Cost: 0. XP: 3.
Test Icons:

If you have fewer than 5 resources, gain resources until you have 5 resources.

If you have fewer than 5 cards in your hand, draw cards until you have 5 cards in your hand.

Remove Nothing Left to Lose from the game.

Aleksander Karcz
Where the Gods Dwell #284.
Nothing Left to Lose

This card is extremely strong. It's not quite drawing thin bananas, but it is very powerful econ. You don't have to try very hard to get 3-4 cards and resources from this. I almost always buy one of these within the first two scenarios, it just makes the rest of my deck run so much more smoothly.

dubcity566 · 49
10 actions in one (at best) is pretty strong. It's got a great niche in dark horse decks too, especially if you haven't drawn dark horse yet or if you need to play out a few assets. — SGPrometheus · 268
My problem with it is that it feels like a 3XP Take Heart that removes itself from the game (a big deal in a class that recurs stuff so easily). I've not been terribly impressed with it. Maybe now it'll have a bit more use with Mariner's Compass as the investigating equivalent to Fire Axe, so you can more reliably be at low resources, but I often find my Survivors are well over 5 cards in hand even at level 0. I think for the same XP cost, it's a lot more appealing to take Drawing Thin. — StyxTBeuford · 11189
Add cornered for laughs. — MrGoldbee · 255
Or add Cornered because it is very strong. — Death by Chocolate · 509

Rules question about "draw cards until you have 5 cards in your hand". Do i resolve weaknesses that don't stay in my hand and keep drawing until i actually have 5 in hand? Or do i have to wait with resolving weaknesses until i've drawn up to 5?

Django · 2880
I believe cards are always drawn one at a time, so I think you would draw the weakness, resolve it, then continue drawing up to 5. — SGPrometheus · 268
Card are not always drawn one at a time- Patrice's investigator ability draws 5 at once. In fact, regarding NLTL, I'm 99% certain it chooses a number of cards you draw based on the difference (5 minus handsize) and you draw them simultaneously. So you would draw up to 5 (NLTL resolves) and then you resolve all weaknesses. In other words, if you get a weakness that discards after it resolves, you end up with a hand of less than 5 cards. — StyxTBeuford · 11189
On a related note. I recently began my first run through of a campaign with Patrice and the basic weakness I drew was Insomnia. The first time I drew it was as the second of the 5 cards I had to draw in that upkeep phase. The way I interpreted this was that it meant I had to discard all but one card from my hand, but since there was only one card in hand at the time it completely whiffed and I then got to continue drawing up to 5 cards. This felt a LOT like cheating, but it did also seem the most logical interpretation of how to resolve the effect. Do we have any more experienced Patrice players who can confirm whether I cheated or not ? — Sassenach · 121
You resolved it incorrectly. You draw 5 simultaneously. Then, you discard to 1 due to Insomnia. The golden rule of this game is you resolve all effects in full before resolving anything else, and Patrice's ability is included here. — StyxTBeuford · 11189
Correction: *Amnesia, not Insomnia. — StyxTBeuford · 11189
Ah yes, Amnesia. Forgot about that one... ;) This does seem like a fairer interpretation, I'll do it that way in future. Still a pretty benign weakness for Patrice of course. — Sassenach · 121
I would say that "one at a time" is implicit. Revelation effects immediately when you draw a weakness, so you would never count that card on your hand. FFG should errata this card to make it clear how to understand it. — haakenlid · 1