Fortune. Practiced.

Test Icons:

After you commit Daredevil to a skill test, discard cards from the top of your deck until you discard a skill you can commit to this test. Commit it. Shuffle each weakness that was discarded by this effect back into your deck.

"You're a maniac, Wini!"
"I know! Isn't it wonderful?"
Borja Pindado
Winifred Habbamock #18.
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So, the 0 Exp version of the card allows us to discard our whole deck except weakness cards in case it's the only rogue skill card we play. To what purpose? Live fast and die young? Probably. But we can think about some shenanigans like playing improvised stuff that will replenish our now very thin deck afterwards: Improvised Weapon, Winging It, Impromptu Barrier. Other interesting options are A Glimmer of Hope and Miss Doyle's cat's (Augur, Hope, Zeal). Of course reaching 1 lonely card in the deck is extremely difficult. Daredevil has the right trait for Practice Makes Perfect, and of course is good target for No Stone Unturned. Mixing so many classes seems impossible, so maybe if we want to play Daredevil in this evil way we should look at Versatile. Another option is to play Survivor/Rogue, bring enough beers to our boardgame afternoon and ask for help to our fellow seeker player. Just promise eternal friendship to our drunk teacher in exchange for his No Stone Unturned.

Matamagos · 2
This could be a good way for Wendy to get into Amulet-recursion-shenanigans-range. More efficient than trying to draw through your deck with Lucky Cigarette Case and Pickpocketing. — Zinjanthropus · 20

Since the single card cannot be shuffled into empty deck (FAQ 1.13), this card can be used as pseudo-Flux.

In this case, make sure that...

  • No proper skill for this test (except another daredevil)
  • Only ONE or less weakness in your deck
elkeinkrad · 8