Minh Thi Phan

Tried her again with the TSK card pool. She's still bad.

The problem is her weakness.

Let's compare Minh to the first seeker in the game everyone has access to: Daisy.

Stats (Winner: Daisy) Daisy has a 5 int, whereas Minh has 4. Daisy has a lower Will, but a higher sanity and can safely fail will checks easier.

Survivability (Winner: Tie) Minh is more durable with 7 health, whereas Daisy is quite squishy with only 5. Minh has access to survivor cards like leather coat and Jessica Hyde, but Daisy has deny existence. Overall, they can both stay on the board pretty well.

Card pool (Winner: Tie) Some really good survivor cards came into play with TSK. However, they both aren't really going to want to delve too deep into their offclass as the seeker cards themselves are still pretty nuts.

Weakness and Sig Asset: (Winner: Daisy, by light years)

Daisy and Minh both get assets that completely lock up a hand slot,and limit each character to one hand. Daisy's signature asset completely locks down her weakness though, and basically ends up netting her one hand at the cost of increasing the auto fails in the bag by 1. Minh's weakness on the other hand completely locks down Minh's signature asset to where she basically can't use it if King in Yellow is on the field. For Minh to clear the King, she's going to want to be draw heavy so she can over commit. Since she's draw heavy though, she's going to be drawing the King a lot too. If youre playing with more than one actove hand slot, you always have the threat of King bumping one of your slots. Compare that to a draw heavy Daisy. Once she has necronomicon safely tucked in her book bag, it's a non issue for the remainder of the game.

Investigator ability (Winner: Daisy, by light years).

Minh can boost each investigator by one each time. They're probably not attempting checks they couldn't innately pass anyway, and this ends up essentially being pretty useless. Daisy on the other hand gets a free action on tome abilities, which she will most likely use on Old Book Of Lore. Draw (and even free asset play) each turn, pretty much every turn, guaranteed.

Overall: Daisy.

The librarian will outperform the secretary in almost every scenario. Since they're both competing for the same role... I find it hard to ever really recommend Minh. I have yet to find a deck build for her that Daisy can't do better, and as such she's a C Tier investigator for me.

drjones87 · 100
I am no stranger to hot takes, but saying Minh is bad is a bold statement considering some of her decks were so strong they were a large reason cards were taboo'd. — dezzmont · 149
Seeker 5/Survivor 2 is probably the strongest card pool in the game. Minh doesn't even need an ability or signature to be good. But she does have a great sig - much better than Daisy's, which just lets you maybe play a couple of tomes you might not even need if you're just using Old Book of Lore every turn. Her weakness turns off her ability and signature, but is much, much easier to clear than Daisy's, and doesn't double the amount of autofails in the bag if you leave it in play. — SSW · 187
Please, show me a deck that this holds true. I know about twenty different ways to build Daisy. Every Minh build comes back around to the same problem. Build her for draw to combat King In Yellow and you just draw it more. Don't, and it completely shuts down her sig. As stated above. — drjones87 · 100
Drawing the King in Yellow isn't a problem if you also draw enough cards to trivially commit +6, which Minh can easily do. If your drawing lots of cards you 'hit your weakness faster' but it also literally doesn't matter. This means that in normal play Minh doesn't need to do anything special besides maybe discard an extra card on a skill test, while Daisy (who I think is quite good but is a very different character) has to give up using her character power for 3 turns while taking sanity loss to clear her weakness. As SSW said, Seeker 5/Survivor 2 is a ridiculously good combo as well due to scavenging, which allows Minh to do bonkers things like infinitely recur limited use researched cards, or utilize her insane skill synergy with ice picks to become a better killer than many guardians. — dezzmont · 149
Does having to build (slightly) around your sig weakness make a character bad? Especially when the thing you're building around - drawing cards - is generally just a net benefit to begin with? Also, Minh is absolutely a thousand times more versatile than Daisy in her deckbuilding, it's not even close. You could build a Minh deck with all survivor cards. You can absolutely not build a Daisy deck with all mystic cards. — SSW · 187
I found the best solution to address the King in Yellow to be "Archaic Glyphs: Guiding Stones". Suddenly, committing 6+ icons to a single test isn't a waste any more, as it gives you loads of clues, at least in higher player counts. I played her before the release of "Ice Pick", and still found her a very strong investigator. — Susumu · 234
A Glimmer of Hope solves her weakness. — MrGoldbee · 1303
Sometimes you may feel threatened when you have to overcommit cards to clear KiY at the risk of drawing the autofail. But now...Analysis just makes that a non-issue. TSK actually made Minh even stronger. — toastsushi · 62
Dream Eaters gave Minh Dream Diary, A Glimmer of Hope, and Sharp Vision and I've never had trouble clearing King in Yellow since. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, but "still bad" is very different from my experience. — Pseudo Nymh · 2
Delve Too Deep

Obviously loses potency in later scenarios, but a very powerful cars for a simple reason: Arkham often punishes early success and rewards early failure as a balance.

Most scenarios reward on average 3-5 experience. This let's you add a significant amount to that total by making your current game harder.

Even if you lose though, finishing with two extra experience is a huge gain for the investigators. Do that for a few early scenarios and it'll start becoming really hard to lose.

Tldr this is a classic card of lose the battle win the war.

drjones87 · 100
"Arkham often punishes early success and rewards early failure as a balance." This is just wrong. The opposite is true; Arkham Horror punishes early failure and rewards early success. Just look at the first two or three scenarios of, well, EVERY campaign. Failure brings less Xp, negative effects later in the campaign, fewer story assets and/or a worse chaos bag. — olahren · 2376
A better review of this card was written -five- years ago. Go read that instead. — olahren · 2376
Ghastly Possession

You can doom not just physical items but any kind of Asset, like Spell Asset that tends to have a skill test on them. While this sounds strange, TSK did come with cards that help getting rid of "doomed Spell" such as Explosive Ward or Uncage the Soul (3).

5argon · 2103
A fun pick in Silas. — MrGoldbee · 1303
Amina Zidane

Tldr Amina is a bad version of Marie.

Full review...

Base stats Taking a squared stat line of her (square all stats and add together, which imo is a more accurate estimation of min/max potential) she's a 36, whereas Marie is at a 43. Marie is hence the winner.

Playstyle They both play a high risk game with doom on investigator assets. Amina reduces card cost, while Marie gets bonus actions for having any card with doom. Since you can take blood pact at level zero, Marie wins and her passive will see far more use.

Deckbuilding Amina takes charms, which are rather useless. Mystics already have contested spots for charms, and this just adds off class options to her that ultimately don't improve her basic abilities... spells.

Signature Assets

Marie can force stop doom from advancing the agenda at any point. If you mess up your doom manipulation, Marie can pardon this. Or you can go heavy doom in a witching hour, and then play her signature go give you another witching hour turn, risk free.

Amina's signatures just add doom to play all the time. Since she can't really cast meaningful spells with a 3 in charisma, it's not clear these assets do her any favors.


Baron Samedi is actually an asset for Marie in that he can proc her passive at any time. He can force the agenda to advance, but only if you mess the math up.

Deafening Silence on the other hand can make all the accumulated doom add up, immediately. It's like Cursed Memory, but worse.

Overall Rank: C.

Amina tries to fill a niche other mystics have already perfected. Although she can be effective, pretty much everything she can do can be done by Marie, better.

drjones87 · 100
Shed a Light

OP card. As an first impression, Shed a Light seems to be similar as Exploit Weakness, and both have powerful effect but seems to be hard to play. However, in the game, reducing shroud value of the location is one of the main mechanism beginning with Flashlight, but reducing fight/evade value is not. In general, making 0 difficulty investigation is much easier than that of fight/evade.

Moreover, unlike Exploit Weakness, Shed a Light has good combo parts. We can play 2 Shed a Light (with Double, Double) at ONE investigation to discover total 5 clues (3 from here, 2 from any). We cannot play 2 Exploit Weakness at ONE fight/evade even aganist elite enemy because the second copy has no normal effect to replace which is already replaced by first one. In addition, auto-succcess guarantee you can trigger "succeed by (your )" abilites, such as Scavenging. With proper tool, you can trigger Scavenging robustly, regardless of your stat.

Here are some useful cards to reduce difficulty for investigation:

elkeinkrad · 392
Breach the Door too. — MrGoldbee · 1303
Also Arcane Insight — 5argon · 2103
You can combo this card even further with Deductions/Sharp Vision, and Winging it too — toastsushi · 62
Otherworldly Compass has been overlooked here... it uses up a precious hand slot but it's an asset that doesn't rely on charges — An_Undecayed_Whately · 360