Parallel Fates

So this is one of those cards that improves in multiple (very noticeable) ways on upgrade from Parallel Fates.

First, it looks at more cards, with a 6 card look at the encounter deck that's 6(!) rounds in true solo, 3 rounds in 2 players and 2 rounds in 3 players of knowing exactly what the encounter deck is going to throw and at who, which is a 50% improvement over the level 0 version.

Second, it doesn't have a 'failure' chance. Unlike Parallel Fates where if it whiffs you've lost your planning advantage, the card and the action, the leveled up version doesn't require a token draw. Note that you can still shuffle the deck if the 6 cards you see are particularly unappealing, but it's likely a fringe case as having knowledge of upcoming encounter cards is likely better than shuffling and you can put the 'problem' card or cards at the bottom of the 6 card stack.

Lastly, it can be used on investigators! Look at 6, draw 1 allows your buddy (or yourself) to search for an important asset early on in the scenario. It can also let you dodge or plan for weaknesses later on (Hey, you'll draw your weakness 4 turns from now, be ready!). This one makes a bit more sense to shuffle if none of the cards are useful so you can get to a part of your deck you want to see faster and not have to draw through 6 duds. Also note that the targeted investigator does not have to be at your location.

Overall it seems like a high quality card that has good versatility. I think parallels (ha) can be drawn to Cryptic Research(4) for drawing key cards (digs 6 instead of 3, but isn't fast, 2xp vs 4) or very favorably to Scrying(3) (1 action to look at 6 instead of 9, 0 cost vs 1, 2xp vs 3).

Therebrae · 11
Astronomical Atlas

Atlas is really good card; however, for better performance, you need to tune your deck with some criteria.

Whenever non-icon non-skill card is attached, there is no way to get that card in your hand; you cannot commit the card without matching icon. The only way is discarding Atlas, and that card is also discarded. Therefore, it's good to avoid non-icon card in your deck. Here is the examples.

  • Emergency Cache: Voice of Ra is good alternative. Cryptic Writings maybe not good, since its reaction ability is not triggered when you get Cryptic Writing from Atlas.
  • Tarot Asset: All tarot asset has no icon. Moon Pendant does not help this.
  • EoE 1xp skill serises, especially Occult Theory. Occult Theory has icon only if it's commited or in your hand. When OT is in Atlas, no icon exists so that you cannot commit.
  • Here are other non-icon cards. Most make you draw cards or boost stats.
    • /netural cards: Delve Too Deep, Time Warp, Word of Command, Lucid Dreaming
    • Off-class cards (xp<2): Lucky, Fight or Flight, improvised serises, Moonstone, Fortutious Discovery, Scroung for Supplies, Pay Day, Geas, Black Market, Well Prepared
    • Others: Cryptic Research, Sure Gamble, Ace in the Hole, True Survivor, Unscrupulous Loan
elkeinkrad · 230
On the Trail

Absolutely a power card in a parallel Roland Banks deck - feels tailor made to the Red Tape and Seek the Truth directives.

Red Tape makes the entire thing fast, giving you a whole turn's worth of actions for a resource. If an enemy spawns somewhere and needs to be answered, you can be there without taking an action, hoovering up two clues on the way - and Seek the Truth will earn you a card draw and unlocks your skill cards at your final destination, provided the target enemy has a clue at their feet.

Then you've got three actions left to actually deal with the enemy, and really, few other fighters can get that much done in the course of just getting set up to shoot something.

The 3XP is a much easier sell for parallel Roland, too, with 5 bonus experience at deckbuilding - 8 if you're In the Thick of It, which you absolutely should be if you're running the other popular directive, Leave No Doubt, alongside a Delve or two.

Teag · 13
But even for parallell Roland it's awfully conditional. You need at least one location between you and an enemy, preferably two. And those locations better have clues on them; clues that you actually want to pick up. And to have enemies two locations away, you need a big enough map AND enemies with specific spawn instructions (such as cultists). Or you could, like masterfully split the party with this card in hand, but that's not exactly easy. I guess you could attach it to Stick to the Plan to make sure it's there when you need it - and to signal it's availability to your fellow investigators. — olahren · 1517
Burn After Reading

This is a good buy for the last scenario of a campaign, even outside of a Déjà Vu deck. Survivors tend to have a lot XP by the end of campaigns, because their upgraded cards usually cost 1-3 XP. You should have no problem to play this card at maximum value and discard >= 2XP second copy of a card from your hand to also remove doom from agenda, which is very valuable expecially in final scenarios with Ancient Evils or similar effects. I would not run this card for scenarios 1 - 6 without Déjà Vu, but in a penultimate and ultimate scenario this is a strong card. Compare to Hallow or Fortune or Fate. I ran Burn After Reading in Yorick in Into the Maelstrom and got some value form it, because this scenario puts some pressure on doom clock through several cards.

SergSel · 168
using it to swap out 0xp cards is a use for it, you spend 1 xp to get a really good clue discovery card and swap two cards in your deck. little clunky but handy enough. — Zerogrim · 224

This card is an obvious combo with anyone who can take Chuck the O’Bannion. But it’s come into vogue for an investigator who takes more Tricks than gin rummy.

Pilfer isn’t just “get clues with agility”, it’s “get a lot clues with agility.” And while Rita could take it before, she didn’t have the economy to make it happen…until Crafty came along. With Crafty, and some combination of drawing thin, easy mark, or even another Crafty, you can play this every turn. It’s not cheap and it costs XP, but the flexibility of going from boss evader and map explorer to second seeker is wild.

Things like live and learn, “hit me!”, heavy furs and lucky(3) can make sure you meet the succeed by +2 threshold. Survivor blessed tech will also help a lot. It's a new day for multiplayer Rita. A day filled with pilfering.

MrGoldbee · 1148
How does Rita get it back once she's used it? — OrionJA · 1
He's talking about the level 3 version that goes back to hand if you succeed by 2 or more — nungunungu · 4