I wonder why they didn't call this card "stalker". After all it's mostly about those lecherous guardians going after good looking Seekers, save for Mark Harrigan who's more into Sophina.

Anyway, one guardian can also use this on another's safeguard. The result will mostly be the same as if both had stalked the same person, except the unlikely case she lied to the first about a Shortcut to get rid of both at the same time (so they could focus on a BBEG at an adjacent location).

Django · 2365
I don't see how you can safeguard a safeguard. The only legal Safeguard target is the investigator currently taking their turn (so you can't target the other guardian during the seeker's turn), and the effect expires at the end of that turn (so you don't get to do this by Safeguarding the guardian on their own turn before the seeker's turn either).. — TheNameWasTaken · 3
Nothing Left to Lose

Rules question about "draw cards until you have 5 cards in your hand". Do i resolve weaknesses that don't stay in my hand and keep drawing until i actually have 5 in hand? Or do i have to wait with resolving weaknesses until i've drawn up to 5?

Django · 2365
I believe cards are always drawn one at a time, so I think you would draw the weakness, resolve it, then continue drawing up to 5. — SGPrometheus · 188
Card are not always drawn one at a time- Patrice's investigator ability draws 5 at once. In fact, regarding NLTL, I'm 99% certain it chooses a number of cards you draw based on the difference (5 minus handsize) and you draw them simultaneously. So you would draw up to 5 (NLTL resolves) and then you resolve all weaknesses. In other words, if you get a weakness that discards after it resolves, you end up with a hand of less than 5 cards. — StyxTBeuford · 975
On a related note. I recently began my first run through of a campaign with Patrice and the basic weakness I drew was Insomnia. The first time I drew it was as the second of the 5 cards I had to draw in that upkeep phase. The way I interpreted this was that it meant I had to discard all but one card from my hand, but since there was only one card in hand at the time it completely whiffed and I then got to continue drawing up to 5 cards. This felt a LOT like cheating, but it did also seem the most logical interpretation of how to resolve the effect. Do we have any more experienced Patrice players who can confirm whether I cheated or not ? — Sassenach · 89
You resolved it incorrectly. You draw 5 simultaneously. Then, you discard to 1 due to Insomnia. The golden rule of this game is you resolve all effects in full before resolving anything else, and Patrice's ability is included here. — StyxTBeuford · 975
Correction: *Amnesia, not Insomnia. — StyxTBeuford · 975
Ah yes, Amnesia. Forgot about that one... ;) This does seem like a fairer interpretation, I'll do it that way in future. Still a pretty benign weakness for Patrice of course. — Sassenach · 89

I love this card so much. Sometimes it feels hard to stick to your Seeker. You lag behind while prepping for enemies, but now you don' t have to! Just plop this down in the turn you play your weapons and ride on the back of your Seeker friend. Another tool to compress Guardian actions to focus on protecting their friends. Whereas Heroic Rescue, "Let me handle this!", and Taunt are all fantastic cards, the reusability of Safeguard makes it a great choice. It's also easy to play via cards like Ever Vigilant.

Furthermore, when your Guardian finishes using all 3 of their actions to do combat, they cannot be by the Seeker's side during the next mythos phase when the Seeker has moved to a new location only to spawn another enemy. Safeguard makes sure the players are in sync and there isn't a stagger where the Guardian spends 1-2 actions to catch up to the Seeker surrounded by enemies.

It also makes the movement cards off other investigators twice as good. Combo with things like:

chirubime · 47
Who do enemies engage when moving with this card? — Django · 2365
It says 'as' rather than 'after', so I presume it happens simultaneously. This being the case, absent any specific prey conditions it would be up to the lead investigator to choose. — Sassenach · 89
I was going to argue that their action needed to resolve first, but I think Sassenach is right: use of the word "as" definitely implies that the actions happen at the same time. — SGPrometheus · 188
We played it like that and it was hilarious, Mandy pathfindering around while tommy gathered all those cultists with safeguard and no one took OAs — Django · 2365
It doesn’t usually combo with Think on Your Feet, since Safeguard can only be triggered on an Investigator’s turn, and ToYF is rarely used during a player turn. — Death by Chocolate · 13
You're right. the chances of that happening are probably very minuscule. Probably equally situational is moving with an Elusive should that investigator choose to move only 1 location away from yours. But i forgot to add Survival Instincts is probably more usable with this card. — chirubime · 47
I have been trying to find ways to consider this card as simply a powerful card vs one that is overpowered. And it is difficult. Combo'ing this with a Pathfinder Seeker can net someone multiple free moves a turn and keeps the Guardian/Seeker in sync for the mythos phase draw. The one argument for it simply being a powerful card is comparing it to Pathfinder which is also a very powerful card. And most importantly neither cards breaks the game like some cards do but they will likely be auto upgrades in every eligible deck. — TWWaterfalls · 361
Summoned Hound

I've been looking at this card for a while now cause the free action looks strong, but i think FFG overdid it with the costs and risks involved, mainly these:

  1. The main issue being, once you draw Unbound Beast the Summoned Hound will leave for the rest of the game, because the beast sets the hound aside and does not return it in any way. This is a mayor disadvantage because every card you draw could be it's end (like the next one after playing it) and gets worse the more you draw. Can be avoided if you "put it into play", not adding weakness to your deck.

  2. Arcane slot is a big problem for mystics cause most want to have a spell for investigate and combat. Then there's also a lot of support spells like Scrying or Seal of the Seventh Sign. Works better for off class mystics who don't need their arcane slots to win the game.

  3. Ally slot cause there's lots of great allies in the game.

  4. Base value of 5 is enough for shroud 3/ fight 3 on standard difficulty. Mystics tend to have many icons on their cards and stack boosts so it won't help on more difficult tasks and risks retaliate or haunted penalties. Again off class mystics work better when they stack or boosts.

  5. Update: If you reshuffle you deck after killing the Unbound Beast and draw it again, it's revelation will likely set it aside. But that draw is still wasted.

Avoiding the weakness

Django · 2365
Patrice has the icons to use it well and can take A Chance Encounter 2 as a way to put it into play and skip the weakness. — StyxTBeuford · 975
You can either use cards like A Chance Encounter (2) to put the ally into play and bypass shuffling the weakness into your deck, or you can use cards like Alyssa (and/or Scroll of Secrets, lol...) to try to prevent yourself from ever drawing the weakness. If you're Diana, you can cancel the Unbound Beast with Dark Insight. A free action almost every round is very strong, so this card definitely takes some thought to put in your deck. I agree with you though that I don't know whether the extra work to put this card into your deck is worth the effort, though, but it'd be interesting to try. — iceysnowman · 124
The hound isn’t unique so you can have more in play, even over several players. But Alyssa occupies another ally slot... might be worth it if you build your deck around them. — Django · 2365
My Skull King Jim deck can pull off the Summoned Hound I think. He runs Alyssa Graham which can bury both his weakness and the Unbound Beast on the bottom. And he uses Alyssa, St. Hubert — TWWaterfalls · 361
Completing my comment - St. Hubert's Key and Hawk Eye Camera for Intellect boosts. The Summoned Hound would almost be one guaranteed clue per round with him. That is crazy. He can also kill the Beast if it does get out. — TWWaterfalls · 361
If Alyssa spots the beast you could also use eureka or arcane initiate to reshuffle your deck, intead of adding doom to her. — Django · 2365
Actually my favorite part of using Alyssa is to minimize the times that I shuffle my deck after sticking something on the bottom so I don't include cards like Eureka. I want to never see that card again. Of course the encounter deck doesn't always cooperate. — TWWaterfalls · 361
Call of the Unknown

Just play Ursula and found this Weakness is never discarded. So I need to move and investigate every turn since I draw it around mid-game. Then I found some card to include for mitigate your tempo

  • Place the upgraded Shortcut save you a lot when you running around central location.
  • Also Using it with Pathfinder would make you way around more efficient.
AquaDrehz · 116
Yup, play Ursula the way she asks you to play her and her weakness shouldn’t be too bad. — StyxTBeuford · 975
the only annoying thing is if you draw it before all of a scenario is explored (in TFA), really slows you down to have to backtrack, at least in solo (in multi-player, you might be jumping back and forth when investigating to get more use out of Fieldwork — Zinjanthropus · 8