Since it is possible to devour an enemy or a treachery card (Reality Acid can let it happen via an elder sign effect), when you return this type of card (and I believe you can choose it), is it going to an encounter deck discard pile (or an investigator's discard pile if it is a weakness)?

chrome · 45
It's encouraged that the question is written at other room, such as BGG, mythoes busters discord, or reddit, because here is "review" section and not "question" or "free boarding" section. — elkeinkrad · 446
This card directs you to "choose" cards and return them to their owners' hands. According to the target rule (in rule reference), only the cards is legal targets that can be returned to their owners' hands. The owner of the card from the encounter deck is the scenario. Thus, the card from the encounter deck is illegal target; of course, the scenario has no hand. — elkeinkrad · 446
If a weakness enters an investigator's hand in a manner that did not involve drawing the card, that investigator must resolve the card (including any Revelation abilities) as if he or she had just drawn it. (from weakness section, rule reference) Thus, chosen weakness should be resolved as if drawn. — elkeinkrad · 446
Anna Kaslow

Nobody has talked about her in Tommy with the star, okay I'll make this quick.

The Star • XVII is amazing in Tommy, it makes you unkillable and filthy rich, but once you have one copy you might be tempted to get a second copy (two of a good card is better than one isn't it?) but do not be fooled, for a single 1xp bump you can get Anna instead who in all ways is a second copy of star (if your deck remains a deck and not a pile), this grants you an additional 4 point of soak, which can translate into a bonus 4 resources. Should Anna start in your opening hand you are probably just going to win off that alone.

The real tricky part is deciding if you should double up on Star's or Anna's first, I am torn because starting with Anna is strictly better than starting with the star, but Having two stars in play just turns Tommy from unkillable, to a laughing god beyond the reach of damage AND horror.

My personal choices after obtaining immortality is grabbing Combat Training and Keen Eye, stacking even more immortality and giving me a way to funnel endless cash into any skill test I am likely ever going to have to make.

Zerogrim · 281
Power Word

Don't take it in TSK, it's a good card but seems to be terrible in that particular campaign. Can't target Elites, and usually you don't want to be with enemies in the same location or you prefer them to be dead.

Otki · 14
Vincent Lee

I played Vincent for the first time recently and I had a BLAST. He is a capable clue finder and strong assistant. Mostly I just really want to share a phenomenal combo that I found to be very strong and easy to pull of

As many other comments and reviews have pointed out, Bandages are Vincent's friends. Other investigators (at your location) can trigger the healing on their turns and still benefit from your innate power to get On the Mend. But specifically, the other investigator you want to bring along is Mark Harrigan. He starts every game with Sophie in play, allowing him to inflict a damage to himself for a +2 to a skill check (also triggering his own innate to draw a card, at least the first time). If I'm not missing any timing issues, this self inflicted damage also puts his copy of On the Mend into his hand which he can throw into that same skill check that Sophie is boosting. The end result is Mark can burn charges off Vincent's Bandages as +4 to a skill check, or +2 to this skill check and a ?? card banked for the next one, and the free card draw is just icing on the cake.

Also, as a twist you might not have considered, Vincent is a great candidate for an item heavy deck. Running Geared Up, Backpacks (upgrade them ASAP), and Schoffner's Catalogue is a fun way to go all-in on items (not unusual to have 7 item assets in play at the end of turn 1). Vincent can play Scavenging, and while it's not an item and cannot be pulled with Backpack or paid for by the Catalogue, it does keep the critical items (like Bandages) coming back. Oh, and if you go with this Item heavy setup be sure to throw in the Segment of Onyx, it's a joke how often you can complete the set of 3 with this setup.

jmccrary · 14

When do you start and stop having +1 to each of your skills when using this? Can you use this with a fast event to get the bonus when doing something unrelated to the action on the item this is attached to?

For example, let's say you attach this to machete. You activate your machete to take the fight action, and that causes a combat skill test. During the player window after committing skill cards to the skill test in the 8 steps of a skill test, you attempt to Expose Weakness the enemy you're fighting. Do you have +1 from reliable during your expose weakness test?

Like, clearly you have the bonus during step 5 of the fight test on the machete, but I honestly do feel like you are getting the +1 starting before step 1 and ending after step 8 because the entirety of the test is part of the resolution of the action taken on machete.

Gws · 60
Never. See "nested skill tests" in the FAQ. Expose Weakness is the exact example used in the FAQ; the skill test for Expose Weakness happens after the skill test from Machete. — Soul_Turtle · 127
In fact, the rule of nested skill test is introduced to prevent this question, as I know. — elkeinkrad · 446