Fortune. Blessed.

Max 1 committed per skill test.

You may commit Predestined to any type of test.

If this test fails, either add 2 tokens to the chaos bag or remove 2 tokens from the chaos bag.

Imad Awan
The Innsmouth Conspiracy #35.

This is a failure card that the queen of failure, Stella, only wants in certain circumstances.

Here’s when it’s most useful:

-You’re playing with characters who put a lot of curse tokens in the bag,

-You’re in a big group and other people will be using the bag enough to drain the blesses;

-It’s your third action and your fourth action won’t involve a skill test. (Maybe you’re doing a track shoes test with drawing thin.)

Probably not the best pick, but Silas can make good use of this card. Throw it in the boost card at a skill check. If you succeed, take back the predestined. If you fail, take back that useful skill card. With ancient covenant, each of those tokens might be a future success. Predestiny indeed.

MrGoldbee · 1174
This card pairs nicely with the Survivor Grisly totem if you can find a way to guarantee failure — dlikos · 20