Eldritch Inspiration

After slotting this into an Akachi deck, this feels like an excellent card. As long as you have the deck space, I think any mystic can take this as a great tech card. Mystics don't even have to build around it; putting in cards that are good will guarantee this has plenty of targets. Investigators that can take mystic as a secondary might find themselves with this in hand but nothing to use it on, unless they're Norman (who's really a mystic, if we're being honest).

I think in general, cancelling a bad RoS pull is the best use of this, as has been mentioned. However, there were several times that a bad Shrivelling (5) pull would have killed me that I was able to ignore. Additionally, doubling the effects from Wither and Wither (4) reduces the enemy's fight twice and deals 3 damage with the upgraded version. Doubling the effect on Sixth Sense is pretty pointless, since you replace a replacement effect and still only get one clue, but it can net you 3 clues with Sixth Sense (4). Pretty neat, I think.

SGPrometheus · 188
Also in a Jim bag control deck, this does a lot of work with Song of The Dead and Dark Prophecy/Olive McBride, when those stars align--which is more often than you might think--you've got a 5 damage attack on your hands. — Sycopath · 1
One of these days I'm going to build a Sefina deck with Olive McBride, Song of the Dead, Double or Nothing, Eldritch Inspiration and Double Double. It's a ridiculously jenky combo with an insane amount of moving parts, but in theory it opens up the possibility of doing 18 damage in a single action. Not that you ever actually need to do that, but it would be insanely fun if you could pull it off. — Sassenach · 89
@Sassenach What about that guy in Forgotten Age? The big one who comes back in later scenarios? Kill him in one hit; pow! — SGPrometheus · 188
My favorite usage of Eldritch Inspiration is on SOTD and SOTD is quite underrated since it isn't that difficult to find a Skull now. I usually also include Shrivelling or Rite of Seeking (or both) in those decks and this is really nice with those also. — TWWaterfalls · 361
Emergency Cache

This card is weird but in some particular cases it is awesome. With rogues, if you have Lola Santiago and Flashlight you have a really efficient combo where flashlight makes your investigate action easier by 2 and you can use Lola's during the test at a cheaper cost. You can do that 4 more times with Emergency Cache (3). If you have to use Streetwise to bump your intellect then the value of this card is off the charts (a little bit less than 16 ressources). Not a first buy obviously but a really cool card.

Baker · 2
This is a really cool combo that I hadn't considered. I love playing Lola with Jenny but usually grab Lockpicks right away. Maybe I should keep 1-2 flashlights in the deck in addition. — TWWaterfalls · 361
It's pretty cool for reloading your Acidic Ichor too. — Sassenach · 89
Tooth of Eztli

I feel like this card might not get enough consideration in multiplayer games where a character is able to run cards like ["Let me handle this!"] and absorb other investigator's encounter cards. A lot of weaknesses are treachery cards, too.

Considering this can only fire once a turn, it's probably not all that great. But if your group is drawing 3 or 4 encounter cards a turn, according to the review below, 30%+ of cards have skill tests on them so you should be drawing a skill test every turn. So, if you're able to control who gets what card each turn, you can (kind of) be sure you're going to draw a card each turn.

zovc · 16
I get where you're coming from, but three bucks and an action for a card that doesn't help me kill monsters is a really hard sell, especially as the player count goes up. I think you're better off saving let me handle this for when your seeker draws an elite, and just manipulating encounter draws to give yourself damage and your allies horror, tooth or no. It just doesn't quite get there for me, from a guardian perspective. — SGPrometheus · 188
Perhaps if you trigger this more often it would be more valuable but this is a card that straddles the just good enough line since it has a restricted use and 3R cost. I keep using in Ursula since there are not that many L0 relics and the accessory slot isn't that contested in Seeker (Grisly Totem is pretty good though). It feels like it became more valuable in TFA though since I think the % of agility treacheries goes up and you have to Explore often. Right now since there is so much XP in TFA I am running it with Crystalline Elder Sign and Relic Hunter. Ursula is attempting to be immune to the encounter deck if she can get the Bow into play. 2 (or more...) scenarios left. — TWWaterfalls · 361
Laboratory Assistant

This card is now a corner stone in my Minh Thi Phan decks based on the combo Laboratory assistant + Dream-enhancing serum + Feed the mind.

Ideally I play the Serum, then the Lab assistant (having 2 copies of Studious help to have them both after the mulligan) to start my engine. Later, Feed the mind allows to draw a lot in a single action and have sometimes 12-15 cards in hand so that Minh has a solution to everything happening.

Of course, you end up drawing The King in yellow but with a hand full of skills, you should need one action to get rid of it !

AlexP · 26
Lita Chantler

Lita Chantler: arsonist, ghoul-slayer, and Umordhoth's favorite snack. How is it that, over three years after the release of the Arkham Horror LCG, this torch-wielding termagant still has no review? It's time to redress this wrong.

There's two ways to think about Lita -- as an interesting story asset during The Night of the Zealot (she appears to be said Zealot), and as a standard ally, if you decide to make The Night of the Zealot the first chapter of a multi-set campaign.

In the Night of the Zealot, Lita shows up in your house while you run, shrieking, from a ghoul priest. But she's skeptical that you really need any help; her preference is to watch your duel to the death from the comfort of your parlor. If, however, you engage her in conversation and make a well-organized and informed case as to why she should rescue you from the deranged beast clawing at your back, she'll do what she can. Together, you'll defrock the ghoul priest, and then arrive a crossroads. Lita wants to burn your house: if you demur, she storms off in disgust; if you let her, she'll be your BFF, but you'll never quite be the same (I'm not sure if it's the house burning, or the crazed look in Lita's eyes as it burns, but you'll collect your first mental trauma here). In the next two scenarios, Lita will be an excellent pull. Even if you're not going up against monster enemies (her flavor of choice), the multi-investigator fight bonus is wonderful, and she soaks damage and horror like a champ. In the Devourer Below, she may get you out of a sticky situation indeed.

I think the more interesting question, though, is how Lita does BEYOND Night of the Zealot, if you survive it, and if your investigator is in shape for further mythos-plumbing. In short, she does well. Possibly best-card-in-the-game well, excluding one or two permanents. With her massive soak capacity, her zero-resource play cost, and her ability to buff the whole group, not just you, I'd pay 10xp or more to put her in certain decks. And how good is the bonus against monsters? Real good. There are about 120 enemy encounter cards with the monster trait, not to mention some dozen or so weakness enemies, including the signature weaknesses of Father Mateo, Tony, Norman Withers, and William Yorick.

If you want Lita to Undo the Circle with you, or Tread the Path to Carcosa, or Eat some Dreams, just remember that you'll be starting that campaign with a minimum of three mental trauma, one from watching Lita burn your house, and two from your brush with Umordhoth. Of course, you'll have a pile of experience as well, so it might even out somewhat, especially for high-sanity investigators like Norman. Still, I can guarantee for she'll be a dream-pull in just about every scenario.

You can avoid 1 mental trauma and get her, if everyone resigns the first scenario. However the priest will be added to the 2nd scenario's encounter deck, making it a bit harder. — Django · 2365