Spell. Practiced.

XP: 5.
Test Icons:

If this skill test is on a treachery and the test is successful, add that treachery to the victory display and attach The Eye of Truth to it.

While attached, The Eye of Truth contributes its skill icons to all tests on copies of the attached treachery.

It's always watching you.
Adam S. Doyle
Weaver of the Cosmos #325.
The Eye of Truth

For a skill card to cost 5 xp, the effect must be awfully useful, and this card definitely is. It's not just that you're helping the entire team pass an annoying treachery easily; you're also permanently removing one such copy from the game, which is useful in every scenario you can think of and especially ridiculous in The Circle Undone with its "if three of these are in play, bad thing happens" treacheries - Terror in the Night, Ultimate Chaos.

And if that wasn't enough to convince you, it's practiced, meaning you can just pull it with Practice Makes Perfect on any kind of non-treachery test you're having difficulty with. Parley/evade/whatever at +4, then get the card in your hand ready for the next treachery.

Erdjo · 214
Yeah, I feel like Practice Makes Perfect combos quite well with this. I think it especially deserves mention for Joe Diamond, as he both has a ton of good targets for Practice Makes Perfect, and tends to get beat up by treacheries a lot. — Zinjanthropus · 160
Wouldn't you not get the card back in hand? It says "add that skill to your hand instead of discarding it", but the Eye of Truth's text prevents the from happening, so the replacement effect fails — Chitinid · 14
Depends on the skill check. You would not get it back if it was used against a Treachery skill check but any other skill check would have it return to your hand. — LikeWise · 1
Yeah, it's great, you get +4 to _any_ test, and then you get it in hand to use against a treachery later. That's incredibly efficient. — Zinjanthropus · 160
As a side note, how does this behave if you commit it to the test on Slumber (from GotA)? The wording would imply that you could remove Slumber from your threat area (which you normally can't do until you lower the strength of the abyss). — Zinjanthropus · 160
@Zinjanthropus ‘If the test is successful, add that treachery to the Victory Display’. It is as simple as that. The ability you mention is a way to remove Slumber, but there is no card text preventing it from being removed by other effects. (For example, see Straightjacket.) There are plenty of other ways Slumber could be removed from play without using that ability, including Cheat Death, Otherworld Codex, and Alter Fate. — Death by Chocolate · 712

Really doesnt need much discussion. Great card.

As a 4x skill card you can beat some surprising tests, a hard scenario test, a parlay, but treachery tests is where it'S at. On one hand you can filter out a bad treachery by sneaking it aside, and you make the other copies of it easier too! Many late-campaign treacheries will murder you if you get hit! Also makes stuff like Frozen in Fear less nasty.

Great card, but is it worth 5 XP? Not at the start, no. Not worth slowing down a research card or some key asset. It's a great use for XP once youre post-20 XP.

Tsuruki23 · 1969