XP: 1.
Test Icons:

Max 1 committed per test.

After you commit Unrelenting to a skill test, search the chaos bag for up to 3 non- chaos tokens of your choice, and seal them on Unrelenting. If all 3 tokens sealed on Unrelenting are "+1,", "0," , and/or tokens, draw 2 cards. Release all tokens sealed here after this test ends.

Alexander Chelyshev
Horror in High Gear #196.
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This might be an interesting skill for (traditional, not parallel) Agnes Baker, if she uses Jacqueline's set of Spell assets. On expert you would need at least one in the bag to trigger the "draw 2 cards", but otherwise you would just have to seal the tokens, you don't want to pull on these tests anyway.

I don't really like Jackie's "replacement spells" that much, Azure Flame is fine (and for Diana with twice Arcane Research clearly the better card than Shrivelling), but Clairvoyance costs one XP more (though 1 resource less) in the upgrade path than Rite of Seeking and free movement from Mists of R'lyeh is more often useful than extra damage from Ineffable Truth, if you go for evading. It also shares the extra XP cost. But card draw is one of the rare things, aren't really good with, mostly being limited to Arcane Initiate and Guts. For 1 XP that looks like a bargain for Agnes to gain two cards and protect from undesired spillover effects. And that's probably enough to give Clairvoyance and Ineffable Truth the edge, they need for me.

Susumu · 102
can be used either way to draw cards when your dominating the skill check or remove the top 3 meanest token to pass the test . Amanda can abuse this and draw 6 cards ;p — Susu · 28

"Ok, I'm going investigate this 2 shroud location. I'm at 2 int, but don't worry guys, I'm actually looking to purposely fail so that I can play my "Look what I found!" for twice as many clues as I would get from just investigating normally. And you know what? I'll commit a Take Heart for good measure. After all, more than 80% of the tokens in the bag have negative modifiers; we've drawn like, 3 -4's in the last few tests. I'm basically guara...

...aaaaaaand I drew a +1. Goddammit!!!1!"

Has this situation ever happened to you? Well boy do I have the product for you!

Lucaxiom · 2312
O yea, that's even more reason to love this. — Zerogrim · 159
It does give you a plus one to the test, so 2 to 2 is still one up with it. Weird situation where a card would be better in some scenarios without a wild icon. — SSW · 83
Shout out to Crystalline Elder Sign for sealing the dreaded +1 — StyxTBeuford · 12385
I've also seen it happen in a party with Stella and Mary that Stella is doing like a 4 Vs 7 test she wants to fail, and draws like bless bless -1 — NarkasisBroon · 1