Upgrade. Supply. Blessed.

Cost: 3. XP: 3.
Test Icons:

Fast. Play only during your turn.

Attach to a Firearm asset controlled by an investigator at your location. Place 2 ammo on that asset. Limit 1 per asset.

Attacks performed by attached asset deal +1 damage against Monster enemies.

"You want me to bless - what?"
John Pacer
Heart of the Elders #193.
Custom Ammunition

Every Tom, Dick*, and Quarry agrees: if you've got a Custom Gun, she deserves only the finest Custom Ammunition!

Leviticus Hollowpoints(tm) use patented scriptures to deliver stern religious disapproval to the monsters* you encounter while walking the beat!

So next time your patrol takes you to Dim Carcosa*, give Rebecca what she deserves. Give her Leviticus Hollowpoints(tm).

~"Monsters got you in a jammo?"~ ~"Time to get some Custom Ammo!"~


  • Due to the strenuous firearms experience required for safe operation, these are not actually approved for use by private investigators- only police, feds, military, mercenaries, various clergy, psychiatrists, boxers, cooks, and actors.
  • Stern religious disapproval only felt by literal monsters, not figurative ones like cannibals, or people who eat lobster. They'll still feel the normal kind of disapproval caused by getting shot, though.
  • Not responsible for withheld wages/bullets if you kill a bystander but somebody proves it was your fault. We're wizards, not lawyers.
  • Does not come in arrow caliber; mankind does not yet possess the technology to write things on arrowheads.
  • Untested on yellow kings. Results not guaranteed in the event that somebody hastur fight one.
HanoverFist · 648
Lot of mustard on the hotdog with this review. — MrGoldbee · 1384
I figure, have fun with it, ya know? — HanoverFist · 648
Favorite arkhamdb review I've read period. — Mordenlordgrandison · 420

As I'm currently using Marc Harrigan for the Forgotten Age, this card feels like it might be a highly viable replacement for the Extra Ammo card I currently have stacked under Stick to the Plan. Fast (but only during your turn) is getting overlooked, and it's a big advantage. Especially if you have a shotgun with one less ammo than you need, but you still need all three actions to kill that Immortal Elder God from Beyond the Time. Plus you can reload something without getting attacks of opportunities, which makes it even more useful against suprise monster ambushes from the Encounter Deck.
On Marc this essentially allows you to break the 5 damage hard-cap on Shotgun against the only enemies that are going to need it. All of a sudden, your shotgun goes from being able to do 15 damage max a turn to 18. That's a reasonble jump, and doesn't factor in any Vicious blows, Beat Cops or Home Front nonesense.

At 3 cost and 3xp, I'll personally be holding off getting it until I upgrade at least one of my Emergency Caches to the 3xp version, and only one copy of it for Stick to the Plan, but I can definitely see it being part of a slowly building monstrous combo with Shotgun Marc that enables me to kill Elder Gods in a turn.

Apologised · 4
On that last point: every Ancient One is this game does *not* have the "monster" keyword. They have the "Ancient One" keyword instead. — CaiusDrewart · 2993
That said, I still think this card is an amazing, especially as a one-of with Stick to the Plan in your deck. — CaiusDrewart · 2993
You can attach 2 of these to same weapon? — Django · 4846
@Django Limit 1 per asset, so no. — TheNameWasTaken · 3
I'd prefer to use it on Lightning Gun for the sheer power or on a .32 colt for the number of ammo! — mogwen · 252
Just found the limit, it’s a bit hidden in the text. But why only firearms? Blessed arrows are possible too. Maybe we’ll get some different types of quivers as attachments for the bow? — Django · 4846
@Django not yet lol — MrGoldbee · 1384

Finally, another blessed card for Father Mateo. Unfortunately he’ll never use it because he doesn’t have access to firearms, so it seems the only reason they have the “blessed” tag on this is for flavor. Just upsets me that all blessed cards are either worthless to father Mateo or already in his class. Just my thoughts on the card though.

LilSmac · 7
"Attach to a firearm asset controlled by an investigator at your location." While it may not be super practical unless you're playing as Mateo in a group of 3-4 with a guardian and a rogue who intend to use firearms, Mateo could take this and use it to buff their weapons. +2 damage during a boss fight as a Fast action is pretty good alone,but imagine it combined with a rogue's Double or Nothing while attacking with their Chicago Typewriter or Lupara. Then,on top of that, you're Mateo, and you have plenty of tools available to you to help make sure that test succeeds! — gionazzo · 64
Also for note; it's a supply card, which means Backpack will find it. Backpack: Recommended tool of the Guardian since 1921. — CecilAlucardX · 10
Yes, it's certainly true that Mateo isn't going to be playing this on any of his own assets in normal circumstances. But that's fine. In a multiplayer game, there is nothing wrong with taking cards that are entirely designed to help other investigators. It is no less efficient for Mateo to play this to boost a Guardian than it is for the Guardian to play this on her own weapon. In fact, there are advantages to this method: by splitting the cost for this build between two investigators, it will be easier to get this going faster. — CaiusDrewart · 2993
I like it in Mateo, but the problem for me is I've falled in love with Stick to the Plan - it's awesome! And if I'm playing Stick to the Plan, and (as a group) we decide to go with this, then I'm going to want to be the one that buys it so it can go in the super-suitcase. If only Mateo had his own plan to stick to... (maybe with Blessed cards). — duke_loves_biscuits · 1213
Honestly, the more I think about it, the more I think this card is a huge win. And (Mateo aside) you only need to ever buy one copy of it because you can just stick it right under Stick to the Plan. This card is great if played on a superweapon and great if played on a normal weapon. Huge win. — CaiusDrewart · 2993

Feels like this is a card for Zoe! Flamethrower is best suited for her, as she wants enemies to be engaged with her. And flamethrower with custom ammo can do up to 30 damage total in a monster heavy scenario. That's 2 more than extra ammo can give you. It's not cheap for guardians, who a always low on cash. Fast is really needed here. Zoe in a tough scenario can engage a lot of enemies, get resourses, and pay for custom ammo without AoO. With that tactic you'd need something like Narrow Escape, which she could take.

ambiryan13 · 171
You are wrong im afraid. With Flamethrower though you can damage many monsters you are only attacking one, the one with the highest fight value. If the enemy with the highest fight value is a monster then you deal 5 damage which you can distribute across enemies engaged with you, otherwise you deal 4. I still think this goes great on flamethrower however. — NarkasisBroon · 10
Very well, custom ammo still comes out on top in terms of math in a monster heavy scenario vs extra ammo. 6 attack with 5 damage minus 7 with 4 damage = 2 damage left. I feel like Zoe has extra XP and resoureses to "fuel" that card. Other guardians have different classes to upgrade — ambiryan13 · 171
(Mark might take it as well) — ambiryan13 · 171
Hello. I'll be adding this to my Zoey deck with two well maintained Combined with stick to tha plan with one (or maybe two) Act of Desperation with contraband I am hoping her BAR will keep bouncing.... — gitty · 1


I'll be adding this to my Zoey deck with two Well Maintained Combined with Stick to The Plan with one (or maybe two) Act of Desperation and Contraband I am hoping her BAR will keep bouncing....

gitty · 1
Works with Tommy too, but has less synergy lore-wise. — SGPrometheus · 738