Agenda. Stage 1
Doom: 4. Clues: –
Pathways of sound and color extend for an eternity in all directions, dotted with impossible architecture, and overgrown with alien wildlife. The lines between objects are jagged and shifting, and your skin feels as if it were inside out.

Forced - After you are moved to a location by an encounter card effect: Take 1 horror.

Stephen Somers
Lost in Time and Space #312. Lost in Time and Space #2.
All is One

Familiar Echoes - Back


Shuffle the encounter discard pile into the encounter deck. Then, discard cards from the top until a location is discarded. The lead investigator resolves that location's 'revelation' effect.

Check Campaign Log. If the investigators failed to save the students, read the following:

"A huge canine creature, alien to your eyes and yet familiar, appears before you. The creature rushes forward, and you prepare to fend it off, but to your surprise it runs through you, towards a building that wasn't behind you moments before: Derby Hall from the Miskatonic University. The creature bursts through the building's front door and you hear screams of panic from inside, followed by the crunch of snapping bones and cries of pain."

Each investigator takes 1 horror, regardless of their location.

All is One
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • There are floating definitions of scenario and encounter cards in the Rules Reference, but for the purposes of card effects, and for the sake of simplicity, the two terms should be considered interchangeable. The act, agenda, locations, scenario reference card, locations, and all cards in the encounter deck are all considered encounter cards.
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