Ritual. Cursed.

Cost: 2. XP: 3.
Test Icons:

When a second token is revealed during a single skill test at your location, exhaust Curse of Aeons: Cancel that token and treat it as if it were a token instead. You may choose to remove both of those tokens from the chaos bag after the test ends.

Trudi Castle
Horror in High Gear #195.
Curse of Aeons

So I've seen a lot of people talking about this with Jim or this with a effect where you want a symbol like sixth sense and those are fair "wants" for curse of aeons but I'd like to bring a different approach I've not seen discussed about it.

Capping the bag.

When there are curses in the chaos bag the number you can draw is anywhere from +1 to -far too much, if you have three curses in the bad and a -4 then in that instance you can draw anything from +1 to -10, with some math's and programs you can figure out the odds, but the possibility is always there for super insane pulls where you draw 3+ curses.

Not so with curse of Aeons in play, how many curses are in the bag? irrelevant!, the worst draw you can pull from the bag is now always -2 AND the worst token in the bag, in the above example even with 10 curses in the bag you can only draw a -6, which as a mystic is not that hard to overcome with commits, rogues also will find a -6 beatable if they HAVE to pass.

What Curse of Aeons does is allows more reliability with the "uhoh all curses" table, sure blessing of Isis is cool in its own way but just knowing that even with a whole ton of curses floating about there is now a non insane number you can match to succeed at any test is very liberating.

And like with such classics as lucky, curse of aeons need never actually trigger once to still be useful, did you go an entire game and never trigger its effect with a curse heavy bag, well 3 xp and 2 resources to not suffer for high cursed bags seems A-Okay to me.

O scratch that, I just drew a crit fail....

Zerogrim · 187
Well that’s why Jim plays the blues. — MrGoldbee · 1061
Thanks, that is an interesting perspective on this card. I still think 3xp is pretty rough but hopefully it finds a place. — housh · 103
So it has a function similar to the one of Ancient Coveant, right ? Avoiding to draw all the tokens at once. — AlexP · 158