Asset. Arcane


Cost: 3.
Test Icons:

Uses (3 charges).

Spend 1 charge: Evade. This evasion attempt uses instead of . If you succeed, deal 1 damage to the evaded enemy. If an , "+1," or "0" token is revealed during this evasion attempt, lose 1 resource.

Romana Kendelic
Jacqueline Fine #9.
Ineffable Truth

Completing the "Good Token" trinity, we have a replacement for Mists of R'lyeh. It

  • costs 1 more
  • has 1 less charge
  • doesn't give you a free move
  • does a point of damage
  • costs you a resource instead of a card if you draw the wrong token

Losing a resource instead of a card is a definite plus, the extra cost and lost charge a definite minus. Whether the move or damage is better depends too much on play style, enemy, and scenario. Mists can help you escape a bad enemy (if there is a safe space to move to) , Truth can help set you up for a 3-Health kill with a single attack charge same turn or next. Or a 4-Health kill if you are Agnes with a Meat Cleaver and a bit of combat boost. Or it could accidently kill of Vengeance enemy you would have preferred to just Evade. Let's call it a wash.

Otherwise, most of the comments Ruduen made under Azure Flame apply here -- at lower bag difficulties and earlier in a campaign Mists is favored, higher and later, Truth is less likely to hit bad tokens. If you have a Crystalline Elder Sign or 2, maybe there are no tokens that can trigger the negative side of the card.

I'm liking this new design space. It's not that the new set are better than the old set, they just hit slightly differently, and that gives some room for deck design that is a lot more nuanced and tailored to individual campaigns and scenarios, and that feels pretty exciting.