Ritual. Armor.

Cost: 1. XP: 2.
Test Icons:
Health: X. Sanity: X.

Play Enchanted Armor under the control of any investigator at your location.

Forced - After damage and/or horror is placed on Enchanted Armor: The owner of Enchanted Armor tests (X), where X is the total amount of damage and horror on it. If the test fails, discard Enchanted Armor and assign the damage and/or horror just placed on it elsewhere.

Imad Awan
Horror in High Gear #189.
Enchanted Armor

For the sake of clarity.

When Enchanted Armor "dies", the only reassinged pain, is the pain you just placed, so if you're playing with some buffs and youre running around with 5 or 6 total pain on there, and you take another point of pain that fails you the test and the armor breaks, you're only reassignigng that bit of pain that broke the camel's back, not the whole pile. This is how I read the card initially and it felt real bad.

So anyway, on the actual correctly read card:

There is'nt much to say. Buff your as high as you can, bring Arcane Studies and/or Physical Training to routinely buff yourself to high heaven, and just keep stacking those tokens high! Brother Xavier can help, so can Holy Rosary. I think you can reasonably expect to soak 4-6 total pain in this way before the dam breaks.

The best part is the straight and simple flexibility of soaking both horror and damage, as required at the time, most of you should be familiar with the bad bookkeeping feeling of loosing an ally because you're taking on too much of one kind of pain.

The downside of the card is the severe reduction in playability if you -dont- build into it, a Diana Stanley or Sister Mary will really make it shine, and so can anybody with Physical Training, but outside of those decks and builds, it's a dud card, especially on harder difficulties.

Tsuruki23 · 2463
not really "build around" to want your willpower high, that thing you use to defend against 11/10 treacheries seems like something you want even in a flightier guardian (since they have less sanity typically anyway), A cheaper, less XP elder sign amulet that sits in the body slot seems pretty good in alot of peps. — Zerogrim · 282
Fun target for Lonnie. — MrGoldbee · 1384
Lonnie can only fix items, not armors and rituals. — Susumu · 326
At harder difficulties, it's nearly unplayable even if you do have 6-7 will with static bonuses . It costs just 1 xp more to take 3 copies of Spiritual Resolve over 2 copies of enchanted armor. Technically there's a downside that you can't play it on other investigators, but practically if you really want to soak for other investigators Hallowed Mirror and Solemn Vow do a much better job. — suika · 9216
This card looks fun but I'm pretty low on it from a power level perspective. Maybe I'm underestimating it, it's certainly not easy to evaluate, but to me the fact that you get zero soak if you fail the first test is kind of unacceptable for an XP soak card. I also really hate gratuitous skill tests on Hard/Expert, so there's that, too. — CaiusDrewart · 2993
Not exactly _good_, but note that Skids or Leo could commit Three Aces to the test to automatically succeed. You could use it against BTV (though they can both take Delay the Inevitable, which is much better in that context). I wonder if you'd be able to tank the 100 horror from the final Agenda Flip in Carcosa? — Zinjanthropus · 222
Looks like you could. Soaking the horror isn't preventing it. — Yenreb · 15
In which case...what happens? You continue playing without an agenda? — suika · 9216
It would just prevent the mental trauma you get, the game ofcourse will be over anyway. Bruiser seems now a better option than "Physical Training" to buff the tests. — Susumu · 326

Thinking about fun ways to play this card: Sister Mary/Diana play this card on a damage/horror tank. This card with paradoxical covenant & the favors lets you to auto-pass difficulty 8+ tests.

The tank can play the style of taking enemies onto themselves, maybe running survival knife to hit in enemy phase. Sounds fun!

Leviat · 2
Assuming you had an auto-success effect and this by scenario 1 (think 'in the thick of it' + stroke of luck), what would happen after Agenda 2 of Curtain Call (the first scenario of Carcosa) ? — aurchen · 1
I guess one would continue playing without Agenda — Nenananas · 240
My Agenda is to have fun. — MrGoldbee · 1384