Covenant. Blessed.

Cost: –. XP: 2.

Permanent. Limit 1 Covenant per deck.

When an investigator at your location resolves a [bless] token during a skill test, exhaust Ancient Covenant: Do not reveal another token as part of this [bless] token's effect.

Tiziano Baracchi
In Too Deep #122.
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This seems extremely good, as long as you have some way of getting Bless tokens into the bag. It’s potentially one auto success per Round as long as you can pack the bag with good stuff. And, as a Permanent and no slot requirement, what do you have to lose?

Obviously, this is dependent on how easy it is for Survivors to get bless tokens in the Bag.

Survivors do not need to be the ones getting blesses into the bag... they can pair with Sister Mary or any other player able to get tokens into the bag. — FBones · 10542
Father Mateo just get better and better. — rexhaha · 1