Map the Area

For me this is an auto include in Luke Robinson simply because you can use it to investigate the Dream-Gate. The Pointless Reality side doesn't care that you acquire a clue, only that you succeed the investigation. Map the Area would attach to the Dream-Gate but at the end of your turn you would discard Map the Area when Dream-Gate was set aside.

I personally enjoy using De Vermis Mysteriis alongside this card for that reason: Get stuck in the Pointless Reality, use Map the Area to avoid 2 horror, then on a following turn use De Vermis Mysteriis to play it again on a fixed location where it could remain an attachment for the remainder of the scenario rather than getting removed from the game.

With this card you have the option of Luke's signature weakness going from take 3 Draw/Resource/Play actions and take 2 horror to spend 1 action and 1 card and pass a skill test.

P.S: St. Hubert's Key says "Hello!"

NorainJS · 53
That is a good point, I didn't think about it! The second copy will always find a use I'm pretty sure, even if it's "just" as a willpower skill icon — Valentin1331 · 29936
This is a neat idea, but I don't see it as autoinclude for Luke. In my opinion an auto include card is generally useful, doesn't need specific circumstances to really shine and cannot be replaced by any other card in it's function. However, I don't see much of a problem with spending a setup turn in "Pointless Reality" and taking 2 horrors (with 9 total). Also I don't get why I wouldn't use this over Promise of Power or Occult Theory which cost no resources as they are skills, but also give at least a +4 boost to your investigation. Only in a deck where you want to attach Map the Area to an actual location, this is slightly more powerful. However, I think this card is only good in specific scenarios or at 3 or 4 players, with 1 or 2 players this card is rather situational. So neat tech, but auto include is highly exaggerated. — PowLee · 13
Say Your Prayers

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These days I am more and more tempted to get involved in ArkhamDB development so I can get a downvote system implemented. — snacc · 889
Or mod power. — MrGoldbee · 1324
Or a reporting system — Nenananas · 224
Crisis of Faith

Well, as I can see from the latest FAQ on Deny Existence card, since each choice is made independently and is not simultaneous, you can cancel only one point of horror instead of replacing one bless token with one copy of Deny Existence card. Seems I was playing it wrong and much easier than it actually is.

chrome · 38
hmm, that ruling seems suspect, and it is frustrating that we've received a number of questionable rulings lately (such as the infamous free trigger at any time ruling). DE says to "You ignore that aspect of the effect. (Each other aspect resolves normally.)" which is to say, each part of the effect 'other than taking horror' resolves as normal. But the entire effect is one effect - simultaneous or otherwise. (and I see no reason for it not to be simultaneous as there is nothing precedenting that it wouldn't be, any more so than commiting cards during a skill test' is mechanically simultaneous even if player decisions to commit cards are literally not) — Death by Chocolate · 1267
The new rules for "For Each" now say that simultaneous things are all the same effect, but non-simultaneous things each create their own effect; also, you can't seem to make multiple choices simultaneously (like, "For 5 bless tokens, I'll take 5 horror" counts as 5 choices, not 1), so each choice requires its own effect. This feels... a little stupid. I don't see a great mechanical or flavorful reason why these need to be treated separately. — Hylianpuffball · 22
Perhaps they just wanted to nerf Diana and Mary. Seems like a bit of a pointless ruling. — snacc · 889
I agree with snacc. To be honest, by the old rule their signature weakness were pretty much pointless, if you had a DE in hand. Of note, a versatile Harvey can still deny all damage. — Susumu · 296
@ DbC: What's the "infamous free trigger at any time ruling", you are talking about? — Susumu · 296
@Susumu there was a (now overturned) ruling in December that said you could play fast events between sequential non-actions, such as playing Well-Maintained on a Backpack in the middle of resolving Geared Up or playing Elusive in between resolving moves from Nimble. The ruling was in contradiction of the timing rules and would have opened up so many cans of worms. — Death by Chocolate · 1267
Thank you. That did not came to my note. — Susumu · 296
Doesn't deny still work on Crisis?, Crisis can be resolved in one step "i remove no curses and take X horror" and it has no dependencies or other steps. — Zerogrim · 266
The FAQ on Deny Existence says it can only cancel one horror, because choices cannot be resolved simultaneously (despite the fact that... you know... they can?) — Hylianpuffball · 22
I'm pretty sure Deny works just fine. The FAQ states — gery · 1
(Accidentally clicked enter and no delete button pff) FAQ has 2 examples. "take 1 horror for each point you fail by" can be calculated and resolved as a single horror loss. "For each point you fail by, discard 1 random card from your hand. For each card you cannot discard, take 1 horror or 1 damage" This has to be one at a time since you need to calculate how many times you cannot discard a card (might be very much possible to draw a card while taking damage for example). Crisis of faith is simple: X bless at that single moment -> X horror (the horror taken will not increase/decrease if, while taking 1 horror at a time, you somehow add/remove bless from the bag) — gery · 1
Is there a possibility? Because there is no "For each" related rule, players have always "thought" that Deny Existence can interact with Diana/Mary's weak card like this, without asking the official opinion? Now, the official has clearly explained the rules in this regard, shouldn't it be a good thing? — Jacksonsu · 1
A Test of Will

A Test of Will is a card that makes you make... A Test of Will. In playtesting this joke gets a laugh maybe a quarter of the time, but it may be campaign dependent.

Stella is the most obvious candidate but I believe this is also very strong in Patrice Hathaway for a couple reasons. For one, the fact that this card has a Level 0, Level 1, and Level 2 variant means that you can upgrade twice through Down the Rabbit Hole if you split the upgrades between two different scenarios. Secondly, one of the struggles of playing Patrice is drawing situational cards during the wrong round, so sometimes you draw Ward of Protection or Deny Existence and there's nothing to hit. Including multiple counters is a good way to make sure you have a counter available when the time comes.

Overall, risking Exile is a scenario dependent cost. If you counter an Ancient Evils in a four player game with this and lose 2 XP, this really isn't the worst trade - you effectively paid 2 XP for 12 additional actions.

SorryLaurie · 343
I don't think you can translate canceling Ancient Evils as gaining 12 additional actions. Often a scenario won't be won or lost down to the last round, so often you'll just be wasting 2xp. Don't get me wrong, I will cancel Ancient Evils in almost any scenario I can (except Where Doom Awaits because that scenario is so generous with the doom threshold I don't know what happened with the balancing there), but that's to give breathing room. If I had to cancel Ancient Evils for 2xp, I want to make sure I really need that extra round first. — Nenananas · 224
I don't think either of these cards are real great in Patrice. Not enought icons for situational cards, you have only one shot to use them. I would rather take these in Agnes as additional WoPs. You can keep level 0 version for quite long in the early campaign, then upgrade them right to level 2 for 1 XP with DtRH, once your core upgrades are done. — Susumu · 296

Looking at this card more recently (TSK is the most recent release at time of writing) and I think this card has settled into an okay spot in the card pool. It doesn't stand out, but it doesn't stand out too much in some lists.

For one, "big hand" is now a well-established archetype, with cards like Laboratory Assistant and Dream-Enhancing Serum helping increase your hand size and cards like Dream Diary and Farsight rewarding them.

That being said, a skill whose only purpose is "having a bunch of icons" is usually a tough sell because it competes with skills that do something, even if that's just drawing another card. The fact that this produces a bunch of icons is at least a mark in its favor, since those tend to be broadly useful in most scenarios.

If I were to include this card in a deck right now, I'd want to lean into 's ability to manipulate skills with cards like Guided by the Unseen, and use something like The World • XXI to make sure I can commit this without going below 7 cards.

If I'm doing that, I think the Archaic Glyphs are where I want to be? And while this is most certainly not the best Glyphs deck, it could be a lot of fun.

Two final points both related to committing this to other investigators. One of the nice things about a triple card is that it can help lower- investigators help with getting clues. If you're playing Minh Thi Phan with her Analytical Mind, this isn't a bad card for that. And then there's the new Bestow Resolve which could turn this into . That's pretty nice.

Veronica212 · 271