Practiced. Cursed.

Test Icons:

After you commit Promise of Power to a skill test, add 1 token to the chaos bag. If you cannot, take 2 horror instead.

Jesse Mead
The Innsmouth Conspiracy #32.
Promise of Power

A promise is a bridge to the future built on faith.

Promises are easy to keep if you know what will happen.

Jacqueline Fine can give you three options, or a bad option with no chance of automatic failure.

With this promise, she can evade the cagiest enemies, punch the deadliest foes, or pass truly remarkable literary challenges.

If she’s recalling the future, those heights go from extraordinary to ludicrous.

Perhaps you’ll fail a future challenge because of a promise. But as you draw three tokens, more than any other mystic, failure comes on your terms.

MrGoldbee · 586
As an avid Jacqueline Fine player, I will not use this card with her. One thing I learned about Jacqueline the hard way - she hates adding unnecessary tokens to the bag. I played her alongside Sister Mary once, and when she drew her weakness, I was stuck with it for 5 rounds. Never before have I cursed at seeing so many blessed tokens. — eapfel · 1

This card is very strange. 4 icons is a lot. 4 icons is amazing. However, it happens to also be a Mystic card, which means the wilds are mostly going to act like pips. Adding a curse token to the bag is not that steep of a price in my opinion, especially if you're leaning into it with maybe one or two other cards that let you mitigate or benefit from curse tokens, though it remains to be seen what those payoffs are. Either way, 4 icons is a lot, and it can even be used to help evade if you don't have a good spell in play.

Realistically I see this as a staple for Amanda Sharpe. All of her stats being at 6 is amazing. Sure, she'll add up to 3 curses to the bag that turn, but that might actually be a good thing, again depending on the payoffs for curse tokens. Patrice Hathaway also likes it, as she's already happy to commit all of her cards in a turn, and this is just a very easy one to throw down.

StyxTBeuford · 11925
We've seen some of the rewards for curse tokens; specifically Armageddon and Eye of Chaos, and their rewards are very good (1 extra damage and 1 extra clue, respectively), so this is a great way to get extra benefit. — SGPrometheus · 278
It could also be interesting in a Daisy deck to speed up the addition of 10 curse tokens if she wants to translate the Cryptic grimoire. — AlexP · 65
I find that there's usually a few non-wp tests to have to do over the course of a campaign (especially in lower player counts), and this is pretty significantly better than UC for those times. — Zinjanthropus · 155
You can commit it to other people's tests, so there's that. — slyjeff · 238
Summoned Hound uses base combat or evade of 5, so it helps those tests too. — The_Wall · 189
The second sentence makes me wonder: Under which circumstances wouldn't you be able to add a cursed-token to the bag? — dr31ns5mf · 1
If the bag is already full of bless/curse. As I understand it, you are limited to only adding 10 tokens total. — StyxTBeuford · 11925
Nope, ten EACH. — MrGoldbee · 586
Well that’s just ridiculous, and hilarious. — StyxTBeuford · 11925
I do like that this card means you can just not break out the curse tokens (your dog ate them or whatever) and you still know that this comes with a price. — Zerogrim · 59