XP: 1.
Test Icons:

Max 1 committed per test.

After you commit Unrelenting to a skill test, search the chaos bag for up to 3 non- chaos tokens of your choice, and seal them on Unrelenting. If all 3 tokens sealed on Unrelenting are "+1,", "0," , and/or tokens, draw 2 cards. Release all tokens sealed here after this test ends.

Alexander Chelyshev
Horror in High Gear #196.

This might be an interesting skill for (traditional, not parallel) Agnes Baker, if she uses Jacqueline's set of Spell assets. On expert you would need at least one in the bag to trigger the "draw 2 cards", but otherwise you would just have to seal the tokens, you don't want to pull on these tests anyway.

I don't really like Jackie's "replacement spells" that much, Azure Flame is fine (and for Diana with twice Arcane Research clearly the better card than Shrivelling), but Clairvoyance costs one XP more (though 1 resource less) in the upgrade path than Rite of Seeking and free movement from Mists of R'lyeh is more often useful than extra damage from Ineffable Truth, if you go for evading. It also shares the extra XP cost. But card draw is one of the rare things, aren't really good with, mostly being limited to Arcane Initiate and Guts. For 1 XP that looks like a bargain for Agnes to gain two cards and protect from undesired spillover effects. And that's probably enough to give Clairvoyance and Ineffable Truth the edge, they need for me.

Susumu · 326
can be used either way to draw cards when your dominating the skill check or remove the top 3 meanest token to pass the test . Amanda can abuse this and draw 6 cards ;p — Susu · 35

"Ok, I'm going investigate this 2 shroud location. I'm at 2 int, but don't worry guys, I'm actually looking to purposely fail so that I can play my "Look what I found!" for twice as many clues as I would get from just investigating normally. And you know what? I'll commit a Take Heart for good measure. After all, more than 80% of the tokens in the bag have negative modifiers; we've drawn like, 3 -4's in the last few tests. I'm basically guara...

...aaaaaaand I drew a +1. Goddammit!!!1!"

Has this situation ever happened to you? Well boy do I have the product for you!

Lucaxiom · 3934
O yea, that's even more reason to love this. — Zerogrim · 282
It does give you a plus one to the test, so 2 to 2 is still one up with it. Weird situation where a card would be better in some scenarios without a wild icon. — SSW · 204
Shout out to Crystalline Elder Sign for sealing the dreaded +1 — StyxTBeuford · 12915
I've also seen it happen in a party with Stella and Mary that Stella is doing like a 4 Vs 7 test she wants to fail, and draws like bless bless -1 — NarkasisBroon · 10
I think there could be an interesting failure-heavy deck that takes advantage of this to seal good tokens, and SoH to add more bad tokens (Favor of the Moon could help make sure that you draw them). Could be interesting with OYO, as SoH can let you heal up damage and horror that you can no longer soak on allies. — Zinjanthropus · 222
You could use it to seal the special tokens that have terrible effects if you fail when deliberately failing. — suika · 9216

Cool card, what wins me over is the straigth flexibility.

  • Do you want to beat a test? Dump out some real big tokens!

  • Do you fear the token symbols? Use it like a faux-Defiance and remove the scary stuff.

  • Are you playing a + combination? Mess with the chaos bag for the sake of cards that need to hit or avoid specific tokens.

  • Do you really need card draw and think you can beat the worst the bag can throw at you? Dump out some beneficial stuff.

  • Would a specific token brick a card you want to play? (+1 and "Look what I found!", worst pairing ever!).

So, yeah, that's actually a lot of viable strategic options, something skill cards dont typically have in such volume. usually it's just "Hurr, Durr, hit hard.". I'm real happy to see my favourite card type get some nuanced love!

On the note of the card draw bit, which will pull in the interest of many of you, make sure you can actually beat the test, trading a card and a failed action for 2 cards is rather weak, so either make sure youre failing upwards or beating the action.

Finally: The seal mechanic happens before a test, the release mechanic has been set into motion by committing the card, this means that Silas Marsh can commit the card, seal some tokens, draw a token, return the card, resolve the test, return the sealed tokens. If Silas didnt make you all hot and giggly before this card was released, he should now.

Tsuruki23 · 2463
This doesn't actually help with the +1/"Look what I found!" combo, due to having a wild icon... — Thatwasademo · 51
It does if you're trying to work with a restricted window, where entering a test you cannot go too low. So a 2int character can try a 4 shroud test, from a starting point of 3, with no risk of netting that 4 in a +1. — Tsuruki23 · 2463
I do love the flexibility that this card can offer — Zinjanthropus · 222
I think the other benefit is that it means the card actually works with Try and Try Again, rather than failing due to timings the way Take Heart would. — Ruduen · 876

I’ve only used it on Amanda on hard, but thus far its been absolutely busted. The way i see it this card has three fairly powerful modes for amanda:

Seal the 0s and fail 3 checks to draw 6 or maybe even 8 cards if you get a mythos phase test. In a skill heavy deck you desperately need draw, and this is twice as efficient as draw actions. It’s like a worse take heart, but I’d be happy to pay 1 xp for take heart on amanda. I rate this mode 8/10.

Seal the 0s and try to succeed on all 3 checks. (Do you get the cards during the commit step so you can commit the 2 you draw?). By committing 2 cards to go card even this suddenly this looks like a 4 pip card that gets you closer to your important assets without costing any actions. If you can beat most of the chaos bag then removing the 0s only marginally reduces your chance of success. This is the best mode 10/10.

Finally you can seal the 3 nastiest tokens in the bag. This mode is strictly for special tokens that kill you or for sealing away special tokens when you’re winning so hard you can afford a little decadence. If you just need to succeed draw 2 and commit both instead of using this mode. 4/10 this mode is very rarely worth while.

With the added benefit of flexibility it becomes absolutely nuts on Amanda. Amanda would be happy to pay 2 or maybe even 3 xp for this. Amanda exaggerates the power of this card, but its still quality deck thinning that helps you with a single test for only 1 xp on survivors. Definitely find room for it before the end of your campaign, but get your key synergy xp cards first (unless you are amanda or sylas).

bladewolf · 5
Why are you talking about 3 tests? — trazoM · 9
Because of her ability, and she takes 3 actions a turn? I'm pretty sure, for the second option you can't commit the cards just drawn. There is only one timing point when you can commit cards each test, and the sealing and drawing is after that. — Susumu · 326
For the second mode, you cannot commit those 2 cards that you have drawn as the "commit cards from hand" step has already passed. — toastsushi · 68
Doesn't say after committing, and the committing section itself doesn't specific cards have to be committed simultaneously, any rules to back up Toast? — Zerogrim · 282
@Zerogrim All committed cards are committed simultaneously. That's why you couldn't, for example, commit Double or Nothing to increase the difficulty of a test and then commit Rise to the Occasion. That's actually includes in the FAQs section of Rise to the Occasion here on ArkhamDB. — TheNameWasTaken · 3
The card also literally says ‘after you commit’. — Death by Chocolate · 1351
O its after commit in the first section not on the draw, der. as for the simultaneous commit be nice if the rulebook bothered to mention even half the stuff that just exists as forum posts. — Zerogrim · 282

Finally, gets 2-drawing skill card. When starter pack released, unlike other factions, has Unexpected Courage and cannot gain 2-drawing skill card. Unrelenting has that role in . You can draw cards even if you fails, and you can recycle this card by Resourceful, Try and Try Again, Silas Marsh, Butterfly Effect. Also, for urgent test, you could seal terrible tokens such as -5, , ; but, be careful. it's more likely to draw .

This card seems good, but has one big problem. Whenever you commit this, you have to find three tokens in token bag and seal on this. That is really really annoying work. But, don't worry. Here is a trick. If you select all tokens of one type, you don't need to find and you can just ignore selected type of tokens. (+1, 0, 0 for standard NotZ)

elkeinkrad · 455
Can I introduce you to our lord and saviour Take Heart? — NarkasisBroon · 10
The token part of this card is actually amazing as it allows you to more easily force a failure for all sorts of Survivor shenanigans. — StyxTBeuford · 12915
@NarkasisBroon I upload survivor fail combo deck, check here: — elkeinkrad · 455

The name of this card, "Unrelenting", obviously refers to when your secretary absolutely WILL NOT put down the fantastic Broadway script she's reading.

Look, some folks just like kicking back with a good book on Thursday afternoon when there's not a lot of people coming in to the office, but sometimes the boss really needs you to set aside your penny-dreadful and shove a merman off a boat before you clock out at 5.


TL;DR: I didn't see it mentioned above, so I figured I'd mention this is a fantastic counter to Minh's signature weakness. ? makes it always usable, the +6 pip requirement means you're probably succeeding, & the card-draw cancels the 3-skill tempo-loss. PMP existing is just icing on the cake.

HanoverFist · 648