The Black Cat
A Liar, or a Prophet, or Both

Asset. Ally

Ally. Avatar. Dreamlands.

Cost: 2. XP: 5.
Test Icons:
Health: 3. Sanity: 3.

Anytime you reveal a , , or symbol during a skill test, you may choose to use the following effects instead of that symbol's normal effects:

: -1. The Black Cat takes 1 direct damage.

: -1. The Black Cat takes 1 direct horror.

: +5. Heal all damage and horror from The Black Cat.

Derek D. Edgell
Where the Gods Dwell #285.
The Black Cat

Finally a card to dump an otherwise unused . How often did I draw an when playing Zoey Samaras and felt betrayed by the chaos back, because I was testing on a Willpower treachery and not on a fight check. Countless time I drew the when playing Ursula Downs and quitly thought "Okay, I have a free move, if I would only need to move right now, which I don't". Any Investigator with a pretty situational effect should consider this. It is Chaos Bag control at its best. It is absolutely worth 5xp to me.

thakaris · 56
Guardians have some of the most situational/least useful elder signs, plus access to trusted which boosts this cards effectiveness by a bunch — Difrakt · 804

Expensive, but absolutely worth it. Jim Culver in particular loves this cat, as it provides protection against a good chunk of the chaos bag when combined with his ability (plus his elder sign isn't so hot anyway). At 3/3 health/sanity and only two resources it also works well as a sturdy shield that has the potential to heal itself.

Jim can also get some more mileage out of it by using solemn vow & trumpet if necessary. — Difrakt · 804
Seal of the elder sign can heal the cat — Django · 2885