Brand of Cthugha

When I look at this my first thought is a backup 'weapon' for Nathaniel Cho with Boxing Gloves. Sometimes he needs to swing twice in a round for bonus damage, or he's run out of fight events later in a scenario. Brand of Cthugha gives a good backup in an uncontested slot and it can make use of the bonus fight from Boxing Gloves. All-in-all there's a lot to like here for 1xp and Brand of Cthugha(4) is just even more of it later on.

Therebrae · 11
Damn, that's actually a really good call. — SGPrometheus · 594
Also a good backup for .35 winchester — jmmeye3 · 559
Rite of Seeking

A note that the Rite of Seeking in the revised core set is Rite of Seeking(2) not Rite of Seeking. Other than that, kudos for giving mystics an investigation option right out of the revised core set.

Therebrae · 11
Man, I just barely remember playing mystic back when they were basically "bad guardian." They've come a long, weird way. — SGPrometheus · 594
Agnes was probably still a "much better guardian than Skids" out of the original core box. — Susumu · 165
Meditative Trance

Goes well with Sign Magick [b]or[/b] the alternate Agnes Baker who needs the healing and can recycle it at a discount but it's probably a pretty marginal card for anyone else since you are usually better off pushing forward than trying to heal and 'soak' is generally the way to go given the cost of healing in this game.

Consider tossing it in if you're already running Sign Magick and heavy Arcane Assets (maybe you're an Alchemist )but bear in mind that Agnes Baker would generally rather play spell Events than Assets.

Fearless has you covered for Sanity of course -you don't want to be spending money or actions for it generally.

Timlagor · 3
If it were spell traited, Agnes would love it, but i don't think she can recycle this. I'm too lazy to look her wording up though. — SGPrometheus · 594
Parallel Agnes' ability only works with Spells. — MiskatonicFrosh · 114
Close Call

It is still situational, but this can be interesting in Daniela Reyes. You trigger a attack with your Mechanic's Wrench, evade with your and then shuffle the enemy back to the Encounter Deck. What's best is that you don't even have to wait for your turn to do it.

It costs you an attack and 2 resources to send an enemy back into the Encounter Deck without spending a single action. Good to free your at the beginning of their turn to let them investigate at will, speed up a late scenario temple run, get rid of a Cultist full of doom, or an annoying Conglomeration of Spheres that steals your weapons without giving you a single Victory Point for this.

Valentin1331 · 2548
Daniela Reyes

Daniela may be more stronger when everybody possesses 0xp, but with the increasing of exp, Daniela's strength will indicate a downward trend rapidly. The only weapon could be thought "passing" is Sledgehammer, which is much weaker than Cyclopean Hammer. No matter the difficulty is standard, hard or expert (I think every investigor could behave well in the easy mode), the potential of Daniela is pretty limited at any time. Somebody may state that She could take Aquinnah, but this counterattack system lacks the most important component, which is Survival Knife of 2xp. All in all, this is not a relatively strong investigator. 4-1-5-2 could be strong, but this attribute advantage is little compared to the huge disadvantage of deck-building restrictions.

Swordace · 22
Ever hear of Chainsaw or Old Hunting Rifle? — MrGoldbee · 1148
Oh, I forgot that th — Swordace · 22
Oh, I forgot the chainsaw. It's not bad, but do you think it's better than cyclopean hammer? As for old hunting rifle, I think it's weak without will to survive. The prerequisite for attacking is stable. Old Hunting Rifle may have higher income, but not stable enough. — Swordace · 22
Swordace has a good point. Daniela has the stats and ability of a typical guardian, but she can only upgrade into Survivor cards. If she's supposed to fill the classic Guardian role in a group, that's going to be a challenge. Me, I think we shouldn't shoehorn Daniela into the archetypical guardian role and expect her to perform as well as Mark or Leo. Daniela is something else, but the card pool isn't quite there to support her. Maybe MJ will turn the proposed upgraded Guard Dog into a blue/red multiclass card instead, along with a lvl 3 blue/red multiclass Survival Knife that can attack with +1 damage as well. Just a few cards like that, and our dear mechanic would make much more sense (at least to me). — olahren · 1517
Oh, no, Daniella's only weapons are Sledgehammer, which her card pool lets her use very well, Fire Extinguisher, .18 Derringer, Old Hunting Rifle, and Chainsaw. Well, those are worse than Cyclopean Hammer so I guess she's bad. — SSW · 148
SSW I think you get wrong idea. Of course, the red cards have some weapons. However, these cards compared to the beating cards of Guardian are weak. We should know what make Survival outstanding. It's Take Heart, Drawing Thin, Will to Survive and Alter Fate. Compared to Yorick, the system of Daniela is not intact. Now that we are talking about the strength of investigators, we have to take its behavior in hard or expert mode into consider. I can play with these cards very happily while using Daniela, but you have to admit thatusing Fire Extinguisher or Old Hunting Rifle is not reliable enough. Cyclopean Hammer is the extreme example. What about other weapons of Guardian? LOL, I think we have no need to concentrate on my mistake while listing the beating cards of Survivor. I just give an example to illustrate that weapons of high experience of Guardian is stronger so that Daniela's deck restriction makes her weaker in the mid-late stage of the campaign. — Swordace · 22
I'm not against happy games, but when we discuss the intensity, I think we should be "utilitarian". Daniela — Swordace · 22
with Danielas high attack I think fire extinguisher is quite viable, even if she doesn't kill the enemy in that round because of the +1 attack, she wants to get attacked anyway. I had my doubts about daniela at first but she turned out to be one of the best main-fighter experiences i had in quite a while — niklas1meyer · 1
In direct comparison, the survivor pool is worse than most others at winning the game (no extra actions, hardly any int or attack bonuses,...). However most survivors make up with powerful or unique abilities that change the way you play. For daniela's ability you need cards that make enemies attack you, soak (peter, jessica,...) and ways to recur soak (keepsake and coat). Counters like aquinna, guard dog and survival knife 0 also help. It's also interesting that her ability is not limited to 1/ round like Rita. Note that it works on alert and retaliate. — Django · 3807
Just too bad that we have another survivor here with low int and virtually no chance to trigger scavenging 2. — Django · 3807
Yes, it seems the most suitable deckbuidling for Daniela. Most of the survivors change the game by its unique ability and its cards of other colors, like Wendy Adams. Its intensity is limited, not meaning it should have no advantages. I'm here to analyze her potential(*'へ'*) — Swordace · 22
What campaigns have you played her in? — MrGoldbee · 1148
Innsmouth conspiracy in expert mode. At first she behaves very well. After in too deep, I have felt much more difficult to deal with enemies. — Swordace · 22
The survivor cardpool gives her very good consistency and a lot of threat containment (Ex: Alter fate, test of will upgrades, lucky). In a huge way this is helping you win the game, because if you succeed on almost all of your actions even without 'efficiency boosts' (Besides weapon damage, which she can handle well enough), you are well above arkham par as long as you can be proactive for your team. But she does indeed sacrifice some upper end damage potential that locks her out of being a dedicated monster hunter unless she can make up for it somewhere. I think damage potential is a bit over-rated if you bring other things to the table that mitigate it (Ex: "Flex" Leo works so well because his allies allow him to run 2 damage guns super efficiently). The question is, what does Daniela do well to warrant her either being a low damage guardian, or allow her to flex? I think the real thing that hurts her as a character so badly, ignoring the existence of both Tommy and Yorick (and heck, lets throw Leo in too) and their supremacy as mega-tanks, is lore 1 locking her pretty hard out of spending any sort of spare time or survivor skill tools to cluever, and the fact that it is hard for survivors to really leverage willpower without also using speed making it hard for Daniella to utilize their 'pseudo-spells' as she has very little use for speed. Extra damage to guard dogs and Xavier, or evades and damage on dodge effects, don't seem like they make up for what she gives up. 2 damage Leo works cuz he can suddenly also be an insane cluever and ping for 2-3 bonus damage via ally instant effects, but Daniela isn't bringing similar capabilities and is locked out of a lot of good survivor support tools. The main thing that she brings to the table others don't is the ability to instant evade if she doesn't ever plan to kill enemies, and evasion is good in modern arkham, but it feels like a losing gameplan to just throw your hands up and say you can't handle the enemies and your just gunna evade them often enough to be it worth both your passive slot and your deck construction power compared to Tommy. — dezzmont · 69
Daniela doesn't need the survival knife because Daniela is the survival knife. — suika · 8176
Also being able to flex is highly overrated. — suika · 8176
Dezzmont has a good idea. In the later period of the campaign, low DPS means more actions for fighting and less actions for preparing. — Swordace · 22
2x quickleaner and flashlight or keys beat up to shroud 4 — Django · 3807
My point wasn't 'she is bad because she can't flex.' It is 'she does not seem to have any coherent strategy based on her card access. But trading access to the entire XP cardpool of a counter-stab deck in exchange for a counter-stab passive that happens on the wrong end of an attack makes you worse at primary combat strategies and she doesn't compensate for that. Counterstab is a deck based around being able to do some odd 5 testless damage to bypass the traditional limitations of endless fight prep (mainly, you only have so many combat actions per-turn and being extra prepared doesn't actually help save your team actions or make them safer long run) by letting you shove more damage actionless, but survival knife (0) doesn't scale and beat cop (2) is a keystone of the deck. So your taking damage to do less damage to the enemy in turn. — dezzmont · 69
Good thing there's more than one way to build a counterattack deck then. — suika · 8176
Ok, but are those decks able to execute on what they are trying to do, and is Daniella actually adding anything to those decks? Power isn't the only concern of course, exploring interesting deck spaces also adds value to characters, but does she even do that? You seem to see potential here others don't (I think it is telling the number one review is 'This character leads to goofy lore disconnects' rather than anything about her, it isn't a great sign), so maybe you should make a full review on the character, propose a deck archetype or combo that could create value for her, or even write a full decklist to showcase what you see in her! — dezzmont · 69
Sure, deck posted, I've been waiting for an excuse to post that anyway. — suika · 8176
I'll also publish a decklist for Daniela and make more specific explanation about it in a hour. — Swordace · 22
I've published my deck of Daniela and make more further explanation about it. — Swordace · 22
speaking of high level weapon, there is always Timeworn Brand... — liwl0115 · 15