Seal of the Seventh Sign
Over the Threshold and Beyond

Asset. Arcane

Spell. Ritual.

Cost: 4. XP: 5.
Test Icons:

Seal (). Uses (7 charges). If Seal of the Seventh Sign has no charges, or if it leaves play, remove it from the game.

Forced - After a , , , or token is revealed during any skill test: Remove 1 charge from Seal of the Seventh Sign.

Andreas Zafiratos
Shattered Aeons #311.
Seal of the Seventh Sign

This card will see very little use because of the high XP cost and the fact that it uses an arcane slot. It can be searched with Arcane Initiate, discounted by Uncage the Soul, gets a bonus charge from Akachi Onyele, and can be returned to play again with Spirit-Speaker. It synergizes with The Chthonian Stone but not with most of the other cards that refer to chaos tokens. I guess this card is best on easy mode where you don't need powerful cards like Shrivelling (which costs the same XP and arcane slot!) and you only fail skill tests when the auto-fail token comes up. But that's not a fun way to play, in my opinion.

jmmeye3 21
Seal of the Seventh Sign distinctly cannot be ‘returned to play again with Spirit-Speaker’ because using its ability to return SotSS to your hand moves it to an out of play zone (your hand) which causes it to be removed from the game. — Death by Chocolate 8
That’s right, sorry about the error. — jmmeye3 21
I think people need to remember that tome of shadows gives you extra arcane slots, so that limit of 2 isn't set in stone. Getting all the xp for tomes and this AND your core spells is pretty tricky, though. — SGPrometheus 97
Tome of shadows also recharges this card. I agree in solo you need both arcane slots for rite of seeking and a combat spell but bigger teams don’t need that. Some investigators can also use other combat options like Norman strange solution or Jim any 0 xp weapon. There’s also timeworn brand... — Django 1455
Seal of the elder sign is an interesting choice for Marie Lambeau since she can collect clues with her good intellect and doesn't need Rite of seeking! — mogwen 26
@Django Norman can’t use Strange Solution side he only gets level 0 Seeker cards, but it’s true he (like Marie) doesn’t need Rite of Seeking due to natural Intelligence. — Death by Chocolate 8

Hello. Hi. My name is Norman Withers and I will now expose to you why Seal of the Seventh Sign is good.

Circumstance: 2-4 players. Somebody else has promised me that I don't need Shrivelling, so I just focus on the clues! This means that I have 2 unused arcane slots.

Slot 1: Protective Incantation, sealing a , or .

Slot 2: Seal of the Seventh Sign.

I generate resources with Dr. Milan Christopher and my cards are cheap thanks to my ability, so money is not a problem for me, and even when the Seal of the Seventh Sign runs its course, ill have cash enough and the draw speed to play the other one right away, or just fill the slot with the other Protective Incantation.

P.S. Even if I'm not around I still think Seal of the Seventh Sign is quite good, it's great on easier difficulties where the largest penalties are lower and easier to cover, the freedom to just brute through every check with no chance is tremendous, the main question to ask before you add it is: how much do you need your arcane slots? For most characters the answer is "Dedicated to Shrivelling and Rite of Seeking exclusively".

Tsuruki23 216
Hi, Norman, I'm Marie Lambeau, and just like you, I don't always feel the need to have a Rite of Seeking by my side, so I sometimes use the seal too! — mogwen 26

Can Akachi Onyele use Spirit-Speaker take Seal of the Seventh Sign back to her hand or does that trigger the "If Seal of the Seventh Sign has no charges, or if it leaves play, remove it from the game." effect?

It's leaving play, so i think it disappears. — SGPrometheus 97
I agree, it should be removed. — Fullgrimm 1
The hand is an out of play zone, so yes, putting it in your hand causes it to leave play. — Death by Chocolate 8