Practiced. Augury.

Test Icons:

Max 1 committed per skill test.

After you commit Prescient to a skill test, name "even," "odd," or "symbol." After this test ends, if a chaos token of the named type was revealed during this test, you may return a Spell card from your discard pile to your hand.

Magali Villeneuve
Jacqueline Fine #19.

I am wondering if Prescient is a good add to Sister Mary, especially paired with Olive McBride, it makes it really likely that you pull a token, so it turns Prescient almost into Resourceful.

Aim at Ward of Radiance and you got yourself a good encounter prot against non- treachery cards.

Valentin1331 · 53057
Favor of the Sun guarantees the recursion if you want that combo. Other good targets are probably Radiant Smite/Spectral Razer, Hallow or Tides of Fate to pull off a double Hallow. — suika · 9222
Indeed, good combo here :) — Valentin1331 · 53057

It's more or less a Resourceful but for spells. Being , it has a game attached to it. I think this is mostly a chaos bag Mystic kind of card, most likely limited to Jacqueline, but fun if you like gambling. Most Mystics will prefer to take Fearless, Guts (2), or maybe Defiance for a willpower boost.

It's important to note that you do NOT need to succeed your test to get your spell. — AlexP · 243
I think this card is less useful than at first glance. Remember that your spells do not get discarded because they run out of charges/secrets. This is a nice EVENT spell fetcher. — dlikos · 127
There are plenty of amazing spell events to get back and if you're the primary blaster you can run through charges, load the next copy and still want to get the first one back — Timlagor · 4
There are quite a few ways to 'force' this too. Scrying mirrors are probably the strongest. — Timlagor · 4

With Dark Prophecy or Premonition or Scrying Mirror, this card is decently reliable even for non-token manipulation mystics.

The real problem is that there's a lack of really good recur targets. Your spells with charges don't self-discard. Seal of the Elder Sign, Seal of the Seventh Sign, The Eye of Truth all can't be recurred. Deny Existence (5) can be, but it's a defensive card, not a combo piece. If there were a really strong repeated mystic event, Dayana Esperence would be much stronger than she already is. The best target is probably just a Ward of Protection or a Recharge (4).

Also worth mentioning that Eldritch Inspiration (1) allows you to recur two cards.

suika · 9222
The upcoming Favor of the Sun/Moon cards will make Prescient trivial to use by giving 100% guaranteed ‘symbol’ results. — Death by Chocolate · 1351
FotSM will require also require a mystic deck that takes advantage of it beyond Prescient though, since that's otherwise a 3 card combo for a not very strong effect. Premonition and Scrying Mirror at least are easy to slot into any deck. — suika · 9222
I threw it in a parallel Agnes deck as a way to recur Soothing Melody without having to blood-cast it, and it whiffed every time :( To be fair, I didn't include any support for it. — Zinjanthropus · 222
Recur Ward of Protections. — MrGoldbee · 1386
I don't know if there is room in my Skull King Jim deck but I would love to recur Eldritch Inspiration for the big damage potential with Song of the Dead. I usually have some combo of Dark Prophecy, Grotesque Statue, Olive or Premonition to improve the odds of success on Prescient and increase the odds of a skull. — The Lynx · 946
What do you mean with "The best choices probably are Grotesque Statue, Ward of Protection, or Mind's Eye." Statue and Eye aren't spells, so can't be returned. It's also likely, that you will discard some empty spells from arcane slot, if you want to play another one and are full. — Susumu · 326