Spell. Paradox.

Cost: 0. XP: 5.
Test Icons:

Fast. Play when an encounter card or enemy attack would cause you to do one of the following (choose one): Discard cards from hand, lose resources, lose actions, take damage, or take horror.

You ignore that aspect of the effect. Then, perform the opposite of that aspect (draw cards, gain resources, gain additional actions, heal damage, or heal horror, respectively).

Ilich Henriquez
In the Clutches of Chaos #280.
Deny Existence

Not a review per say, just a pre-emptive question...

What if you draw a treachery where it is "Lose all resources"

What is the opposite of "all" in this instance, for the purposes of this card technically reversing the effect

Easy if it is something like, lose 3 resources, because it becomes gain 3 resources

Might need a FAQ on this one ASAP

Kire · 2
Adding to this: What about "discarding all but X cards from your hand"? — trazoM · 1
My assumption would be, if it asks you to lose all resources, then "all" = the number of resources you have. So, if you have 5, and it asks you to discard all, it's asking you to discard 5. So, in this case you would gain 5 instead. — Eschaton1 · 1
The opposite would be to gain ALL THE RESOURCES, so you should take every available token. — Azriel · 1
Crap, that previous comment was a joke, and I wanted to skip a like and ended up posting it. In all seriousness though, I think it's best to not overthink it: if it says to lose all resources, just count how much you would have lost. If it says to discard every card except one, just count how many cards you would have actually discarded. I can't see any other way to make this card work with these wordings, so it kinda has to be this. — Azriel · 1
Carolyn is able to play this card, right (but not the 0 xp version)? — Django · 1819
@Django I'm not sure. The looser interpretation is that yes, this card heals horror (even if it's unlikely to do so), so she can take it. A tighter interpretation would say that this card doesn't specifically have the "heals horror" wording mentioned in Carolyn's deckbuilding requirements. Personally, I interpret Carolyn as, "if it heals horror, she can use it," so I'd say yes. — SGPrometheus · 135
But it DOES specifically say " — CSerpent · 73
(fat fingered) it DOES specifically say "heal horror". But I agree anyway -- it can heal horror, she can take it. — CSerpent · 73
@Django Carolyn can take the level 0xp because she can take 0-1 Mystic card. — Cyiel · 1
What happens if you are supposed to lose say, five resources, but you only have one and you play this. Do you gain five resources? Or just the one resource you would have lost? — The1Aaron · 1
I emailed Matt Newman and he confirmed Carolyn can take Deny Existence lvl 5. — Cyggie · 1