Constance Dumaine
Sociable Hostess



Cost: –.


: Parley. Test (3) to ask Constance about the play. If you succeed, take control of 1 of the clues on Constance Dumaine.

Forced - When the last clue is removed from Constance Dumaine: Flip this card over and resolve its text.

"Can I offer you a glass of champagne?"
Andreia Ugrai
The Path to Carcosa #76. The Last King #16.



Remember that you "interviewed Constance."

Flip this card back over to its Bystander asset side.

It doesn't take long for the amiable hostess to open up to you about the play. "Oh yes, my husband and I helped Sebastien produce the whole thing," she explains. "I was a little hesitant at first, but that director - Mr. Nigel Engram - my, what a talented man!" She laughs. "He's so very eccentric! Did you know, before rehearsals even began, he had us recite some kind of… Why, I suppose it was an oath of sorts. A formality, I guess. You know creative types and their silly rituals. But afterward, we were filled with so much spirit!" She smiles, zeal in her eyes. "From that moment on, we had no hesitations. The King in Yellow would be the most successful performance in Arkham history!"
The Path to Carcosa #76. The Last King #.
Constance Dumaine
Engram's Oath


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