Able Bodied

This is simply not a good card. You basically have to build around it to get a good benefit from it(unless you happen to only be running one item anyway, which is rare.), and the benefit isn't strong enough to merit doing that.

I think it's decent if the only items you're taking (at level 0) are the Meat Cleaver and Track Shoes (which I've done before). You'll always have at least 2 icons, 3 if you aren't set up yet, and combat and agility are both things that those decks usually like. It does usually get cut with XP, though. — Zinjanthropus · 16
It also turns out there aren't very many good *items* for Preston Fairmont, so I've made good use of this with him as well (with a board full of allies and conditions, and a deck full of events). — Thatwasademo · 14
It suffers from two major problems. One is that boosting combat is pointless without a weapon, and weapons are items, so any additional item- Keepsake/Rabbit’s Foot/Grisly Totem, or Flashlight/Old Keyring, or Track Shoes- kills pips. The other problem is that even with the 3 agility pips you’d probably be better off with 2 and some card draw from Manual Dexterity (and those gators also want Track Shoes at minimum). It’s very limited in its uses right now. — StyxTBeuford · 1338
The Black Cat

Expensive, but absolutely worth it. Jim Culver in particular loves this cat, as it provides protection against a good chunk of the chaos bag when combined with his ability (plus his elder sign isn't so hot anyway). At 3/3 health/sanity and only two resources it also works well as a sturdy shield that has the potential to heal itself.

Jim can also get some more mileage out of it by using solemn vow & trumpet if necessary. — Difrakt · 746
Seal of the elder sign can heal the cat — Django · 2631

About Versatile

This card potentially adds some insane combo potential, though the increased deck size makes your deck less consistent so it's also less likely to draw the card(s) you've chosen. It's better for investigators with lots of draw/ search effects, be it through their classes or their own ability. It's also better for assets, as you benefit from these longer than one time use of skills or events (though some investigator abilties may change that like Silas).

My favorite targets

Leo De Luca: Gain another action but his ressource cost is pretty steep.

Mr. "Rook": Search your deck for important cards and get your weaknesses out early, so they don't surprise you later. He's considered OP for a reason and is very likely to hit the taboo list. Be aware he's unique, so conflicts with other investigators.

Peter Sylvestre: To compensate low sanity of your investigator.

Dr. Milan Christopher: Useful for any high investigator. Mystics can use him too, though they don't benefit from +1 .

Scavenging: It's great for any clue-er but useless for the class it's in, as all survivors have medium to low int. Most clue-ers are almost guaranteed to trigger it every round. Use it to recur an item with many matching symbols or ?. Reload items with charges, secrets, etc. by discarding and replaying them, like Ancient stones or Grotesque Statue. This also works for mystics with Sixth Sense and similar spells.

Alice Luxley: Similar to scavenging, least usefull in the class she's in. Kill some Rats while investigating or help your fighter. Her high ressource cost could be a problem.

Magnifying Glass: Cheap boost while investigating

David Renfield: Gain lots of ressources if used right and +1 . I recommend Calling in Favors or Smoking Pipe get rid of his doom.

Lone Wolf: Another source of income if you're alone or small team. Mostly useless with Safeguard.

Fire Axe, Meat Cleaver, Baseball Bat: 2 damage weapons not on the taboo list, each with their own disadvantage.

Drawing Thin: Ressources or cards if you can afford to fail some tests or you don't care about the higher difficulty. Can add more secrets to Ancient Stone 1 if you beat the higher difficulty (use Hyperawareness or similar cards to beat the difficulty)

Teamwork: Opens some crazy combos by switching ressources, (XP) items and allies.

Hallowed Mirror: Everyone can heal HP/ Sanity now.

St. Hubert's Key: +1 and but pretty expensive.

Solemn Vow: Combo with Jessica Hyde and/ or Peter Sylvestre to heal other investigators.

Django · 2631
A few corrections: Carolyn and Finn can already take Milan, though they have limited deck space for L0 seeker cards. Also, Scavenging can only target item assets, which does not include Wither. — Zinjanthropus · 16
Drawing thin is now taboo, it’s a fair card to take but it’s 2 to 3XP — MrGoldbee · 23
I feel like this card was actually made in response to myriad. The extra off-class cards is cute, but what I really care about is having enough room for spiritual resolve and solemn vow. — SGPrometheus · 224
@Zinjanthropus: Thanks, i removed Carolyn and Finn. Regarding scavenging, i meant that Wither triggers scavenging, not that it can be returned to your hand. — Django · 2631
@MrGoldbee: Drawing thin is 5 XP with Versatile and taboo, but in some decks it can be worth it. — Django · 2631
In that case, I think you mean Sixth Sense, rather than Wither ;) — Zinjanthropus · 16
I meant the one that let's you investigate. Wait you're right. Thanks again. — Django · 2631
Often in this game, your difference between losing and winning can be in a single skill test. So lucky, for example, can be at least so strong as a "upgrade" on some asset that occupies some slot. — Venti · 1

This is worse than 'Unexpected Courage' as a standalone card. You just can't consistently time important checks to get that extra '?' icon. It isn't hard to use it with two icons though, so it's not that much worse.

But unlike 'Unexpected Courage', 'Prophesy' can be tutored by 'Practice Makes Perfect.' An investigator with access to just the seeker and mystic pools has a pretty shallow pool of practiced skills with 'Perception' and 'Deduction' as the obvious standouts.

With 4 targets in a 30-something card deck, the odds of missing a search with PMP are significant—especially if you've already played PMP once. So if you want to be sure you won't waste that card and possibly fail the skill test, 'Prophesy' is a reasonable addition. For my part, I've done this in a Mandy Thompson deck and have not been disappointed.

I wouldn't look at this card in any other situation though.

time_cube · 1
Upcoming Amanda Sharpe also probably wants it as it’s a fair choice to throw under her even at 1 icon. — StyxTBeuford · 1338
Brother Xavier

The soak ally. He soaks for you, he soaks for others. The willpower doesn't hurt, but he's honestly too expensive for that and the ally slot without charisma too valuable. You should try Police Badge and Bandolier before playing xavier for the +1

If you want to aggressively keep the map free from enemies, you should look for allies in the local police station.

As a defensive card in a slot important for the offensive, he is probably preferred over Beat Cop(2) only by Diana Stanley and Carolyn Fern, who likely do not want the +1.

Mataza · 8
The real reason you play him is the 2 damage on kill. Some Guardians have good enough economy to play him reliably (Zoey and Tommy especially), while others will take him on high difficulties just for the testless damage. — StyxTBeuford · 1338
Beat Cops do testless damage better. They're cheaper, buff a relevant stat, and don't need to die. I ran both in a hard campaign — Mataza · 8
Yeah was gonna say, you would often take both I think. — StyxTBeuford · 1338
After using upgraded beat cop calling in favors for Xavier? — Django · 2631