is in the Victory display?? We couldn't find a clear answer to that, so we proceeded assuming it does, seeing that this way it fits better mechanically and thematically. Anyway, I'd like to see some opinions here... — matt88 90
@matt88 Sorry, but you have to leave the Basilisks in the display. Forced Abilities - like all Abilities in AHCG “Card abilities only interact with the game if the card bearing the ability is in play, unless the ability (or rules for the cardtype) specifically references its use from an out-of-play area.” The Victory Display is an out-of-play zone. Likewise, if a basilisk wound up in the discard pile, this effect wouldn’t shuffle it back into the deck. — Death by Chocolate 8
@Death by Chocolate Thanks for the feedback. We ended up playing this scenario a second time, in which we didn't happen to remove the Basilisk from the Victory display, so it didn't matter there. But we 'll keep that in mind for the future. — matt88 90
Hatchet Man

Fantasy Flight Rules Query: "Hatchet Man/Double or Nothing: i) Evade successful with Double or Nothing and Hatchet Man committed: Will the next time damage is done to the enemy this turn cause 1 extra damage or 2? ii) Following a successful evasion with Hatchet Man committed, if the next time damage is done to the enemy this turn accrues from a Fight with Double or Nothing committed, is the extra damage from Hatchet Man doubled?" Per Matthew Newman: "Yes, Double or Nothing + Hatchet Man will cause your next attack to deal +2 damage. If you then commit Double or Nothing to that subsequent attack, that damage will also be resolved a second time, meaning you will deal +4 damage in total."

Cluny 32
Crystalline Elder Sign

I think this card becomes a straight upgrade to St. Hubert's Key in 1-2 gator teams. And I think pretty highly of Hubert, so that's saying something. This takes Jim, Mateo, and Akachi to new levels, and Agnes won't complain about being able to save Shrivels with a Baseball Bat, Fire Axe, or Knife.

It is much less good at higher player counts. 4 gators means 4x as many checks, and losing the (+1) token can be a real drag on your team when they have to take a treachery on the chin.

Conversely, this is a bomb solo card and will probably go into every solo mystic I play until the end of time. Oh, and Lola likes this one too.

I love this card and its ability to make well-rounded investigators quite powerful.

Yeah, love this for solo Jim Culver! He's well-rounded enough to benefit fully from its bonuses and can use 2 of them with Dr. Elli Horowitz (or Relic Hunter), especially since his lackluster Elder Sign ability makes sealing the Elder Sign no big deal. Running 2, though, does increase his chances of drawing the Autofail, but he's got other ways of mitigating that... — Herumen 843
On Your Own

Definitely a decent economy card, although only once you hit a critical mass of 2+ cost events.

When talking strictly about "click economy" (or action economy), this card can easily be compared to Emergency Cache[3]. Cache[3] costs 6xp for the set, and will net you 6 resources for their slots (you could have gotten a resource with the action spent to play it, so it's only +3 resources per copy, not 4). To achieve that 6+ resource mark, you will need to save 9 credits on events over the course of the scenario. This means seeing it as early as possible (so you definitely want both copies) and making sure you have enough events to target.

Survivors have a fistful of good events, with staples like Lucky! and "Look what I found!" as a starting point. Various Survivors will also use Dumb Luck, Close Call, Perseverance, Waylay, Winging It, and Improvised Weapon. I found Will to Survive the tipping point, where once I added it to my deck I started exceeding the 6+ resource mark. By recurring these events with Resourceful, you can get a lot of value with On Your Own.

But the cost is more than that. It takes up your ally slot - more than that, actually, seeing as you can't Charisma your way around it. Allies tend to be the strongest assets in your deck, so this is a huge deal. No Peter Sylvestre. No Aquinnah or Yaotl. No Leo De Luca or Cat Burglar or Beat Cop or Dr. Milan. That's a massive opportunity cost. If you're looking for static stat boosts and raw power, I'm not sure you can achieve it with On Your Own given what you have to sacrifice.

There are ways to get around it. Trench Coat and Hemispheric Map are ways to get some static boosts. But I think the most notable one is Dark Horse. I've struggled in Dark Horse decks to afford playing these aforementioned events because you're staying broke while you smash dudes with a Fire Axe. On Your Own lets you play your Lucky!s, Oops!, "Look what I found!"s, and Flares. You can upgrade your Madame Labranche into On Your Own in a Dark Horse deck pretty easily. You then of course lose the impact of your second Fire Axe attack (without LaBranche to tap for a resource), but I think it's a place to start.

We've grown accostumed to Allies ruling our decks. Really enjoying how this card makes you second-guess that decision.

Now that you mention Dark Horse, i think it works well with "own your own". Think about it, you can play Survivor Events with up to cost 2 without having any ressources, like lucky. — Django 1380