Covenant. Blessed.

Cost: –. XP: 2.

Permanent. Limit 1 Covenant per deck.

When an investigator at your location resolves a token during a skill test, exhaust Ancient Covenant: Do not reveal another token as part of this token's effect.

Tiziano Baracchi
In Too Deep #122.
Ancient Covenant

This seems extremely good, as long as you have some way of getting Bless tokens into the bag. It’s potentially one auto success per Round as long as you can pack the bag with good stuff. And, as a Permanent and no slot requirement, what do you have to lose?

Obviously, this is dependent on how easy it is for Survivors to get bless tokens in the Bag.

Survivors do not need to be the ones getting blesses into the bag... they can pair with Sister Mary or any other player able to get tokens into the bag. — FBones · 11764
Father Mateo just get better and better. — rexhaha · 1
Well, you got 2XP to lose, but as a permanent it's guaranteed. Feels like it's best in 3+ player games; more likely to trigger. — fiatluxia · 10
But if you are drawing a bless token you are pretty likely to be succeeding at that test anyway (depending on how many bless/curse token are in the bag). It's main advantage is that it stops you drawing loads of bless tokens for one test and it's good for investigators who want to succeed by high numbers, eg Rogues. — EnglishLord · 1
@EnglishLord. Drawing a bless token will not be "pretty likely to succeeding" in forced tests against your lower stats, like that ones from treachery cards. I think those tests that would be the better cases for this card. — Venti · 1
I'm running this in a Stella deck teamed up w/ a Father Matteo who leans hard into the Blessed token tech (and has the Sacred Covenant), and it's been great. — KillerShrike · 1