Sell Your Soul

Obviously no one wants to be driven insane, but I think Dexter Drake can make use of this card. With Deny Existence (5) this card effectively reads "Gain 10 Resources.", so if you run 2x Deny Existence (5), Word of Command, and Faustian Bargain, you have decent odds of either easily mitigating this weakness or actively profiting from it.

The drawback is that there is significant setup with this combo. You need to randomly draw Offer You Cannot Refuse while at 4 resources or less, then in a later scenario you need to draw Fine Print with fewer than 7. I recommend running cards like Armageddon over Shrivelling to keep your resource count down.

If you can find some way to keep your resource count low early on it's easy enough to set this combo up within the first 3-4 scenarios of a campaign.

SorryLaurie · 246
Wouldn't you gain 10 resources, then go insane because you didn't fulfil the condition of losing 10? — Sorden · 1
For the correct answer look in the FAQ for deny existence (it works as described above) — Tharzax · 1
Neat! Talk about rejecting reality and substituting it with your own... that card is even more aptly named than I thought. — Sorden · 1
Runic Axe

Having played with the Runic Axe now I must say do not underestimate the Inscription of the Hunt. I bought it just because my initial plan of Glory, Elders, Ancient Power and Scriptweaver totalled to 9 and I didn't think I'd need the Heirloom discount but it massively overperformed. Free engages on Aloof enemies is obviously nice and getting to move into a location of enemies and still getting to make 3 attacks was great but what surprised me was how often I just wanted to move whilst engaged with an enemy, Walking the enemy to locations with clues on them let the Inscription of Elders proc more often and just let me continue moving towards the current objective whilst enemies tried to bog us down.

Convery · 5
I had a similar experience, adding Hunt caused the value to skyrocket. You can squeeze so many bonus actions while still reliably dealing damage. — Pseudo Nymh · 2
Narrow Shaft

Sefina Rousseau got engaged by a Ghoul Minion in the Narrow Shaft . Her agility is not that low but if we got more monster via it would be very big problem. With decisive eyes she takes her step onto the monster shoulder and climbs. Her real aim is not the open above but a secret side Narrow Escape path. Vile monster shocked and failed the opportunity to attack her and close range but still quickly climb and follow her to the next chamber out of frustration. She not completely lost it yet.

One of my favorite Arkham moments

Pawley · 15
Rex Murphy

Rex was already A tier, but he bumps towards high A/S with scarlet keys just because of that passive.

Remember that concealed cards can be discovered by also discovering a clue at a location. Card effects like dynamite that damage everything at a location for free can expose (although can only expose 1), so other card effects that instead discover clues can also expose instead (effects like Working a Hunch, Deduction and Pendant of the Queen can expose concealment).

The wording on Rex's ability then also allows him to expose a conceal, while doing what he would normally be doing anyway. This gives him a nice tempo boost, especially in TSK where the timers are quite short.

Overall, once a good gator, always a good gator.

drjones87 · 100
Butterfly Swords

Has an amusing interaction with Lifeline, a combo which currently only Tommy can use (and who would never want to run butterfly knives). You can swing six times in a round, fail all of them, get six additional actions, and swing twelve more times. Throw in Keen Eye for the comeback round.

CombStranger · 190
It'd be so funny to just miss 12 whole attacks though. — toastsushi · 62