Under Surveillance

Without Chuck Fergus, this card is pretty expensive (except to Preston, Tony or parallel Skids.) With him, it gains fast and costs a buck, which is pretty good: it makes a hunter enemy lose its ability to damage your team for that turn, plus a clue!

But where this card gets very clever is in forced movement: Warning shot, or spells that move enemies mean that the foe skips two enemy phases instead of one. That means a lot of fun in TFA.

Other interesting combos is putting this with On the Hunt: your chosen foe spawns on you, is immediately evaded, and you get a clue. Leo can use this with evidence, as can Tony... or anyone who wants to give Roland Banks a fun turn.

MrGoldbee · 512
Also combos with Alice Luxley. Skids could go On The Hunt, find an Acolyte, discover a clue and kill the Acolyte all during the Mythos phase. you can also get higher enemies by finishing them off with a fast Coup de Grace or Sneak Attack with Chuck, out just using Delilah O'Rourke's zappyboi — Zinjanthropus · 155
I don't think it's expensive for Trish either. — AlexP · 65

With Dark Prophecy or Premonition or Scrying Mirror, this card is decently reliable even for non-token manipulation mystics.

The real problem is that there's a lack of really good recur targets. Your spells with charges don't self-discard. Seal of the Elder Sign, Seal of the Seventh Sign, The Eye of Truth all can't be recurred. Deny Existence (5) can be, but it's a defensive card, not a combo piece. If there were a really strong repeated mystic event, Dayana Esperence would be much stronger than she already is. The best choices probably are Grotesque Statue and Ward of Protection.

That said, this card is more flexible than Dayana since you don't have to predict which spell you'll need to repeat. Enemies congregating? Storm of Lightning. Frozen in Fear? Alter Fate clears. About to die? Deny Existence (5).

Also worth mentioning that Eldritch Inspiration (1) allows you to recur two cards.

suika · 23
The upcoming Favor of the Sun/Moon cards will make Prescient trivial to use by giving 100% guaranteed ‘symbol’ results. — Death by Chocolate · 581
FotSM will require also require a mystic deck that takes advantage of it beyond Prescient though, since that's otherwise a 3 card combo for a not very strong effect. Premonition and Scrying Mirror at least are easy to slot into any deck. — suika · 23
I threw it in a parallel Agnes deck as a way to recur Soothing Melody without having to blood-cast it, and it whiffed every time :( To be fair, I didn't include any support for it. — Zinjanthropus · 155
Recur Ward of Protections. — MrGoldbee · 512
I don't know if there is room in my Skull King Jim deck but I would love to recur Eldritch Inspiration for the big damage potential with Song of the Dead. I usually have some combo of Dark Prophecy, Grotesque Statue, Olive or Premonition to improve the odds of success on Prescient and increase the odds of a skull. — TWWaterfalls · 697
Shell Shock

sorry not a review, but a question concerning the term: "damage on you". does it only refer to the damage on Mark´s investigator card or to damage on all cards you control? I´ve searched a bit around, but didn´t find a definitive answer. maybe didn´t look in the right places. Is there an official ruling? Thank´s for helping!

schafinho1 · 14
It refers to the damage on your investigator card. Damage on other cards would be, "damage on cards you control," which would include your investigator card, or, "damage on assets you control," which would not include your investigator card because it's not an asset. — SGPrometheus · 278
Pnakotic Manuscripts

As one of the most expensive seeker cards, this might be worth a second look with the release of eldritch sophist. It’s a pricey combo, so it might be worth adding Dr. Horowitz to the mix (which can trigger astonishing revelations to pay for combo pieces). But with the sophist, and cheap secret containers like the encyclopedia(0), you can prevent the encounter deck or must pass checks. But if you absolutely need to pass checks every turn, it might be worth just buying Jaqueline Fine, getting the scrying mirror, or the lake. Five XP and five resources is extremely expensive.

MrGoldbee · 512
A Chance Encounter

This card is wonderful if you have the permanent “On Your Own“. Suddenly, you can have as many allies in your tableau as you can recur this card... and you play them at a two buck discount. With Wendy's amulet, you can play it, then get another shot it chance encounter from your discard pile. It’s a wonderful combo because it provides soak, and if nothing else, allies are wonderful at that.

MrGoldbee · 512
I feel like I'm missing something... can you clarify? OYO(3), the permanent version, says your investigator gains "Deckbuilding Restrictions: No assets that take an Ally slot". So while A Chance Encounter (2) would absolutely let you play other investigators' allies from their discard piles, I don't see how you could get any Allies of your own into your own discard, as you couldn't own them to begin with? — HanoverFist · 294
Whoops. Meant tableau. — MrGoldbee · 512
Also, OYO only makes events cheaper. — SGPrometheus · 278
A Chance Encounter is an event! — MrGoldbee · 512
Oh I see; the cost of Chance Encounter is their cost, my mistake. — SGPrometheus · 278